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5 Tips For Buying Your Wedding Makeup

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5 TIPS for buying your wedding makeup.jpg

Ready to go makeup shopping for your wedding, but feeling paralysed with too many decisions? How do you know what colours or formulas are right for you and your skin type? Never fear, Beth is back again today to share some of her bridal beauty wisdom with you, which should help you complete your wedding makeup shopping list with ease. 

If you're an avid reader of the blog, you'll have seen my tips for natural bridal makeup on a budget, if not you should definitely check it out. What I didn't mention in that post, because it would have been far too long if I did, was how to pick the best products for you when you go wedding makeup shopping. That's what I'm here to do today, so you're welcome.

1. How to pick your perfect Eyebrow shade

If you're anything like me, your makeup just doesn't feel complete without a gorgeous strong brow. However, there's a difference between a strong brow and one that looks slightly over the top, which I've definitely been guilty of in the past. To avoid this, live by this simple rule: 'eyebrows should be two shades lighter than dark hair and two shades darker than light hair.' But hey, if you like a dramatic look, go for whichever you like the best, after all, makeup is art!

2. How to find the right Foundation shade

Whenever you go into a shop and look for a foundation, your first instinct is to gravitate towards the testers, which is great. Where most people go wrong is by testing the foundation colour on their hand or wrist. This is pretty much the WORST place to test your foundation, as your hands get completely different exposure to the sun than your face does. Instead, dab a tiny amount of product onto your jawline, that way you can test that the foundation matches both your face and neck. 


3. How to find the best Foundation fORMULA


So you're shopping for foundation and think that you've found the perfect one, great! Before you buy, make sure to take a sample and test it out and make sure it doesn't oxidise before hand, to cut out extra expense, and avoid an orange face on your big day. If you're buying from a fancy shop, they may even give you a tester in a container so you can try the foundation out for a few days (Debenhams is the Queen of samples.)  


4. How to find the best EYESHADOW SHADE for you

makeup for brown eyes

To make your eyes pop on your big day, depending on your eye colour, there are certain eyeshadow colours that are a must to include in your look. 

  • Brown eyes - Any eyeshadow shades that are purple, or have purple/blue undertones are perfect to make your eyes pop. Bronze shades are also an option, but the effect is slightly less noticeable than when using the purple. 
  • Blue eyes - Any yellow based gold or bronze eyeshadow shades are going to make your eyes look vibrant and even more beautiful. 
  • Hazel/green eyes - Anything with a red undertone is the perfect addition to a look for people who hazel or green eyes. To make this wearable for your wedding day, try a warm toned pink or orange shade.
  • Grey eyes - Icy blue shades are perfect to compliment this unique eye colour, as well as hints of silver or white.


If these eyeshadow looks are a bit too dramatic to fit with your desired look for your big day, try adding them into the inner corner of your eye for a tiny pop of colour, or a bright waterline eyeliner.




If you're completely baffled by all of the different makeup you're being faced with, I'd definitely recommend talking to one of the makeup artists in store and telling them about your desired look. They will help you find the products that will suit you the best, and show you how to create the look yourself. This is a great alternative to paying for a makeup artist to do your makeup on the day, but just remember to take a voice recording or video when the artist is explaining how to use the products, for future reference. Boots or Mac are definitely the best places to head if this is something you're looking to do, depending on your budget. 

Thanks Beth for your sharing your beauty knowledge with us again. If you liked this post, we'd love it if you could share it with your friends, that's the best way to let us know what you'd like to see more of on the blog. 

DIY Pre-Wedding Hair Masks

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natural pre-wedding HAIR MASKS.jpg

Whether your hair is already wedding ready, or if you think it needs a little bit of help, these three super affordable hair masks will be a great addition to your wedding prep. They're also super quick and easy to make, trust me, I know how time consuming wedding planning can be, I've got you. 

Coconut oil hair mask

  • Mix together two tablespoons of coconut oil with a tablespoon of honey and mix together. The end result should be a syrup-like texture.
  • Apply generously root to tip on towel dried hair. 
  • Leave on the hair for up to an hour, and wash out with shampoo thoroughly.
  • Condition and style the hair as usual. 
  • This mask is to be used once a week for the best results. 

