DIY Ideas for Pop-up Stations at Your Wedding

DIY wedding pop up station
Pop-up station

Wedding decorations can be tricky, especially if you have a very particular theme to stick to (we’ve all been there!) One of my favourite decorative, yet practical and very fun, ideas is to make a pop-up station for your wedding. These are so versatile and lovely, so you’ll definitely be able to find something to suit your theme and budget. Here are a few of my favourites to give you some inspiration for your very own DIY pop-up station.


DIY confetti bar

Confetti Bar

Arguably the most practical in this list, these are a lovely idea to add some colour to your wedding, as well as being extremely handy if your guests have forgotten to bring their own. This is also particularly useful if you only want a certain colour or texture of confetti in your wedding, or your venue only allows biodegradable confetti. Personally, I also really enjoy the social element of this station, as guests who may not know each other can bond while filling their own confetti cone. We have a blog post on how to create a confetti bar, as well as a video, so definitely check those out too.


Pimp your prosecco bar

Image via Rock My Wedding

Pimp Your Prosecco Bar

 A wedding wouldn’t be complete without the embarrassing speeches and toasts, why not make your alcohol of choice customisable too? This obviously isn’t limited to prosecco (although it is definitely a fab option). One of the most fun parts about having a DIY prosecco bar, is you can stay on theme by picking glasses, paper straws or cocktail stirrers in your preferred colours or patterns. Different cordials are great to add to your prosecco (we’ve also heard a dash of gin is great).  


DIY wedding glitter bar

Glitter Bar

If you love glitter, which I’m pretty certain you do if you’re reading this, then you’ll love the DIY glitter bar. This is the perfect opportunity to socialise with your guests and have a lot of fun while doing so. Who doesn’t want to see their Granddad sporting full Coachella-eqsue glitter design? This idea is fully customisable with types and colours of glitter to fit with your theme, so it’s a really way to decorate, and all while being budget friendly. What’s not to love?


Wedding doughnut bar

Image via food heaven mag

Doughnut Bar

A huge wedding trend recently is to have these majestic looking doughnut bars in their wedding. This is perfect decoration for a wedding, as your guests can nibble on the doughnuts as and when they get peckish! The doughnuts themselves can also be easily DIY’ed by buying plain ones, and decorating them using colourful icing to match your wedding theme. If you’re feeling particularly brave, and don’t mind a bit of mess, why not let your guests decorate their own using tubes of icing? Either way, this is a yummy way to decorate your wedding.


wedding popcorn bar

Popcorn Bar

Everyone loves a sweet treat, this DIY station takes full advantage of that, with a twist on the classic pick and mix bar (which could also be a great option for your wedding). This is a fully customisable option for a station at your wedding, as you can have lots of different toppings for your guests to choose from, and have custom boxes created to match your theme. A great way to create these custom popcorn boxes is to use these templates from Etsy. 

If you would like custom signs for your DIY pop-up wedding stations, head to our shop and we can make one especially for you.