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I love hearing the stories behind other businesses, especially fellow wedding professionals. Something Hired is a new business that offers event hire throughout the UK, which is designed specifically for people planning smaller handmade events - my favourite kind! Today Gavin from Something Hired is sharing some of his insights and experiences, both from a business perspective and from his own wedding, which sparked a new chapter for him in the wedding industry. 

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1.      A bit of background, how did you get to where you are, what were the beginnings of your business? 

In 2014 I planned my own wedding, long story short during the planning I quickly realised that it was very difficult to hire all the things I required without going to a number of suppliers. Why wasn’t there a single company who could supply the things people needed to anywhere throughout the country? After discussing it with my colleague we decided to do something about this and Something Hired was born, with the aim of saving people money, time and reducing stress by supplying beautiful things for special occasions!

2.      How did your own wedding planning process go? 

My wife is from Guadeloupe which is a French island in the Caribbean, (if you have watched death in paradise on the BBC, that’s it!) so I wanted to have an event that would resonate with her family. This included Caribbean food and plenty of rum punch! I also wanted to keep things informal and fun so we built a little Caribbean beach bar and had some outside games to keep everyone entertained. Everything went superbly, our guests had a great day and although by the standards of many peoples weddings ours was low key for us it was perfect.

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3.      Your favourite thing about weddings?

I think although the emphasis is on the bride for a wedding day, the best thing for me is the guests. It is impossible to please everyone, but a day that flows well and isn’t to dogmatic in adhering to every tradition and process is a day that everyone will enjoy and remember.

4.      What are your best wedding planning tips? 

I think retrospectively the two big things I encountered was pulling the physical things together with actually sourcing the items needed, this was so hard that we have since started a company to deal with this! The next problem was dealing with all the little things that need your time and attention on the day, if I could go back I would employ a wedding planner who offers on the day assistance. I am very good at organising and delegating but doing it on your wedding day robs you of the time you want to be spending enjoying the day.

5.      Any funny stories / wedding disasters you have encountered?

I am sworn to secrecy I'm afraid!

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6.      Explain a bit about the services you offer, your ethos as a company. 

We offer a good selection of high quality product. From the necessary, such as Cutlery, crockery and glassware, to the more exciting things like bars, lighting and even instagram printers. Have a look at our website and see our range!

We built the company so that we could help people just like myself, so we keep everything simple, we deliver throughout the whole UK, we keep our product quality and our prices realistic. Also our website is a jump forward because you can see exactly how much things are going to cost including delivery without calling or emailing (although we are always happy to discuss anything should you wish). We have very low minimum orders and sensible payment and booking terms…. We are unique!

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Having worked with many hire companies in the past, I can say that Something Hired really does have a personal touch that makes the whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable. So much so that we're working with them for our own wedding! Thanks for sharing some of your wedding wisdom with us Gavin.

Rachel Waring