How to Make a Confetti Bar for your Wedding

diy wedding confetti bar
How to make a confetti bar for your wedding

Pop-up bars are always a huge hit with wedding guests, and I can see why. What's not to like? They're pretty, they add an interactive element into your day for your guests, and they are a great talking point. You can make a pop-up bar for all sorts of things: popcorn, sweets, cocktails, or my personal favourite: CONFETTI. 

Want to learn how to make your own confetti bar? Watch the video for the full styling tutorial, or read below for the highlights.

You will need

- Some jars, bowls and containers - I’m using these fun clear plastic sweet jars that you can pick up on eBay. 
- Scoops (think pick and mix style) 
- Squares of coloured paper roughly 5"x5"
- Decorations to fit your wedding theme
- Lots of confetti! (obvs)

1. Choose your confettI

I used a mixture of bought confetti and some I made myself. One important thing to check is whether your venue has any restrictions on confetti (like does it need to be biodegradable?)

There’s lots of ways to make your own confetti: 

- Hand cut some tissue paper with fringing scissors, or use an electric shredder.
- Use punches to make bigger shapes.
- Or you can also add in things like sequins and foil.

One of my favourite places to buy confetti is The Sugar Stop Co. on Etsy

2. Make some confetti cones

Paper confetti cones are really easy to make, you just cut some 5"x5" squares of coloured paper, add a bit of double sided tape, then roll them into cones along the diagonal. 

3. Assemble and decorate your confetti bar

The best part about this is that you can match your confetti bar to your wedding theme. Some good things to include are: 

- A backdrop
- A sparkly tablecloth
- A sign
- Paper Honeycomb balls

If you'd like some more personalised styling advice for your wedding, check out my design services! We can chat all about your wedding ideas and I can help you bring them together in a cohesive theme that will make the rest of your planning a total breeze.

how to style your wedding confetti bar