How to Make a Mood Board for Your Wedding

how to make a mood board for your wedding

MOOD BOARDS! My fave! Today I'm teaching you how to make your very own for your wedding. Watch the video for the full tutorial, or read the highlights below. 

Whenever I start designing a wedding, I always make a mood board first and they are really useful for wedding planning in lots of ways. They help you decide on what you like and what your tastes are - which will help you on your wedding shopping trips. They help to bring everything together in a cohesive theme, as well as being perfect for communicating with your suppliers. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain something in words, but a mood board will show other people the vibe you want instantly.


Collect everything that you are visually drawn to in one place. Don’t think about budgets or practicalities at this stage, just look around for things that inspire you. You don’t have to just stick to weddings, anything goes as long as something about the colours, tones or textures spark your imagination. You can always edit later. This helps tame any perfectionist tendencies and helps you discover things about your own taste.

Some great places to collect visual inspiration are:

  • Pinterest is the most obvious choice. What I would do is make a “secret” board and go on a 10 minute pinning spree. You can always edit the board and make it public later.

  • Books and Magazines - looking in real life printed media can be a nice break from your computer screen.

  • Look in your own house and wardrobe, are there any colours and textures that you go back to again and again? This can be a really great hack to getting to know your tastes as a couple.

  • Go window shopping - what colours are you drawn to time and time again? You can even visit DIY stores, fabric shops and places like IKEA (my personal happy place) for inspiration.

  • Look in unexpected places. Paint chips, wallpaper samples, fabric scraps, anything that inspires you, pop it in your pile. Different textures really help a mood board communicate atmosphere.

wedding mood board tips


Now’s the time to go back over your mountain of inspiration materials and be selective. Take it off Pinterest and onto real paper - I recommend A3 size or bigger to give you enough space. Weed out your very favourite pieces. What do they have in common?

Notice if any themes are popping up again and again. This is a great way to choose a theme for your wedding!


  • Start with your main images and lay them out on the paper - don’t stick anything down yet!

  • Then pick out your colour pieces like paint chips and swatches and arrange them on the board.

  • Add some texture with fabrics, ribbons and even dried flowers or foliage if they complement your theme.

  • Once everything is arranged you can go back and stick everything down. You can use glue, washi tape - or I like to use double sided tape runners because I am lazy and don’t like waiting.

Now that your mood board is finished you can put it up somewhere. That’s why I like to make a real one instead of just Pinterest, because being able to look at your inspiration images often will help you stay on track and keep everything cohesive in your wedding planning.

If you still feel like you are nowhere near being able to decide on your wedding theme, then don’t worry - I can help! I wrote this blog post on how to decide on your wedding theme, and there's a free step by step workbook to help you get ideas.