Nailing Hen Do Planning – Top Tips from Away With The Girls

hen party planning

Planning a hen can be a little daunting, as well as ridiculously exciting! Are you in the midst of hen planning overwhelm? I’ve spoken with Away With The Girls founder Paige, who has kindly shared her top tips to make sure the hen party is perfect for your best bride-to-be pal. I'm planning a hen myself this year, so I'm definitely pocketing some of these tips! 

Away With The Girls know how to plan hen parties. We know what women want and throw
them a hen party to remember! It certainly seems that the expectation of a hen party has
evolved over the last few years – we expect and want MORE! It’s about saying goodbye to L
plates and matching school girl outfits… and HELLO to sophistication and being different!
Here are our top tips to planning that awesome hen party! Planning is key, so follow these
tips and tricks and thank us later.

hen do planning tips

Think about the bride

At the end of the day, this hen party is for her! Everything should be planned with the bride-
to-be in mind. What type of character is she? Ensure activities/locations compliment her
personality. What are her favourite sweets/drinks – these small touches are lovely personal
gestures to highlight through the hen party. Tailor the location, activities, and accessories to
her personal taste. Ask her if she has a loose idea on when she’d like to have her hen party,
and what she previously has liked/disliked about other hen parties she’s been on. This will
be really useful insight that will help you get on the right track from the beginning.

Save The Date – Easy Scheduling

So you’ve made your Bride Squad guest list, and are thinking ‘wow… that’s a lot of
people…this is going to be tricky’. Fear not! There are so many tools to help you pin
everyone down to communicate on one of the most important things: the date! We’d
recommend Doodle for finding out everyone’s availability. Simply create suggested date
options, and Doodle will send this polling calendar that can be sent to the group for
feedback. It’s visually easy to see which dates received the most votes, and therefore how
many people can/can’t attend. 

Once that’s done, head over to Facebook to create a hen group, or even a WhatsApp group
so you can easily send messages/give updates to the group as and when you need to! Trust
us – it’s so much easier than sending individual messages to everyone.

hen party budget setting

Budget Brigade

Deciding on a budget at the earliest opportunity is always a wise idea. Be realistic! The
reality is if you want to go abroad for a hen weekend, it’s always going to be more expensive
than having a day hen party in the city for example. Consider what is more important for the
bride... Having a hen party abroad, or making sure as many people as possible can attend?
Once that’s decided, you want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for people to pay you
their instalments. Aside from online banking being super easy these days, there’s also some
great apps out there that make it even easier – hooray! PayM is a great app that allows you
to pay someone by providing the contact’s name and mobile phone number. The app has
partnered with 15 UK banks so the chances are everyone can use it.
If you’re hen party is abroad and you are dealing with foreign suppliers for activities, always
ask from the get go what their payment method is. If it’s bank transfer for example, take
into account there will be overseas transfer fees, so make sure you include that in your per
person charge so you’re not left with the bill!

hen party planning spreadsheets

It’s in the detail

Microsoft Excel will probably become your new best friend. Use spreadsheets to keep track
of locations you have in mind and even important pieces of information such as guests’
dietary requirements. Tab the hell out that excel spreadsheet girl! If you’re relying on taxis,
save the local taxi numbers to your phone so you don’t have to worry about that on the day.
You can even take a guestbook to the hen party and ask everyone to write a special
message so the bride-to- be can enjoy reading through everyone’s messages after the event.

Final Countdown

Two weeks before the big event, spread the word to the group reminding them of times,
locations, etc. If there’s anything they need to bring, this is a good time to remind them. For
example, it may be that you’re doing an active activity so need to bring trainers, or you may
be going to a pool party and want everyone to wear black. Now is the time to spread the
word on those details!

hen party ice breakers

Break the Ice

It’s often the case that the entire hen party group won’t know everyone already, so it’s a
fantastic idea to kickstart the hen party with an ice breaker activity! You can do this in many
ways…. Ask everyone at the start to write down their best memory of themselves and the
bride-to- be (you can get cute cards on websites like Etsy) and this allows everyone to share their story and introduce themselves. Stories will often be hilarious, and probably happened
when they had one or two G&Ts, so it will no doubt get people giggling and be a great

Enjoy, Don’t Stress

Lastly, and most importantly… enjoy! It’s so important you also enjoy the hen party that
you’ve planned for the bride-to- be. Let your hair down, and don’t worry – all your planning
will have paid off. You may have found yourself becoming Monica Geller throughout the
planning process – which is totally acceptable – but by the time the hen party arrives, make
sure you relax and celebrate the results of your hard work! Create memories and capture
the moment with pictures/videos so you can reminisce with everyone after the event. It’s a
lovely way to round off the event and thank people for coming!


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