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Wedding Planning 101 - How to Design a Wedding that Suits Your Personality

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How to design a wedding that’s totally you

Does the thought of a wedding theme make you cringe? Having a theme to your wedding doesn’t have to be cheesy, you can make it your own and use it as a helpful tool when picking out your wedding decor.

This is part three of my Wedding Planning 101 series - if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve checked out how to set your budget and where to start first.

Once you’ve learned how to be a budgeting queen, you’re ready to pick your theme. Either watch my nifty video below, or follow along and read the highlights. Happy Planning!


You probably wouldn’t want to plan a winter wonderland wedding in June, so it’s best to get these things decided first, so you can plan productively.

These are some important things to consider before you can start to think about your wedding theme:

  • Where do you want to get married? In the countryside, in the city? A destination wedding?

  • What’s your budget?

  • What kind of venue would you like?

  • What’s your timeframe?

  • What season would you like it to be?

  • How many guests do you imagine being there?

All of these things affect the theme that’s likely to work best for your wedding, so once these are answered, you should start to see your vision and desired theme come to life.


Although it can sound slightly judgemental at first thought, looking at other people’s weddings you’ve been to is a great start when thinking about your own. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to decor, but this is definitely a good way to see for yourself, in person, what you think works and what you think you’d have done differently.

To do this you should:

  • Think about all the weddings you’ve been to and what you liked (and perhaps even more importantly, disliked) about each one.

  • Have a read of some real wedding stories online and in magazines. Pay attention to the full story and not just the pictures. What is it about the vibe of that particular wedding that you resonate with?

Once you’ve done this, think about your favourite elements you have noted down from both sections and see if there’s any common ground. Are they all outside? Do they all have holographic accents? Were they all small and intimate weddings? Note down into your free guide any ideas or concepts that you see appearing again and again.

Visual inspiration gathering

My favourite part of this whole process is next, visual inspiration gathering. This step sounds just as fun as it is, look around for things that inspire you, regardless of price or practicality and just go wild!

If you’re struggling for places to gather your inspiration I suggest:

  • Pinterest (the most obvious choice). For this particular step I recommend making a “secret” board and going on a pinning spree. I suggest sticking with a 10 minute maximum on this, just so you don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t just stick to weddings either, anything goes here, as long as something about the image captures your imagination.

  • Books and Magazines - looking in real life printed media can be a nice break from your computer screen.

  • Look in your own house and wardrobe, are there any colours and textures that you go back to again and again? This can be a really great hack to getting to know your tastes as a couple.

  • Go window shopping - what colours are you drawn to time and time again? You can even visit DIY stores, fabric shops and places like IKEA (my personal happy place) for inspiration. This is also a great way to make sure your wedding is following the trends, should that be something that takes your fancy.

Make a mood board

This process can be a little tricky, especially if you find decision making difficult like me. The aim is to go through all your material that you gathered in the last step and pick only your very very favourite pieces. I’d recommend having between 10 and 20 pieces in total, although there’s leeway, the more specific you can be at this stage, the better.

Once you’ve chosen your final pieces, note down what they have in common and start to put together your mood board. Some of my tips for making a great mood board are:

  • Take it off of Pinterest and onto real paper. I recommend A3 size or bigger to really get your imagination going.

  • If you don’t want to cut up your treasured wedding magazines, photocopy/scan the bits you want to use. This means you can always donate them to someone else after the big day so they are not wasted.

  • Look in unexpected places. Paint chips, wallpaper samples, fabric scraps, anything that inspires you, pop it on there. Different textures really help a mood board communicate atmosphere.

Choose your wedding keywords

Your wedding keywords will help you a huge amount while you plan the big day. These are the words that you can refer back to when people ask what your wedding is going to be like. The more thoughtful and selective you are with your wedding keywords the more they will help you to find ideas, decorations, stationery and even the perfect suppliers for your wedding!

To find your wedding keywords I’d suggest you:

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes, look at your mood board and write down as many words as you can to describe what you see. Eg. Holographic, mustard yellow and millennial pink

  • Once the time limit is up, look through your list and choose the three words that resonate with you most in terms of your dream wedding. If you find choosing just three really hard, work backwards and cross out the ones that you don’t want first.

  • PRO TIP: when you think you have your three words, type them into search on Pinterest with the word wedding (eg. Holographic, mustard yellow, millennial pink wedding). If what comes up looks like your dream wedding then you are on the right track! If not, go back to your list and try again.

If you’ve made it to the end of these steps, you should now have the whole wedding theme package: a mood board, a colour pallet and the right keywords to help you on your journey in planning your dream wedding. Don’t forget to sign up for your free 5 steps to an extraordinary wedding guide below, and for bonus points, I’d love to hear what your three keywords are! Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram :) I can’t wait to hear about your wedding themes.

