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how to stop going pinterest wedding crazy

6 steps to avoid pinterest fatigue when starting to plan your wedding.

If you are recently engaged, hooray and congratulations! As well as excitement, you are probably feeling overwhelmed with where to start your planning process, and an insatiable urge to go wild on pinterest searching for the perfect wedding design details. This is where I lovingly say HOLD UP a second! There are some big things to think about first, and once you have those in place it is so much easier to plan the rest of the wedding with clarity and intention.  

1.   Stop and enjoy being engaged for a bit. This sounds counter intuitive, but it’s so important and quite often a missed step. It’s very tempting as soon as you get engaged to start planning the big day immediately, especially because as soon as you break the happy news you will be flooded with questions from your loved ones. This can be a recipe for early overwhelm, so it’s really important to chill on the immediate planning, even for a day or the evening, just to let your engagement sink in and bask in happiness together.


2.   Set a budget. The first conversation you have should be the hardest. Get realistic and honest about the money you are willing to spend and where it’s coming from. This includes talking to relatives openly about if they would like to contribute, if that is a route you would like to go down. Your budget affects every single aspect of your day, so it’s important to be clear about your intentions from the start. I’ve created a wedding budget starter sheet to help you with your wedding money woes, which you can download here.

how to avoid pinterest fatigue

Beautiful photo by Studio Something, from Jadey and Tim's wedding featuring my mint feather buttonholes.

3.  Think about the mood/tone you’d like your wedding to have. How would you like your guests to feel on the day? What would you like the atmosphere to be like? This is less about setting a colour scheme and more thinking about your personality as a couple and the tone you’d like your wedding to have. A good exercise to do is to imagine what you’d like your guests to be saying the morning after your wedding.

4.  Set a date, but keep it flexible if you can until you find your venue. Think about the time of year you’d like to get married, and how this affects your budget and the atmosphere of your wedding. For example winter weddings can be up to half price on some venue hires, leaving room for spending on other fun stuff.

Photo credit:  Simon Revill Photography

5.  Create a rough guest list and choose your wedding party. Go back to your answers on the mood/tone of the wedding and you’ll quickly realise that the size of your guest list will determine the style of wedding you can afford on your budget.

6.  Choose a location and start looking for venues. It’s really tempting to go crazy on pinterest before you’ve found your venue, but finding your ideal venue first really helps the other details fall into place. A countryside wedding will suit very different styles to a beach or city wedding for example, and knowing your ideal location first is a must if you want to narrow down your design ideas. 

wedding freebie

wedding freebie

I hope this helps you avoid pinterest fatigue in the first stages of wedding planning. It can be really overwhelming, but by taking these steps first you will set yourself up for a more focused and less stressful experience. Don’t forget to download your free budget planning starter sheet, and happy planning!