Lemon juICE hair mask

  • Squeeze a large lemon into a bowl and add a splash of apple cider vinegar (not too much, or this can really dry out the hair).
  • Start by adding one tablespoon of honey and mixing it in.
  • Gradually add up to 4 tablespoons of honey into the mixture, until the texture is syrup like - a hair mask that is too runny won't stay on your hair. 
  • Wait 20 minutes and then wash out your hair with a generous lather of shampoo.
  • Condition and style the hair as usual.
  • This mask can be used once every two weeks for the best results.

Conditioner hair mask

  • The cheapest way to get a moisture boost to your hair is to use a cheap conditioner all over your hair.
  • For best results, leave this overnight (but make sure to use a shower cap or towel so you don't ruin your pillow).
  • Wash out in the morning using shampoo (I'd recommend washing it twice).
  • Condition (again, yes) and style as normal.
  • This mask can be used once a week for the best results.


And that's that - some lovely natural (and cheap!) ways to care for your hair and get it in tip top shape before your wedding day. Enjoy your pampering evenings... 

What to Pack in your Wedding Day Bag

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What to pack in your wedding bag.jpg

Beth's back again this week with some more super organised wedding tips for you. Wondering what you should pack in your wedding bag as your survival kit for the big day? Read on friends, I bet there's some here that you hadn't thought of yet... 

Not sure what to pack in your wedding handbag? If you're anything like me, then you'll want to feel prepared for every eventuality on your big day, so I'm here to help. Here's my tips to create the perfect Wedding survival kit, with everything you could ever need to keep looking your tip top best. I've even ordered them into handy categories, so you can prioritise depending on your wedding venue, season and bag size. I'm great, I know. 

 Our favourite option for wedding clutches are  Suede & Co  - they are so gorgeous and handmade, you can even have them monogrammed. If you like the matching paper flower posies you can find those  here. 

Our favourite option for wedding clutches are Suede & Co - they are so gorgeous and handmade, you can even have them monogrammed. If you like the matching paper flower posies you can find those here. 

Wedding Bag Necessities

  • Plasters. One of the most important pieces of your survival kit, even if you've opted for a flat shoe. New shoes can be a right pain, (and who has time to wear them in amidst planning a wedding?) Plus taking your shoes off can be a nightmare if you have a floor length dress that can easily get dirty. So trust me on this one pals, remember your plasters. 
  • Paracetamol is another absolute must to avoid shoe pain throughout the day, these might also be useful for the day after your wedding, if you partied a little too hard (we've all been there.)
  • Perfume Samples are a great way of smelling great throughout the day without having to carry a huge bottle around, or trying to hide it somewhere in the venue. Most of the time, these can be picked up for free from cosmetic shops, but you can buy larger samples that are really inexpensive online. Just make sure all of your samples are of the same fragrance. 

WEDDING Makeup Necessities

  • Lip colour. Although you'll have already followed my 5 Hacks for Natural Bridal Makeup, there are some extra things you can carry to touch up. The most important of these being Lip Colour. I always recommend to either use your own lip colour when getting your makeup done, or buying the colour off your artist, so you can touch up easily throughout the day. This is especially vital if you are having a large meal, or you're wearing a particularly bold lip colour.
  • Blotting Sheets To keep your skin matte all day, blotting Sheets are very handy. They're compact (around the size of a debit card), can be used on all skin tones and don't leave you looking powdery. All they do is remove the excess oil, and leave you looking amazing. Alternatively, if you have a dry skin, you can get highlight sheets, that will glow up the skin throughout the day. 

WEDDING Hair necessities

  • Hair Pins. If you've prepared your hair for your wedding using my Haircare Dos and Don'ts  you'll be all set for the day, without having to do too much maintenance. However, if you've decided to go for an up-do, then having some spare hair pins in your bag is a great idea. A handy storage tip for these would be to secure them together using a tiny hair elastic, no one wants hair pins all over the bottom of their bag.
  • Hair Spray. For any hair-do that needs to stay in place all day, hair spray is a must. You can buy teeny tiny little bottles that fit in your bag, and are extremely inexpensive, win win. A great tip for hairspray is to spray your hair pins before you use them, wait until they feel tacky and then use them in the hair. It makes them hold the hair in place for way longer. 

