What to Include in Your Wedding Invitations (The No-Fluff Guide)

what to include in your wedding invites

If you hadn't already guessed, I’m not really the formal type, and neither are my wedding stationery designs. A lot of the information out there on what to put on your wedding stationery is all about “etiquette”, and I don’t know about you but I find traditions and etiquette in weddings a tiny bit eye-roll worthy. Do what you like I say, as long as you make sure you have the info you need to get your guests to your wedding. So that’s what this guide is for, a no-fluff guide to your wedding stationery, so you can choose what’s right for you.

Things to think about before you start:

  • What style would you like your invitations to be in? Be sure to look at the stationery designers past work as that can often be a good starting place for your own custom design.

  • How formal would you like the invitations to be? Are you a “cordially invited” or a “YAY WE’RE GETTING MARRIED” type of couple? This is an important thing to decide right from the off because it will affect the tone of your entire stationery suite.

  • How many individual cards will you need? Would you like a simple one and done kind of invite? Or a full set with details, gifts and info cards? If you have a wedding website that’s a great way to free up some real estate on your paper invites.

  • How will you be collecting your RSVPs? This can be done paperlessly through a wedding website or by email, or you can go for the route of having RSVP cards with return envelopes. Completely up to you and your budget!

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And now, here are some of the things typically included in your wedding invitations:


This is the who, the what and the where - the essential details, and can include:

  • Your names (obviously)

  • The date of the big day

  • The time your guests will be expected to arrive for your ceremony

  • Your parents names (if they are hosting or you want to go down the traditional route)

  • The ceremony location

  • The reception location (if different)

  • “Carriages” or a less formal way of saying finishing time.


You can have as many of these as you need to get any of other information across to your guests. Do keep in mind though that the more extra information cards you have the more your invitations will cost. Things that can be included on an extra info card:

  • Directions to the venue

  • Accommodation

  • Gift list

  • Whether or not children are invited

  • Dress code (this is only really needed if you have a dress code that’s out of the ordinary for weddings - eg. do they need wellies??)

  • Local taxi numbers

  • Wedding website address

  • Anything else you feel like it’s important for your guests to know beforehand


If you are collecting RSVPs by post, you’ll need a seperate RSVP card with a matching envelope for your guests to send back to you. Things often included on RSVP cards are:

  • A space for the names of your guests

  • Check boxes to say either yes or no (or a more fun way of phrasing those!)

  • Dietary requirements

  • Song requests (these are becoming more and more popular!)

  • The return address for them to send it back to you

  • A RSVP by date

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Of course, everybody's weddings are different (as they should be!) so you should feel free to add/eliminate anything you want in your invitations. Your wedding stationery is the first glimpse your guests will get of your day, so make sure that the wording and style of your invitations reflect the tone that you hope to have on your day. It’s always weirdly jarring if a fun-loving casual couple uses super fancy wording on their invitations…. Just be yourself, don’t worry about traditions and as always YOU DO YOU pals - your guests will love you for it!