How to Include the Holographic Trend in your Wedding

holographic wedding ideas
how to incorporate holographic into your wedding

It's no secret that holographic weddings are my fave, but it can be a pesky trend to get right. That's why I thought I'd share some ideas today for ways to get some of that HOLO LIFE into your big day. 

holographic wedding decor


Everyone loves a tassel garland right?! You can pick these up all over Etsy, like this one from Party Pieces Co in a beautiful iridescent rainbow of colours. My favourite places to use a tassel garland are things like drinks carts, cake/dessert areas, or even as part of a wedding arch. 

holographic bridesmaids bouquet

Wedding Wands

If you have tiny flower girls, these star wands are a way cooler option than flowers (am I riiighhhtt?) - just imagine them waving them around while they walk down the aisle, you'll be the most popular betrothed couple ever. These are available in our shop, and you can choose the option of cake topper or wand. And hey there's no rules, if you want to use these for your grown-up bridesmaids too, I won't judge!


holographic wedding glitter station


We talked about our love of glitter stations in our last post, and they are yet again relevant here (when are they not?). The best way to get holographic vibes all over your wedding is to get your guests covered in it. Bespoke Bride has a great DIY to make your own glitter station here.


holographic wedding shoes


I mean..... these shoes!! If you prefer to be a bit more subtle with your trends, then a pop of holo shoe under your dress is perfect. 


holographic wedding cake topper
holographic leaves cake topper


Our holographic leaves cake topper is a solid favourite, but how about the iridescent arrow? This newbie was first seen in The Un-Wedding's UV Wedding Shoot (which I highly recommend you peruse, the photos by Jason Williams are so dreamy.) The arrow is not available on the website yet, but it's coming soooooon. 


holographic wedding save the date


My secret fave, the holographic Save the Dates are the best surprise in an envelope for your guests. They are simple and to the point, perfect for the minimalist with a bit of sass. How much more detail do you need anyway when they are so shiny? Get your own set personalised here


So what do you think? Would you try out some holo love in your big day? I hope so!