How to Make a Holographic Photo Booth Backdrop for Your Wedding

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A photo booth’s always a winner at a wedding, right? If you’re looking for a way to spruce up a blank corner in your venue and entertain your guests, then this holographic backdrop idea is for you. Using fancy iridescent cellophane, a simple backdrop stand and some holographic card this budget friendly DIY will definitely be a talking point on your big day. Watch the video tutorial below to see how we did it:


You will need:

  • A backdrop stand - or even a clothes rail would work.

  • Holographic cellophane (at least 15m)

  • Clear tape and double sided tape

  • Holographic card

  • A craft knife, or a Cricut machine

  • Photo booth props

  • A box to keep your props in

Step one: Gather your props

If you are the lucky owner of a Cricut machine, you could design and make your own props - or I can make some for you. Spoiler alert, the props in the video will be available to buy in the shop soon.

Don’t forget to grab a pretty box to display all your props in - lining it with holographic cellophane will help to bring the whole thing together.

Step two: cut some geometric shapes

Cut some large triangles and other geometric shapes from the holographic card using a craft knife and cutting mat, or with a Cricut machine. These work best if they are a range of different sizes and shapes, depending on how big your photo booth backdrop is going to be.


The best thing to do is to find a suitable place in your venue and set the backdrop up in situ rather than setting it up before hand and moving it around. We recommend a nice sheltered area without too much wind (ideally indoors) - otherwise you will have a holographic sail on your hands!

Set up your backdrop stand first and adjust it to fit your space. Then wrap the holographic cellophane around the stand, once around the front and once around the back, in sections until the full stand is covered. Tape into place with the clear tape.


Use double sided tape to add your geometric shapes to the top of the backdrop, framing the edges.

STEP FIVE: Strike a pose

Grab a friend and some props, and you’re good to go. Bonus points if you have your own wedding hashtag, so that after the day you can relive those silly shots.

Did you like this video tutorial? If so, we’d love it if you’d share with your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe over on YouTube for more wedding DIYs.

How to Marble Paper for Wedding Decor

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Are you a DIY wedding QUEEN? If so, this marbled paper tutorial by the clever clogs at FTD is just for you. Perfect for wedding stationery, gifts, cards and decorations, marbling paper is also really fun to make - win win. You could even use this alongside our bridesmaids proposal box tutorial to jazz up the gift tag, or for bonus wedding memories, set up a marbled paper station at your hen party and teach your bridesmaids how to do it too. You will not only impress everyone with your skills, but also more hands make lighter work for you (and what else is a bride squad for right?!).

how to marble paper materials

How to marble papeR


  • Baking sheet

  • Shaving cream (must be foam not gel)

  • Watercolours and acrylic paint

  • Cardstock

  • Paint brush

  • Dropper

  • Scraper (paint scraper, ruler or any flat edge)

Step 1: Fill the baking sheet with shaving cream.

how to marble paper step 1

Step 2: Smooth out the surface of the shaving cream.

how to marble paper step 2

Step 3: Add in two to three colours with a dropper.

how to marble paper step 3

Step 4: Swirl the colors in a figure 8 pattern.

how to marble paper step 4

Step 5: Lightly press the cardstock into the shaving cream.

how to marble paper step 5

Step 6: Remove and scrape off the extra shaving cream.

how to marble paper step 6

Step 7: Let dry and use for wedding decor

how to marble paper final
how to marble paper inspiration

DIY Pre-Wedding Hair Masks

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natural pre-wedding HAIR MASKS.jpg

Whether your hair is already wedding ready, or if you think it needs a little bit of help, these three super affordable hair masks will be a great addition to your wedding prep. They're also super quick and easy to make, trust me, I know how time consuming wedding planning can be, I've got you. 

Coconut oil hair mask

  • Mix together two tablespoons of coconut oil with a tablespoon of honey and mix together. The end result should be a syrup-like texture.
  • Apply generously root to tip on towel dried hair. 
  • Leave on the hair for up to an hour, and wash out with shampoo thoroughly.
  • Condition and style the hair as usual. 
  • This mask is to be used once a week for the best results. 

Lemon juICE hair mask

  • Squeeze a large lemon into a bowl and add a splash of apple cider vinegar (not too much, or this can really dry out the hair).
  • Start by adding one tablespoon of honey and mixing it in.
  • Gradually add up to 4 tablespoons of honey into the mixture, until the texture is syrup like - a hair mask that is too runny won't stay on your hair. 
  • Wait 20 minutes and then wash out your hair with a generous lather of shampoo.
  • Condition and style the hair as usual.
  • This mask can be used once every two weeks for the best results.

Conditioner hair mask

  • The cheapest way to get a moisture boost to your hair is to use a cheap conditioner all over your hair.
  • For best results, leave this overnight (but make sure to use a shower cap or towel so you don't ruin your pillow).
  • Wash out in the morning using shampoo (I'd recommend washing it twice).
  • Condition (again, yes) and style as normal.
  • This mask can be used once a week for the best results.


And that's that - some lovely natural (and cheap!) ways to care for your hair and get it in tip top shape before your wedding day. Enjoy your pampering evenings...