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Wedding Planning 101 - How to Pick a Wedding Venue

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how to pick a wedding venue.jpg

A handy checklist to help you find your dream wedding venue

Finding the right wedding venue for you should be tip top of your list of priorities in your wedding planning. But it can be hard work… There are so many amazing venues out there in different price points - how do you choose?

The next instalment of my Wedding Planning 101 series is here to help you do just that; with my handy checklist of questions to ask your potential venues you’ll be well equipped to make this important wedmin decision.

Watch the video, or read the highlights below to learn how to hunt down your ideal wedding venue, and what to ask them to get the most out of your venue visits.

I’ve made a handy free checklist for you to download and take with you on your venue hunting trips, so you can print that out for each venue and compare notes. Sign up for that for free here.

how to pick the right wedding venue for you

The first step to finding the right venue for you is to ask yourself some important questions. If you haven’t read part one of Wedding Planning 101 yet, Setting Your Wedding Priorities, or part two, Setting Your Wedding Budget, then I would highly suggest hopping over to read those first, because that will give you the best head start and really help you make this big decision.

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF about your wedding:

  • Location - where do you want to get married?

  • How many guests are you inviting?

  • What’s your budget? Part two of the series will help you with this.

  • What style of wedding are you hoping to have? What atmosphere do you want to create? Complete the tasks in part three of the series on choosing your wedding theme to help you answer this question.


It’s really important to visit your potential wedding venues and ask lots of questions. You can download my free venue checklist here, and print one off for each venue to make sure you don’t forget anything. Then you can compare your options side by side to make sure your wedding venue is ticking the right boxes for you.

LOGISTICS. What’s included in your venue hire cost?

Different venues have different packages, so it’s important to check which of these things are included in your hire cost, and what needs to be hired in separately.

  • Tableware: crockery, linens, cutlery.

  • Glassware: wine glasses, champagne toast, reception drinks.

  • Staff: Bar staff, venue coordinator, clean up team, waiting staff.

  • Furniture

  • Sound System

  • In house suppliers: Caterers, florist, venue dressing… etc.


It’s important to check with your venue on any rules and regulations they have for the use of their space. There’s nothing worse than making exciting plans for your big day and then finding out that the venue has a restriction in place that won’t allow you to do it. So some things to consider are:

  • Fire regulations - do they have any restrictions on candles or open flame? For example, if you’ve got your heart set on a bonfire in the evening then you’ll need to check this is possible.

  • Alcohol - some venues will allow you to bring your own alcohol in and some won’t, and some may charge corkage per bottle.

  • Confetti - are you allowed to use it? Does it need to be biodegradable?

  • Are they licensed for marriages? Or will you need to have a legal ceremony before to sign the papers?


Go back to the exercise in part three of the series where you chose your wedding theme, and ask yourself if this venue fits within the type of wedding you want to have. Does it help you create the right mood and atmosphere, or would you be fighting against it?

  • Lighting - do they have nice atmospheric lighting for the evening, or is this something you need to hire in?

  • Does the decor fit your chosen style?

  • Think about a wet weather plan. If you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony, make sure there is a rainy day option that you like the look of just as much.

  • What’s your gut feeling when you walk in to the space. Does it feel like “you”?

Extra things to think about:

  • Accommodation options: does the venue have places for your guests to stay, or is it near to convenient accommodation options if not?

  • Transport - is there enough parking at the venue, or will you need to organise additional transport to get your guests there?

  • Flow between rooms. Where do your guests wait while they’re waiting to sit down for dinner?

  • Photo opportunities - including an option if it’s raining.

Once you’ve found a venue that you’re really interested in, I would definitely recommend visiting more than once, and try to go at different times of the day. Visit in the evening to see what the atmosphere is like when the sun goes down, try and visit when the weather isn’t so good to see what their wet weather options are like. This will help you prepare for every eventuality, and make sure you’re making a totally informed decision.

I hope this helps you on your venue search - don’t forget to download your free wedding venue checklist to help you compare your choices, you can sign up for instant access to that below.

Wedding Planning 101 - How to Design a Wedding that Suits Your Personality

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How to design a wedding that suits you.jpg

How to design a wedding that’s totally you

Does the thought of a wedding theme make you cringe? Having a theme to your wedding doesn’t have to be cheesy, you can make it your own and use it as a helpful tool when picking out your wedding decor.

This is part three of my Wedding Planning 101 series - if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve checked out how to set your budget and where to start first.

Once you’ve learned how to be a budgeting queen, you’re ready to pick your theme. Either watch my nifty video below, or follow along and read the highlights. Happy Planning!


You probably wouldn’t want to plan a winter wonderland wedding in June, so it’s best to get these things decided first, so you can plan productively.

These are some important things to consider before you can start to think about your wedding theme:

  • Where do you want to get married? In the countryside, in the city? A destination wedding?