Extra things to keep on hand

  • Spare Shoes. So, if you have a larger Wedding bag, or some of the options above aren't relevant to you, and you have some extra bag space, a great idea is to have some spare shoes. Okay, hear me out, those foldable ballet flats are a literal LIFESAVER when it comes to sore feet, you can get them personalised too, so would be a great addition to your Bridesmaids proposal box.
  • Tissues are an added extra that would come in handy, there's definitely going to be someone tearing up during the day. 
  •  A Compact mirror is also not a bad idea, as you can discreetly check your hair and makeup is holding up, without having to dash off to the bathroom every time. It's also a sneaky way to check there's no food in your teeth.
 More beautiful metallic leather clutches from  Suede & Co  - fun fact, Rachel had a Suede & Co bag for her own wedding. 

More beautiful metallic leather clutches from Suede & Co - fun fact, Rachel had a Suede & Co bag for her own wedding. 

I really hope this helps you pack your wedding survival kit, and that it serves you well during your wedding day. Now it's your turn, what would you pack in your wedding bag? Let us know in the comments. 

Haircare Dos and Don'ts Before Your Wedding

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wedding hair care.jpg

Beth's back today with another dose of wedding beauty wisdom - this time she's teaching us all about some dos and don'ts for wedding hair care. If your hair is looking a bit tired and in need of some TLC in the lead up to your wedding, this post is for you! I've definitely learned some tips I'll be adding into my own routine. 

Haircare products can be difficult to navigate when there's hundreds promising to work wonders, at the best of times. But during your wedding, it's just a pain! Whether your hair is on tip top form ready for your wedding, or you'd like a boost, I've picked the most helpful do's and don'ts for you to take a look at. 

Do cut your hair every 6 weeks.

In the run up to your wedding, cutting your hair every 6 weeks is the best way to keep split ends at bay, as well as keeping it at your preferred length of course. I'd recommend doing this in 6 months leading up to your wedding, but this can be altered depending on your budget and preference. 

Don't wash your hair every day.

Okay, I get it, there's nothing better than freshly washed hair, but washing it too often can strip the hair of natural oils that it needs to grow and be really strong. Plus, if your hair's natural oils are washed away each day, this will cause your hair to produce more, so on the odd days you don't wash it every day, you'll notice a lot of oil that isn't normally there! This is especially important if you have dyed hair or naturally dry hair.

Do only use heat tools on your hair a maximum of 3 times a week.

This is super important if you want silky looking hair, and you should adopt this into your daily life, not just in the run up to your wedding. This has been proven to lessen split ends, as well as helping your hair to grow faster. I know this can be tricky, but taking healthier steps really does make a difference. If your wedding is just around the corner, or 2 years away, I challenge you to start letting your hair dry naturally from now until your big day, and I promise you will see a huge difference. Use a hair oil to tame any frizz after your hair is dry.

Don't use clarifying shampoo as your main shampoo.

Don't get me wrong, these shampoos are amazing once a week to deep cleanse your hair and get rid of all the products you've used. However, this product is again guilty of stripping the natural oils from your hair, even if you use it once every three days. I've been guilty of using these a little too often in the past, and as a result my hair felt like straw! Please, just don't do it. 

Do use only helpful products.

That might sound a little confusing, but take a look at all your haircare products, how many of them actually do what they say they do? Do you even know what they're all for? Me neither! Using too many products on your hair can clog up the follicle, especially nearer to the root, and cause greasy hair. Instead, stick to a maximum of 5 products (excluding your conditioner and shampoo).

The staple products to invest in are:

Other than these products, anything else you need for your hair, you can make yourself for a much more affordable price, and with less of the chemicals, than those already on the high street. We have a video coming up soon to help you with this, so keep your eyes on our YouTube Channel

Don't use dry shampoo.

A huge no-no building up to any special occasion is using anything that's going to dull the natural shine of your hair. Aerosol dry shampoo's are the main culprit of this, as well as being bad for the environment. My alternative is to use a tiny amount of baby powder, and massage it into your scalp. Lush also do an amazing dry shampoo that comes loose rather than in an aerosol.  These are also way less drying, and more natural ways to get that quick fix.

hair care blog pic.jpeg

Do wash your hair with cold water.

