5 Hot Wedding Trends for 2019

2019 wedding trends

As a wedding designer, I see lots of trends appearing from year to year, so I’ve decided to share my 5 favourites that we're likely to see throughout 2019 and into 2020. Take these trends with a pinch of salt though, you don’t HAVE to follow them exactly, use them more as inspiration and make them your own.

The main takeaway is that in 2019 in weddings are all about individuality. Couples are focusing on creating an experiential event and incorporating their personalities into their big day more and more, which I am a huge fan of. This is definitely one way to make sure your guests have never been to a wedding like yours.

POPULAR ERAS - 70s + 90s

Wedding fashion has gone 90s, meaning slip dresses, simple bridesmaids dresses and textures like satin and velvet. Overall, we’re looking at clean lines with a grunge 90s edge, which I am 100% on board with.

Decor is taking a trip back to the 70s, with pampas grass, bohemian florals and macrame hangings. A 70s colour palette is also really stylish, with the more rich colour choices like oranges, yellows and green tones.

70s wedding inspiration

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90s inspired wedding

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Celestial weddings were a huge trend in 2018, however for 2019 it’s taking on a more of a grown-up vibe. Overly themed moon and star accents are moving aside to make room for a more loose interpretation of the trend, with hints of art-deco and sparkly detailing.

celestial inspired wedding

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The Pantone colour for this year is living coral, which is amazing and I love it very much. Because of this delightful news, we’re starting to see the use of warm tones in weddings. This means burnt orange, rust, yellow and other very warm, inviting colours are making their way onto the wedding scene in 2019.

warm tones inspired wedding

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The moody tones trend first arrived on the scene last year, but this year it’s going deeper with maximalism also being in. This means the introduction of super rich and luxurious colour palettes with burgundy and black jewel tones with velvet and satin textures.

moody tones inspired wedding

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A huge trend this year, as it should be, is sustainability. Here couples tend to go for the most eco friendly options they can, throughout their wedding. Some ideas are using locally sourced produce for your menu, using only natural materials for your decor, no plastic, and natural beauty products such as bio degradable glitter. Because of this movement, some weddings are taking this celebration of nature throughout all the aesthetics, with a more natural, minimalist feel.

sustainable wedding inspiration

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Trends are definitely not for everyone, but I do think that they are useful inspiration that you can take and make it your own. What’s your favourite trend for 2019? Let us know in the comments.