Common Concerns About Hiring a Wedding Designer

wedding designer concerns

It's very understandable to have concerns when you're hiring anyone, but especially when it's for your wedding. There are so many choices and things to remember, it's only natural to worry if you are making the right decision.

You might have wondered whether hiring a wedding designer is the right choice for you, so I've laid out the most common concerns I often hear, and hopefully some helpful advice to help you decide. 

Concern 1: I don't really understand what a wedding Designer does

Although wedding designers and stylists are becoming increasingly popular to have on your bridal squad, a lot of people still don’t know what exactly we do. Why would you want to hire a wedding designer? What’s the difference between a wedding designer, wedding stylist and a wedding planner? I’ve actually written a whole blog post on this topic, but in a nutshell a wedding designer/stylist is a trained professional, usually with a background in design, that will help you with all VISUAL aspects of your wedding. From the initial concept, to the details like stationery and decorations, to making sure that you have a wedding that reflects you as individuals, I like to think of my role as a wedding bestie that can support you in the design of your wedding from start to finish, or as much as you need.

the role of a wedding designer

Concern 2: We can't afford it.

I hear you, weddings are crazy expensive, and if you are trying to have a wedding on a small budget then hiring a wedding designer is probably the last thing on your mind. However it's a common misconception that designers and planners are only reserved for huge super fancy weddings. I know this might sound a bit "yeah right", but hiring a wedding designer can actually save you money in the long term.

Think about it, this is most likely your first wedding, but wedding designers have done it all before. They know all the best tricks and have all the budget stretching knowhow to help you design the most beautiful wedding possible within your budget. The upfront investment of hiring a wedding designer totally pays for itself with all the money and time (and not to mention stress) you'll save throughout your whole wedding planning journey. 

It's really important to me that my services are accessible, which is why I start off with a simple questionnaire and a free consultation where you can tell me all about your wedding needs. This alone can be enough to set your wedding planning off to a great start and can really help save you time and money along the line. Then if you do decide you want to continue working together, I price everything else in an itemised list, so you can pick and choose the items you want to suit your budget rather than paying a big blanket fee. 


Do I need a wedding designer


As a past DIY bride myself, I totally understand this way of thinking. It's your big day that you have been dreaming about for years, and you want to have a hand in making every little detail. While this can be great, it also can be a recipe for stress and overwhelm.

I am definitely PRO DIY weddings, a huge part of the fun is hunting around for bargains and getting crafty with your bridesmaids, and I love working alongside creative couples to help make their dreams a reality. But trust me, and this is a tough love alert, if you take on every single thing yourself your wedding planning can turn into a total nightmare (unless you have unlimited time and money).

People often don't value their own time enough - you don’t get to be engaged for long in your life, and think of all the fun memories you could be making in the time you save by hiring a wedding designer. Do you want to spend the night before your wedding drinking bubbly with your guests, knowing everything is ready and prepared for the morning? Or do you want to be up until 2am crying about table plans? 

Hiring a wedding designer doesn't mean you won't get to do any fun creative projects for your wedding, it just means that you'll have a willing helper and guide that will make the process a whole lot easier. 


Concern 4: I have family and friends that I can delegate things to.

Working as a team with your family can be really fun in the run up to your wedding. But there are lots of things that come into play when delegating to family members that a lot of people don’t think about.

For example, if you give all the jobs to your friends and family then they are not as free to enjoy and revel in this exciting time with you. No one wants to be a cause of stress to their family, and delegating too much can cause guilt on your side or even resentment to start building up on their side.

Also, your family and friends are most likely not trained wedding professionals, so their level of skill and taste may not match up to exactly what you were hoping. We’ve all had those awkward moments when you get a gift you hate from your great aunty… imagine that but with your wedding details! No fun at all.

why to hire a wedding designer


Concern 5: I have no idea what theme I would want or what I would ask a designer for.

This is a totally fine, if not great position to be in when hiring a wedding designer. A good wedding designer will be able to talk to you about your relationship and personalities, and come up with ideas and themes that will suit you perfectly.

Think of it like personal fashion styling. Some people find it very difficult to know what kind of outfits and colours suit them, but a personal stylist will be able to pick out clothes that flatter them and bring out their personality. A wedding designer has similar skills, but for weddings. It’s all about you guys, and the details of your life that make you special.

Concern 6: I don't want someone else to design my wedding for me - I have my own ideas.

A good wedding designer will NEVER make design decisions without working closely with you first. When I work with couples, I always start by chatting with you and getting to know your tastes, personalities and individual love story.

If you have really specific ideas already, great! That just gives me more to work with. I'm there to make YOUR wedding design dreams a reality, not to force their own ideas on to you. This is your wedding, I had mine already.

Concern 7: I don't care what my wedding looks like AT ALL.

Ok, this one is the only one I can’t really argue with. If you really have no interest at all in what your wedding looks like then you probably don’t need a wedding designer. And hey, no shade from me, I respect that and admire your chilled attitude!


wedding designer benefits

I hope that helps clear a few things up. If you'd like to hear more about the design services I have to offer you can find out more here.

If you are still on the fence, please feel free to drop me an email and we can chat about whether my styling services are right for you. Believe me I would never want to work with someone that I thought wouldn't need, want or love my services. I like praise way too much for that and I HATE disappointing people, it's my least favourite thing ever. So if I feel like you wouldn't benefit from hiring me I will let you know. Pinky Promise.