There's nothing worse than dying your hair a fab bright colour and then it fading after a few washes. The best way to keep the colour vibrant is to wash it in cold water. However, this isn't great as a long term hack, as you need warm water to ensure your hair is washed properly. But this would be great if you had your hair dyed a few days before your wedding, and you wanted to keep the freshly dyed awesomeness. This is especially useful for all my pastel queens out there! 

Don't wash your hair the day of your wedding.

As nice as freshly washed hair is, it's a nightmare to work with. This is because your hair is free of oils, which would naturally weigh your hair down and make it hold styles more easily, but without, it's more fluffy and unpredictable. Don't worry, your hair won't be oily, it will just have a little more natural texture to work with, without having to use lots and lots of products to achieve it. 

Do try a silk pillowcase if you're prone to split ends.

This will create less friction as you turn in your sleep, which will then stop the damage to your hair. These pillowcases are also much better for your skin too, so if you're looking to splurge a little, then this is a great way to look after your hair even when you're asleep.


Thanks Beth! Great tips for general life, not just for weddings, don't you think? I wish all of you your very best hair days this week. 


DIY Wedding Manicure Hacks on a Budget

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DIY wedding manicure on a budget.jpg

As well as being a social media QUEEN, Beth (my new team member) is also a total beauty pro. SRSLY, I've learned so much from her already. And she always has the best nails - so today I asked her to share her top tips with you for getting a perfect DIY wedding manicure on a budget. There are some total bargains in here, and some great advice on nail care, so enjoy!

Have you decided on your wedding nails yet? Manicures can get expensive, especially if you want all the trimmings (which of course we do). I have tried and tested lost of different nail products just for you, to help you get the perfect DIY manicure for your wedding. Here are my favourites and how to use them...

Nail Care

Wedding Manicure
wedding manicure
nail polish 4 copy.jpg

1. Makeup Gallery Cuticle Oil

2. Makeup Gallery Nail Hardener

3. Cuticle Pusher (I, again, got mine from Pound Land, but it's not available on the website, but this amazon alternative is pretty much identical.

4. Nail File (sadly not the same that's on mine, but the product functions the same - try your local Pound Land store to see what they have in stock)

The first step to beautiful nails is to take care of them! Although this is slightly time consuming, the outcome is definitely worth it. So here's what to do: apply a generous amount of cuticle oil around the cuticle of your nail and on the nail surface each day (I do this before bed for optimum results). Believe it or not, I've found the best cuticle oil is the one from Poundland (see picture 1), but an even cheaper alternative is to use coconut oil, which is also amazing. 

The second step, which is especially important if you have brittle nails, is to use a nail hardener. This will make it super easy for you to grow your nails long and strong, without worrying about them snapping. I'd advise to only use this once a month, just to make sure your nails don't get too hard, otherwise that will also make them snap easily. It's a happy medium you're after. My favourite product for this is again from Poundland - what a bargain! 

The third step is cuticle care, which can be painful if done wrong, so please be careful, and avoid cuticle nippers - they're the reason cuticle care gets a bad rap. Instead, I prefer to use a cuticle pusher to gently remove any excess cuticle, which will make your manicure last way longer, as well as making them generally look neater. I'd also suggest a good slather of cuticle oil before doing any cuticle work, just to make it easier to remove/tidy.

The fourth and last step of nail care is to file your nails. Before we even start this segment, I need to stress the importance of only using a nail file on the edges of your nails - never buff your nails with a file. If you do this, your nails will become really brittle and un-do all the work we've just done! Instead, file the tip of the nail gently and only one way, so not to disrupt the grain of the nail, which will then lead to breakage. 

Top and Base Coats

Nail polish 11jpg

5. Revlon Ultimate Shine Top Coat

6. Maybelline Gel Effect Top Coat

7. Collection Matte Top Coat

8. Boots Base Coat  (Available in Boots Stores only)

Just like I stressed the importance of priming your face before makeup in my natural beauty blog post, priming your nails is super important. This will stop your nails turning yellow, as well as making your manicure last twice as long! My favourite is Boots' own brand base coat, because it's super thin and dries really quickly. This can be hard to find though, so a dupe for this would be Barry M's base coat.

