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Have you been wondering how to make Pinterest work for your business?

If you’re in a creative industry, you probably see people chatting about Pinterest aaaall the time. Sure, it’s a gorgeous visual tool, but it can seem like a total mystery as to how it can actually work for your business. Well, I’m here to tell you that some people not only build brand awareness through Pinterest, but they also use it to make and convert sales through it too.

If you feel like you’re not utilising the power of Pinterest properly (and yes, you were supposed to sing that to the tune of Frankie Goes To Hollywood), then you’ve come to the right place.

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 Pinterest themselves say that pinning is a little bit art, a little bit science. With the right science, you can get your brand in front of the exact people you want to work with and – even better – get them to a point where they can’t imagine NOT working with you. Magic, hey?

 Why is Pinterest so great for your brand?

Pinterest is one of the most powerful yet under-utilised platforms out there for small businesses. In 2017 (back when I was just using Pinterest for cute animal pictures and quote inspo), I was struggling to get my business in front of the right people. I was really struggling to get eyes on my website, and therefore was always chasing my next sale. As Pinterest was the place I went to for all of my inspiration, I reasoned it was where my clients were hanging out too, so I decided to give it more strategic thought and attention. after a lot of research and experimentation, a few things happened…

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  • My website traffic grew by 2500% in 9 months.

  • I went from under 2k monthly viewers on Pinterest, to over 1 million.

  • My revenue tripled.

  • I got more press opportunities and collaborations.

  • I started attracting the dream clients I’d always wanted to work with.

AND here’s the good part… I now only spend 2 hours a week on Pinterest. SRLSY.

 Today, almost 70% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest, and when I ask where my favourite clients have found me, Pinterest is usually their answer.

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How can I help you?

As I said above, Pinterest is half art, half science. As a creative, you bring the art, and as a strategist, I’ll bring the science! My exclusive 1-to-1 coaching packages give me the chance to get to know your business and craft a personalised plan including both short-term boosts and long-term solutions. 

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In this package I’ll work with you in a 1-1 session to supercharge your Pinterest strategy.

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This is for you if:


You have a pretty good idea of the ideal customers you want to attract to your business, but you struggle to get in front of them consistently.


You’d like to learn how to incorporate Pinterest into your regular marketing strategy.


You have content to share (eg. product listings, blog posts, sales pages, portfolio images).


  • One hour of 1-1 coaching, remotely via Skype.

  • Follow up notes and a personalised weekly strategy for you to follow.

  • A recording of our call so you can revisit the session whenever you need it.

  • Email support after the session.


  • Where you’re at with Pinterest currently and where you want to get to.

  • Your Pinterest profile audit - to help optimise your profile for your ideal client.

  • Creating pins that convert.

  • Your Pinning schedule and strategy.

  • Scheduling tutorial with Tailwind.

You’ll come away with:

  • Complete clarity on how you can utilise Pinterest to grow your brand and increase your revenue.

  • Concrete and personalised steps to improve your profile.

  • A checklist for creating winning pins.

  • A personalised pinning strategy that works for your schedule.

  • A plan for batching your pinning strategy in just 2 hours a week through tailwind.

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PRICE: £150

 “Ideal for someone who wants to maximise their Pinterest for business like I do. I liked that it was specific to me and my needs and not a generic 'here's how to do Pinterest'.“ - Chenai

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We’ll work together over 3 months to go deeper on your content strategy, with a focus on how to use Pinterest to support it.

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You find content creation for your business a constant slog, with not much return on your investment.


You feel like you’re shouting into the void with your marketing, and you can’t seem to consistently book clients.


You’re struggling to pin down who your ideal client is, and you’re not even sure what kind of content you should be creating.


  • 3 Hours of 1-1 coaching over 3 months (remotely over Skype)

  • Session notes and a personalised content and Pinterest strategy to follow.

  • Call recordings, so you can revisit the advice any time you like.

  • Unlimited email support.


  • Help on defining your ideal client.

  • Advice on your website / packages to help conversions.

  • Content strategy help.

  • Plus everything in the Strategy Boost package.

You’ll come away with:

  • A crystal clear idea of who your dream customers are.

  • Personalised advice on how to move your content strategy forward.

  • An outside perspective on what content you should be spending your time on, so you can get BACK what you’re putting IN.

  • A personalised road map to follow, to help you build both your Pinterest presence AND your brand as a whole.

  • Plus everything in the Strategy Boost Package.

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1 payment of £425

or 3 payments of £150

 Where can I begin?! It was a running joke that Rachel was a Pinterest Queen (and by Queen I mean addict) but what was no joke was her incredible insight into the platform. Beforehand I used it purely from the mindset of a consumer and didn’t really see how it could work for a business, but after Rachel’s 1 to 1 I was not only totally converted, but also totally understood it! My reach has rocketed, as has my creative output on the platform. THANK YOU PINTEREST QUEEN. - Ellie

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Q: Do I need to have a Pinterest account set up already, or an established presence there?

A: Not at all :) while I do think it’s good to have at least started your business, you definitely don’t need to have any existing Pinterest knowledge, that’s what I’m here for - I can help you get set up and ready to smash it.

Q: Are these services for established businesses only?

A: Definitely not! As long as you have somewhere to view your work online you can get a lot out of a Pinterest strategy. Your own website/blog is what I would recommend, but other sales platforms like Etsy can definitely benefit too. Even if you feel like your work isn’t up to the standard you want it to be yet, if you start off on the right foot with your content/Pinterest strategy then that will save you unlearning bad habits later down the line.

Q: What happens when I purchase, how do I sign up?

A: Once your payment has gone through, keep an eye on your inbox, because the next steps for booking your session will arrive there within a couple of hours.

Q: My schedule is CRAZY right now and I don’t have time to book in a session anytime soon, can I buy now and book in later?

A: Absolutely - no rush on my end, whenever works for you, works for me! As long as you use your session within 6 months, you can buy now to take advantage of the current price, and book when it’s convenient for you.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes! I offer a payment plan of three monthly payments on the Strategy Overhaul session.

These services probably aren’t for you right now if…


You’re looking for someone to take over your Pinterest account and manage it day to day (nope, I don’t do that!). This is because I really believe that you’ll get the most out of your Pinterest strategy if you pin for yourself (at least to start with), because no one knows your brand better than you do.


You’re not interested in doing ANY content marketing at all, and you’re not up for making Pinterest part of your weekly routine. While I 100% believe that having lots of content is a brilliant strategy for growth, if you really hate the idea of creating blog posts/images/portfolio pieces on the reg then this probably isn’t the strategy for you.


You don’t have a business yet, or a website/blog/sales channel to direct people to. Even if you’re in very early stages that’s absolutely fine, but I suggest you have at least started your business before you sign up for a session.

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