The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

the best bridesmaids proposal ideas
how to propose to your bridesmaids

How would you pop the question to your girl squad? "Proposing" to your bridesmaids can be one of the most special (and emosh!) moments in your wedding planning rollercoaster. 

Having all of your best pals around you on your wedding day is such a lovely feeling, but it's also a big ask. You'll be expecting them to chat weddings with you a LOT, go shopping with you, listen to you complain about family politics, hold your dress while you pee, the list is a mile long. So it's only right that you pop this question in a way that makes them feel as special as they are to you. Here are some ideas to help. 

bridesmaids gifts


This is a super easy thing to achieve and such a cute idea! You can buy printable personalised labels on Etsy, and then stick them on to the fizz or other beverage of your choice. Include a pretty paper straw and ribbon as an extra bonus, and of course don't forget to toast your new bride squad. 

bridesmaids proposal box


There's a donut pun for every occasion right?! A little personalised box with a sweet treat of your choice in it makes a great bridesmaid proposal gift. These donut boxes are available on Etsy by My Soapgrams. Bonus points if you add edible confetti!


personalised bridesmaids gifts


Including a little keepsake with your proposal is a lovely idea, especially if it's something they can all wear to the wedding! These clever little cards with matching bracelets are by Petal and Paperie and are available on Etsy - I love the little illustrated diamond that turns the circle into an engagement ring - so cute. 


eco friendly bridesmaids gifts


As a big fan of candles myself, this one gets my vote. I love practical gifts that can be used, and a personalised candle is another really easy but effective idea to make your bridesmaid proposal extra special. Again you can purchase a printable personalised label, and just stick it on to the candle of your choice - winner! 


bridesmaids proposal cards


Sometimes you just can't go wrong with a simple card. These blush and gold foil cards are available in my shop, you can just send me the names of your pals and I will personalise them for you. These could also be the perfect add on to any of these other ideas if you'd like to write them a little love note to go with their gift. 


bridesmaids proposal boxes


A personalised bridesmaids box is probably one of the more time consuming ideas on this list, but they really are lovely. You can buy small hampers of goodies pre-made, or you could DIY it. Include little treats like bath bombs, nail varnish for the big day, face masks, chocolates, gin (gin is always a good idea) and be sure to add some personal elements too like some small printed photographs of you together and a handwritten note. 


fully bridesmaids proposal


If you're not the heartfelt type and big serious questions make you cringe, then you can always be lighthearted with your proposal. Etsy is a treasure trove for the silly / punny card, and this one is particularly excellent from Patterson Paper. 


I hope this helps you on your bridesmaid quest! Want to know how I asked my gals? Spoiler alert, I went for the box.... But I'll be making a video soon to show you how to make your own.