Top coats are also super important, not only do they leave your nails glossy and smooth, but they add an extra layer of protection and make your manicure last longer. One of my favourite tricks for a long lasting manicure is to add a new layer of top coat every few days, I've managed to make my nail polish last up to two weeks by doing this, so definitely worth a try. My favourite picks are featured in the 5th picture. 

Another really fun top coat option would be a matte top coat, which is bang on trend, and generally just a really cool effect. I especially like making glitter polishes matte, as it gives such a unique look. Be careful with matt polishes though, they do tend to take a little while to dry in comparison with 'normal' top coats, so make sure to leave them for a full 20 minutes.

Most of all, avoid two in one top and base coats AT ALL COSTS, these are such a waste of money (in my opinion, if they work for you then that's great). 

Colour Polishes

bridal beauty
bridesmaids nails
Nail polish 9 copy.jpg
Nail polish 14 copy.jpg

9. Shade Pink Sherbet - Pound Land

10. Seventeen - Shade White Lady

11. Shade Bambino Blue - Pound Land (in store only)

12. Shade Lavender Cream - Pound Land 

13. Shade Mint Milkshake - Pound Land (in stores only)

14. Shade Pink Soda 8 - Pound Land (in stores only)

15.  Rimmel - Shade Green Dragon

16. Maybelline - I Love This Sweater

17. Shade Latte - Pound Land

18. W7 - Shade Matte Sludge

19.  Shade Lunar Haze - Collection (in stores only)

On to nail polish colours (yay). There are so many different types and textures of coloured nail polish, so I've included a huge selection for you. So first, a classic french manicure is perfect for a more traditional wedding, my favourite products for creating this look are listed above. However, for you brides to be that prefer something a little more daring, here are some other fun options for you...

Pastel colours are perfect for weddings, you can even match them to your bouquet or buttonholes. My favourite pastel colours are once again from Poundland, and yes, they are super cheap, but they're also really pigmented and apply really smoothly, they're definitely one of my holy grail products, I own every single colour they have to offer. Rimmel also have a gorgeous mint green which is linked above.

Nude colours are great if you're having a super minimalistic or rustic wedding, as they create the 'barely there' effect. Of course you could also create this with a simple clear coat, but nude colours create an overall more polished (no pun intended) look. There are so many different nude shades on the market, so definitely to in store to see which best matches your skin tone. My favourites that match me are featured in the links above.

Matte polishes are, again, great to create a unique look on your wedding day. If you'd prefer just one bottle rather than having to buy a matte top coat too, then w7's matte collection is fabulous, Barry M also have a great selection of Matte colours.

Iridescent barely there colours such as Collection's Lunar haze are great for creating a more natural look. These can be worn on the nail with just a base coat to create a sheer effect, or over the top of a similar shade to create an iridescent sheen (I do this a lot, and it looks amazing).

Glitter Polishes

nail polish 8 copy.jpg

20. W7 - Shade Multi Dazzle

21. Essence - Shade Crashed The Party?!

22. Shade Silver Treasure 34 - Pound Land (in stores only)

23. W7 - Shade Cosmic Mauve

24. Rimmel - Shade Disco Diva

25. Rimmel - Shade Disco Ball

Everyone loves glitter, and this is the perfect, way to include glitter in your big day without being over the top. These glitter polishes vary in price, but are all really affordable. Each one can either be worn over a coloured polish as a finishing touch or by itself for a subtle sparkle. If you want to wear just the glitter polish, but don't want a sheer coverage, try using a latex free makeup sponge and applying the polish to the sponge and then dab it onto your nail. The sponge will absorb the liquid part of the polish, leaving you with just the glitter, that you can build up to create your desired look. Make sure to use a thick topcoat if you're using this technique, otherwise the glitter will flake off your nail really easily. 




26. Liquid Latex

27. Elegant Touch Nail Polish Drying Spray

If you find painting your nails tricky, I have the perfect solution for you - liquid latex. Paint a small barrier around your nail with the liquid latex and let it dry completely. Then, paint your nails as normal (I recommend no more than 3 strokes of the brush, otherwise the polish will go thinner in some places and thicker in others). As soon as you've painted your nails, peel the liquid latex barrier off, while the nails are still wet, and you will reveal perfectly neat nail polish. It can take a few attempts at getting the liquid latex right up to the edge of the nail, so keep practising, and check out some youtube tutorials on the best methods. 

