5 Reasons to Choose Paper Flowers for Your Wedding.

paper wedding flowers

Paper flowers have been gaining in popularity in the last few years in wedding design, but what is it that makes them so appealing? I’ve put together a list of reasons you might consider choosing paper over fresh flowers for your wedding day, just in case you are on the fence.

wedding paper flowers

1.   Paper flowers last a lifetime. The week of your wedding can be a busy (and stressful) time, so anything that can be sorted ahead of time is a bonus. Fresh flower arrangements for obvious reasons are usually one of the last things to physically come together for your wedding, so this can be quite unnerving, particularly if you are going down a DIY route. With paper flowers, you can have your buttonholes, bouquets and even centrepieces made up and ready to go months in advance, and they will still look perfect on your big day. You can also keep them for years to come as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

2.   Whatever you want, whatever the season. Have your heart set on peonies but you’re a few months out from peony season? Paper flowers can solve this for you, and you don’t have to be a slave to the seasons and availability of flowers to choose your favourites for your wedding day.

alternative wedding flowers

3.   Allergies. If hay fever is your nemesis in summer time then these blooms will not add to your sneezing woes.

4.   An alternative style. Maybe you’d like something from your floral designs that’s impossible with real flowers. For example, bringing a touch of metallic into your buttonholes, or having roses made from the text of your wedding vows. You can even have your favourite flowers blown up to an oversize scale to really make an impact in your decorations.

copper paper buttonholes

5.   Inject some of your personality into the day. Imagine being able to have lyrics from your song woven into the petals of your bouquet, or words from your favourite book in the buttonholes. How about flowers made from maps of the places you’ve been together? All of these personal touches become possible when you use paper in your floristry designs.

map page flowers

Hope this helps if you have been puzzling about fresh vs paper flowers for your big day! You could always do what I did and have the best of both worlds with a mixture of the two ;)