Saskia + Scott

Sas and Scott Wedding Styling Testimonial.png

Before our inspiration session with Rachel, we knew what kind of vibe we wanted for our wedding, but we weren’t sure how to achieve it. But that all changed after the session, as by talking through our priorities for the day, Rachel was able to visualise the kind of wedding that we were imagining in our own heads. Shortly after the session, we received a mood board that encapsulated all the elements that we talked about. What we particularly loved is that Rachel thought of extra details that we hadn’t even considered (like a backdrop for a cake). We were able to take this mood board to meetings with the venue, the caterers and the florist so they understand exactly what we’re hoping to achieve. We then decided to hire Rachel to be the stylist for the day. And knowing that we had her there to help guide us and create our dream wedding, made us feel so very excited and at ease. Thank you, Rachel! You are a wedding stylist queen.”

Rachel Waring