Haircare Dos and Don'ts Before Your Wedding

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Beth's back today with another dose of wedding beauty wisdom - this time she's teaching us all about some dos and don'ts for wedding hair care. If your hair is looking a bit tired and in need of some TLC in the lead up to your wedding, this post is for you! I've definitely learned some tips I'll be adding into my own routine. 

haircare dos and donts

Haircare products can be difficult to navigate when there's hundreds promising to work wonders, at the best of times. But during your wedding, it's just a pain! Whether your hair is on tip top form ready for your wedding, or you'd like a boost, I've picked the most helpful do's and don'ts for you to take a look at. 

Do cut your hair every 6 weeks.

In the run up to your wedding, cutting your hair every 6 weeks is the best way to keep split ends at bay, as well as keeping it at your preferred length of course. I'd recommend doing this in 6 months leading up to your wedding, but this can be altered depending on your budget and preference. 

Don't wash your hair every day.

Okay, I get it, there's nothing better than freshly washed hair, but washing it too often can strip the hair of natural oils that it needs to grow and be really strong. Plus, if your hair's natural oils are washed away each day, this will cause your hair to produce more, so on the odd days you don't wash it every day, you'll notice a lot of oil that isn't normally there! This is especially important if you have dyed hair or naturally dry hair.

Do only use heat tools on your hair a maximum of 3 times a week.

This is super important if you want silky looking hair, and you should adopt this into your daily life, not just in the run up to your wedding. This has been proven to lessen split ends, as well as helping your hair to grow faster. I know this can be tricky, but taking healthier steps really does make a difference. If your wedding is just around the corner, or 2 years away, I challenge you to start letting your hair dry naturally from now until your big day, and I promise you will see a huge difference. Use a hair oil to tame any frizz after your hair is dry.

Don't use clarifying shampoo as your main shampoo.

Don't get me wrong, these shampoos are amazing once a week to deep cleanse your hair and get rid of all the products you've used. However, this product is again guilty of stripping the natural oils from your hair, even if you use it once every three days. I've been guilty of using these a little too often in the past, and as a result my hair felt like straw! Please, just don't do it. 

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Do use only helpful products.

That might sound a little confusing, but take a look at all your haircare products, how many of them actually do what they say they do? Do you even know what they're all for? Me neither! Using too many products on your hair can clog up the follicle, especially nearer to the root, and cause greasy hair. Instead, stick to a maximum of 5 products (excluding your conditioner and shampoo).

The staple products to invest in are:

Other than these products, anything else you need for your hair, you can make yourself for a much more affordable price, and with less of the chemicals, than those already on the high street. We have a video coming up soon to help you with this, so keep your eyes on our YouTube Channel

Don't use dry shampoo.

A huge no-no building up to any special occasion is using anything that's going to dull the natural shine of your hair. Aerosol dry shampoo's are the main culprit of this, as well as being bad for the environment. My alternative is to use a tiny amount of baby powder, and massage it into your scalp. Lush also do an amazing dry shampoo that comes loose rather than in an aerosol.  These are also way less drying, and more natural ways to get that quick fix.

How to prep your hair for your wedding

Do wash your hair with cold water.

There's nothing worse than dying your hair a fab bright colour and then it fading after a few washes. The best way to keep the colour vibrant is to wash it in cold water. However, this isn't great as a long term hack, as you need warm water to ensure your hair is washed properly. But this would be great if you had your hair dyed a few days before your wedding, and you wanted to keep the freshly dyed awesomeness. This is especially useful for all my pastel queens out there! 

Don't wash your hair the day of your wedding.

As nice as freshly washed hair is, it's a nightmare to work with. This is because your hair is free of oils, which would naturally weigh your hair down and make it hold styles more easily, but without, it's more fluffy and unpredictable. Don't worry, your hair won't be oily, it will just have a little more natural texture to work with, without having to use lots and lots of products to achieve it. 

Do try a silk pillowcase if you're prone to split ends.

This will create less friction as you turn in your sleep, which will then stop the damage to your hair. These pillowcases are also much better for your skin too, so if you're looking to splurge a little, then this is a great way to look after your hair even when you're asleep.


Thanks Beth! Great tips for general life, not just for weddings, don't you think? I wish all of you your very best hair days this week.