5 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2018

5 wedding trend predictions for 2018

I love this time of year because it's full of predictions and looking ahead into the year to come, and this of course includes wedding trends! 

A lot of the trends seen in 2017 will still be going strong throughout 2018. Greenery isn't going anywhere just yet, and that's good news in my book! But there are a few twists in store, so I thought I'd share some of my own predictions and favourites in the world of wedding themes. 

As always, take these trend ideas with a pinch of salt. It's your wedding, and I'm not about to promote any sort of cookie-cutting! It's just a bit of fun really to see what's popular, and often trends can really spark your imagination - you can take them or leave them. Whether you take stock in current trends or not, I would always encourage you to put your own spin on styling ideas to create a day that's unique to you.

In fact, I think this is so important that I even created a handy free guide for you, that will help you choose the right wedding theme for you.

With that being said, let's get into my favourite trends for 2018....


neon and greenery wedding inspiration

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We saw this idea coming into play in 2017, and it looks to be sticking around in a big way next year. Neon signs are huge in weddings right now, and they are a really cool edgy addition to your wedding decor. Greenery is the perfect backdrop to make these neon details really pop. Think big overgrown green walls, huge leaves and ferns to also bring in that tropical vibe that's also still going strong. 

How to work this trend:

Commission your own personalised neon sign to use as your ceremony backdrop instead of a wedding arch (you can get LED versions that are much cheaper than real neon) OR hire one from a company like Bag and Bones


Celestial wedding inspiration

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My personal favourite. This super romantic trend inspired by the night sky is set to be even bigger in 2018. Cosmic details, navy and metallic colour schemes, constellations, even celestial inspired jewellery and hair pieces; if it's astronomic, it's big news. There's also something a little art deco about this theme, and that's only another plus I think. 

How to work this trend: 

Go for starry details like these constellation place cards to add a bit of the night sky into your wedding table decor. 

Celestial wedding stationery


Millennial pink wedding inspiration

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Wedding trends usually take inspiration from interiors and fashion, and since it's been all pink everywhere in 2017, we're set to see a lot more of this muted dusty tone in weddings next year. I for one can't get enough of it, so it's a YAY from me. It's particularly successful in urban settings so that it takes on a bit of an edge instead of being too sickly sweet. 


Go for pink on pink in your wedding stationery, paired with simple modern fonts for that cool edge. 

millennial pink wedding stationery


moody tones wedding inspiration

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This ones for the flower lovers, next year looks to be full of dark jewell tones, aubergines, maroons and blacks paired with rich textures like velvet. This opulent trend is not for the faint of heart, and the weddings that make the most of it will really go all out. But if pulled off right, it looks like this might be one of the most beautiful trends of 2018. 

How to work this trend:

Ask your florist to use jewell and berry tones with plenty of dark greenery, and also go for more flowing, overgrown arrangements rather than anything overly styled.


Holographic wedding inspiration

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Mermaid vibes are here to stay in fashion and interiors, and that means they will become more present in weddings too! Probably seen most appearing on stationery, holographic details are the ultimate in cool. There are so many ways to use this, from little shimmery touches to going all out with holographic fringe curtains and even bridal accessories. I personally hope this one sticks around for the forseeable future. 

How to work this trend:

Your save the dates are the first glimpse into your wedding style that your guests will see, so how about starting with a bang with these Holographic Save the Dates? 

Holographic wedding stationery

So what do you think about these upcoming trends? If you want to know how you can take ideas from trends and mould them into a unique vision for your own wedding day, don't forget to sign up for my free "Five Steps to an Extraordinary Wedding" guide