8 Apps to Make Wedding Planning Easier

8 apps to make wedding planning easier

I don’t know about you, but I love a good life hack. I am all about finding ways to make wedding planning easier, less stressful, and more organised, so hopefully this round up of super handy wedding planning apps will appeal to you as much as it did to me! I am seriously kicking myself that I didn’t find some of these while planning our wedding. But I’m passing on the time saving to you instead - you’re welcome!

pinterest wedding inspiration

1. Pinterest

I almost didn’t include good old Pinterest because it almost seems too obvious, but then I thought - what if someone out there isn’t using it, and therefore isn’t experiencing its brilliance?? So here we are. Pinterest is probably the number one resource for wedding inspiration. You can set up your own wedding pin board, invite your partner, bridal party or family to it (if you want), and use it as your online hub for your wedding inspo. I even use Pinterest as a search engine even over Google, because the results tend to be higher quality and more relevant to me. It comes with a set of challenges: comparison and inspiration fatigue being some of them, but really you can’t beat Pinterest for the ability to find amazing ideas and collect them all in one place.

Cost: Free

TOP TIP: Read my blog post on how to avoid pinterest fatigue to really maximise your use of the app.

2. Trello

I can’t imagine my life without Trello. Well I can, but in that imagined life I am much less organised! Trello is a task management app, which can be utilised amazingly to plan your wedding. You can write and organise lists, set due dates, add attachments, and generally use it to keep track of all of your wedding related tasks.

Cost: Free

TOP TIP: I love Trello so much that I even made a video that shows you how to use it for wedding planning, which you can watch here.

trello wedding planning

3. Postable

Does collecting all of your guests addresses for their invitations fill you with absolute dread? Postable is the answer for you! This amazing free app acts as an online address book. You get a custom link which you send by email to your guests, they then click through and add their details, and that’s it. You can even export the addresses to excel, so if you love a good spreadsheet then that’s an extra win for you.

Cost: Free

4. Top Table Planner

One of the most stressful and down right annoying tasks while planning your wedding is arranging the seating plan. With all the politics involved in where people are going to sit, there is inevitably a lot of swapping and changing involved, it’s like a big game of human tetris! Top Table Planner is a great drag and drop tool, which helps you to visualise your seating plan and rearrange to your heart’s content. It is slightly pricey for the full version at approx $20, but you can use the free trial if you don’t need to save the plan - which is great for just planning it out.

Cost $20 (approx £14) but with a free no sign-up trial.

wedpics wedding planning app

5. Wedpics

A super easy way to collect all of your guests photos from your big day in one place. Gone are the days of having to individually chase everyone up for photos when you get back from honeymoon - with Wedpics, you can direct your guests to download the free app, and they can even add their pictures to it on the day while they’re waiting for their meal. You can also now add videos - which is an exciting development and a great way to experience the day again through your guests eyes.

Cost: Free (with premium upgrades available)

6. Etsy

The number one handmade marketplace, Etsy is a one-stop shop for everything you need for a beautiful wedding. From personalised favours, gifts for your bridesmaids, to even wedding dresses (fun fact, I got my wedding dress from Etsy!) - the range really is limitless. Also, bonus points for supporting handmade businesses, and helping creative people live their dreams - isn’t that a lovely feeling?

Cost: Free

etsy wedding inspiration

7. Appy Couple

This app seems to top all of the wedding app charts. The ultimate hub for all of your wedding planning needs, Appy Couple allows you to create a wedding website for your guests, collect RSVPs, manage timelines, collect your photos and loads more. You can keep all of your information handy in one place, and your guests can even book their travel through the app! It’s not cheap, but this is one of those ones that I WISH had been available when I was engaged, it really looks like the bee’s knees of planning apps.

Cost: £45

8. Pantone Studio

Colour pallets are one of the first things people think about when planning a wedding - especially as there are increasingly less weddings with just one colour as a theme (thank goodness!). This app by colour masters Pantone allows you to test out colour pallets, extract colour matches from photos on your phone, and find complementary colours - all very useful tools when you are designing the look of your wedding.

TOP TIP: if you are still deciding on your wedding theme, I have the PERFECT blog post for you - there’s a workbook and everything.

pantone studio wedding theme inspiration

I hope that was useful for you happy couples out there! Don’t forget, I have a host of my own handy planning resources to help you with wedding overwhelm, and they are all completely FREE. You can sign up for the instant downloads here.