So, now your nails are wet, but you're a busy person and have stuff to do. I have a solution. Nail drying sprays are great as a quick fix if you've done your nails in a rush, or always smudge them, no matter how hard you try not to. However, these sprays only dry the very top layer of your polish, so make sure you're still careful not to smudge them. This definitely isn't a trick to do just before you put your dress on!

Follow these tips and create gorgeous wedding nails that last all day and make everyone wonder which salon you went to. If you have any questions, be sure to comment below and I'll do my best to answer them for you. 

5 Hacks for Natural Bridal Makeup on a Budget

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Makeup shopping can be daunting at the best of times, with endless powders and sprays promising to work miracles, but choosing your wedding makeup seems almost impossible. You  need it to be long lasting, budget friendly, look good in your wedding photographs, and be suited to your skin tone and skin type. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, my brand new team member Beth is a super fancy expert on all things beauty, so I’ve asked her to start a bridal beauty series here on the blog. Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

For the first part in her beauty series, she’s created 5 budget friendly hacks to create the perfect natural bridal makeup look.

1. Prime your face to create the perfect base

A primer is essential if you want your makeup to last through your wedding. There are loads of different types of primers, but the most common (and most effective in my opinion) are sprays, creams and gels. Your choice in primer is completely up to personal preference, but a spray or cream definitely works better for a dry skin type, whereas a gel or silicone based primer is best used to minimise the appearance of pores. Here are my favourites to keep your makeup looking beautiful all day:


bridal makeup.png

Barry M Flawless Hydro Fix Primer Water - Putting the ridiculously long name aside, this primer is easy to use, it’s as simple as spritzing all over your face and letting it dry. This particular primer is extremely hydrating, so it’s great for dry skin, but for those with oily skin, this can still be used, just skip moisturizer and go straight to the priming stage.


Budget Weddings.jpg

Maybelline SuperStay Primer - This is a silicone based primer, so works great for filling in the appearance of large pores. The slightly watery gel texture makes application with a brush or sponge quick and simple. Alternatively, you could use your hands, but this might be a little more messy. It’s extremely long lasting, and doesn’t crease throughout the day, so it’s perfect for dancing the night away at your wedding. Due to the gel texture, this primer is geared towards a normal/combination skin type, but could work for all skin types.


hacks for makeup.jpg

Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Primer -  This is one of my favourite budget primers, without a doubt. It applies like a moisturiser and creates a smooth base for foundation, as well as lasting all day and keeping oily skin at bay. I find this is great in the summer too, as it helps to stop my makeup melting off my face.

2. Glow with the help of highlighter

A major part of natural makeup is having a healthy glow, especially on your wedding day. Highlighter is an extremely versatile product, and can create an extremely dramatic, or extremely subtle effect. Highlighters come in a stick, powder, cream or liquid format, and it’s completely down to personal preference, although creams and sticks tend to be the most natural. My top picks for budget friendly highlighters are:


natural makeup.jpeg

Natural Collection Highlighter Stick - This highlighter stick is really creamy and glides on to the skin easily, as well as blending really nicely. They offer three shades, so there’s something to suit all skin tones and the coverage is definitely buildable. Application is a breeze too, just glide the stick over your cheekbones, tip of the nose, brow bone and tip of the chin, then gently tap with your fingers until you’re happy.


makeup hacks.jpg

Revolution Strobe Highlighter - If you’re after an extremely subtle highlighter, with more of a glow than a shimmer, then this is perfect for you. They also offer an array of shades to suit your preference. You can add some setting spray onto your brush and apply this product wet too, if you’d prefer a slightly more dramatic look, so it’s definitely versatile.


Makeup on a budget.jpg

MUA Strobe and Glow Highlight Kit - This kit is pretty unique, it has both a cream and a powder highlighter included, which can be used separately for a more natural appearance, or use the cream first and top it up with the powder, to create a more dramatic look. The texture is more shimmery than glowy, but looks beautiful when it catches the light. There are two shades available, but both shades would work on every skin tone.

