DIY Pre-Wedding Hair Masks

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Whether your hair is already wedding ready, or if you think it needs a little bit of help, these three super affordable hair masks will be a great addition to your wedding prep. They're also super quick and easy to make, trust me, I know how time consuming wedding planning can be, I've got you. 

Coconut oil hair mask

  • Mix together two tablespoons of coconut oil with a tablespoon of honey and mix together. The end result should be a syrup-like texture.

  • Apply generously root to tip on towel dried hair.

  • Leave on the hair for up to an hour, and wash out with shampoo thoroughly.

  • Condition and style the hair as usual.

  • This mask is to be used once a week for the best results.

Lemon juICE hair mask

  • Squeeze a large lemon into a bowl and add a splash of apple cider vinegar (not too much, or this can really dry out the hair).

  • Start by adding one tablespoon of honey and mixing it in.

  • Gradually add up to 4 tablespoons of honey into the mixture, until the texture is syrup like - a hair mask that is too runny won't stay on your hair.

  • Wait 20 minutes and then wash out your hair with a generous lather of shampoo.

  • Condition and style the hair as usual.

  • This mask can be used once every two weeks for the best results.

Conditioner hair mask

  • The cheapest way to get a moisture boost to your hair is to use a cheap conditioner all over your hair.

  • For best results, leave this overnight (but make sure to use a shower cap or towel so you don't ruin your pillow).

  • Wash out in the morning using shampoo (I'd recommend washing it twice).

  • Condition (again, yes) and style as normal.

  • This mask can be used once a week for the best results.


And that's that - some lovely natural (and cheap!) ways to care for your hair and get it in tip top shape before your wedding day. Enjoy your pampering evenings...