3. Loose setting powder for a natural finish

Instead of using a pressed powder on your wedding day, opt for a loose setting powder, which gives you the matte finish of a pressed powder, but without the danger of your makeup looking cakey. It’s important to stay away from any loose powder that is white, instead of a light pink, as these powders have a tendency to flash back in photographs, which you definitely don’t want on your wedding day. Here’s a few of my favourite loose powders that don’t have flashback:


natural bride.jpg

Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder - Due to the pink tone of this powder, and its sheer nature, it’s suitable for all skin types, as it doesn’t add pigment to the face, it just sets the product already on there. The pink shade also means there won’t be any flashback in your wedding photographs. It’s good for all skin types as it doesn’t cling to dry patches, but keeps oil at bay.


natural bridal makeup.jpeg

No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder - This powder, unlike the rest, is available in 4 shades, so it should suit the majority of skin tones, and will add some pigment onto the skin. The powder is also finely milled, so can be applied with a brush or a sponge, depending on what you prefer. Overall, the powder is long lasting, so you won’t need to touch-up very often either, making it the perfect choice for your wedding.


natural makeup hacks.jpg

ARTDECO Fixing Powder Box - This powder, again, has a light pink colour, so it’s perfect for all skin tones, and won’t produce flashback in your wedding photographs. It’s also a dupe for Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder, and is half the price, so this really is a great powder.

4. Set your face makeup with setting spray

Setting spray is the final step to ensure your makeup lasts all day, plus the majority of setting sprays add a gorgeous glowy appearance to the skin, so what’s not to love? If you have dry skin, you could use a setting spray instead of using lots of heavy powder to set the skin, or if you wanted a really natural finish in general. The best setting sprays to use if you’re on a tight budget are:


Budget Bridal Makeup.png

Technic Setting Spray - As the name suggests, this setting spray is pretty simple, it sets the face without leaving a matte or glowy appearance to the skin, so your skin will look extremely natural. The product is also 100% vegan, which is amazing! If you didn’t think this product could get any better, it does, it also has a subtle, yet lovely, scent. The spray itself comes out in a fine mist too, so your makeup won’t get ruined as the spray is applied, which is always good!


Wedding Hacks.jpg

W7 Setting Spray - This spray is the happy medium between a matte setting spray, and a glowy setting spray. This means it’s perfect for all skin types!  It comes out in a fine mist, so your makeup remains intact, and dries it almost instantly.


Natural wedding makeup.jpg

Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Finishing Spray - Once again, this spray produces a fine mist that won’t disrupt your makeup underneath. Once the spray is applied, the powder will blend into the foundation, leaving your skin looking flawless and set for the entire day. This spray is also a dupe for Mac’s Fix Plus setting spray, which is double the price.


5. White eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger

A really useful hack when creating a natural makeup look, is to use a white pencil eyeliner on the waterline, rather than using a black pencil, which can make the eyes appear smaller. This is specifically useful for bridal looks, as the white eyeliner will compliment a more neutral shimmery eyeshadow look perfectly. This hack is mainly for the waterline, but feel free to experiment with the lash line and tightline to create your preferred look. My favourite eyeliners to create this look with are:



MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner - This eyeliner has an extremely smooth application, without tugging on the waterline, and the pigment easily transfers from the pencil. The pencil is extremely pigmented, and long lasting, so very few touch ups will be needed, which is essential on your wedding day. A unique point to this pencil, is that there is a sharpener in the lid, making the occasional touch up even easier.


wedding makeup

Rimmel Soft Khol Eye Pencil - This eyeliner pencil is really pigmented, and lasts all day without smudging or running. The application is mess free and quick, as the pencil is really creamy and smooth.


budget wedding makeup

Barry M Khol Pencil - Once again, this pencil is extremely long lasting and creamy to apply, without making a mess. You also get a lot of product for the price, and the thin pencil allows for a precise application, as well as being able to be kept with you on your big day, as it can easily fit into a clutch bag, or one of your bridesmaids can look after it for you.


So good right?! I’m definitely normally a straight to foundation girl and then get annoyed when it all slips off my face, so I’ll totally be checking some of these products out for myself - thanks Beth! If you have any questions or requests for future posts in the beauty series just leave us a comment/wave at us on instagram.