  • What’s your budget?

  • What kind of venue would you like?

  • What’s your timeframe?

  • What season would you like it to be?

  • How many guests do you imagine being there?

All of these things affect the theme that’s likely to work best for your wedding, so once these are answered, you should start to see your vision and desired theme come to life.


Although it can sound slightly judgemental at first thought, looking at other people’s weddings you’ve been to is a great start when thinking about your own. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to decor, but this is definitely a good way to see for yourself, in person, what you think works and what you think you’d have done differently.

To do this you should:

  • Think about all the weddings you’ve been to and what you liked (and perhaps even more importantly, disliked) about each one.

  • Have a read of some real wedding stories online and in magazines. Pay attention to the full story and not just the pictures. What is it about the vibe of that particular wedding that you resonate with?

Once you’ve done this, think about your favourite elements you have noted down from both sections and see if there’s any common ground. Are they all outside? Do they all have holographic accents? Were they all small and intimate weddings? Note down into your free guide any ideas or concepts that you see appearing again and again.

Visual inspiration gathering

My favourite part of this whole process is next, visual inspiration gathering. This step sounds just as fun as it is, look around for things that inspire you, regardless of price or practicality and just go wild!

If you’re struggling for places to gather your inspiration I suggest:

  • Pinterest (the most obvious choice). For this particular step I recommend making a “secret” board and going on a pinning spree. I suggest sticking with a 10 minute maximum on this, just so you don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t just stick to weddings either, anything goes here, as long as something about the image captures your imagination.

  • Books and Magazines - looking in real life printed media can be a nice break from your computer screen.

  • Look in your own house and wardrobe, are there any colours and textures that you go back to again and again? This can be a really great hack to getting to know your tastes as a couple.

  • Go window shopping - what colours are you drawn to time and time again? You can even visit DIY stores, fabric shops and places like IKEA (my personal happy place) for inspiration. This is also a great way to make sure your wedding is following the trends, should that be something that takes your fancy.

Make a mood board

This process can be a little tricky, especially if you find decision making difficult like me. The aim is to go through all your material that you gathered in the last step and pick only your very very favourite pieces. I’d recommend having between 10 and 20 pieces in total, although there’s leeway, the more specific you can be at this stage, the better.

Once you’ve chosen your final pieces, note down what they have in common and start to put together your mood board. Some of my tips for making a great mood board are:

  • Take it off of Pinterest and onto real paper. I recommend A3 size or bigger to really get your imagination going.

  • If you don’t want to cut up your treasured wedding magazines, photocopy/scan the bits you want to use. This means you can always donate them to someone else after the big day so they are not wasted.

  • Look in unexpected places. Paint chips, wallpaper samples, fabric scraps, anything that inspires you, pop it on there. Different textures really help a mood board communicate atmosphere.

Choose your wedding keywords

Your wedding keywords will help you a huge amount while you plan the big day. These are the words that you can refer back to when people ask what your wedding is going to be like. The more thoughtful and selective you are with your wedding keywords the more they will help you to find ideas, decorations, stationery and even the perfect suppliers for your wedding!

To find your wedding keywords I’d suggest you:

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes, look at your mood board and write down as many words as you can to describe what you see. Eg. Holographic, mustard yellow and millennial pink

  • Once the time limit is up, look through your list and choose the three words that resonate with you most in terms of your dream wedding. If you find choosing just three really hard, work backwards and cross out the ones that you don’t want first.

  • PRO TIP: when you think you have your three words, type them into search on Pinterest with the word wedding (eg. Holographic, mustard yellow, millennial pink wedding). If what comes up looks like your dream wedding then you are on the right track! If not, go back to your list and try again.

If you’ve made it to the end of these steps, you should now have the whole wedding theme package: a mood board, a colour pallet and the right keywords to help you on your journey in planning your dream wedding. Don’t forget to sign up for your free 5 steps to an extraordinary wedding guide below, and for bonus points, I’d love to hear what your three keywords are! Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram :) I can’t wait to hear about your wedding themes.

Wedding Planning 101 - Where to Start?

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Wedding planning 101 where to start?.jpg


Did you just get engaged and you’re already feeling overwhelmed? Well firstly CONGRATULATIONS, and secondly I promise you’re not alone. The number one struggle I hear from couples I work with is they don’t know where to start with their wedding planning. There’s so much to remember and so many decisions to make, how do you go about tackling this massive life project that no one teaches you how to plan?

Well today I’ve got you covered, in this first part of my Wedding Planning 101 series, I’ll teach you my failsafe first step that will help supercharge your wedmin hours. This exercise will get you and your partner on the exact same page, and you’ll have a crystal clear idea of what your priorities are so you can hit the rest of your planning with laser focus. It also makes it even more FUN.

Watch the video for the full lowdown (it’s bite sized five minutes long), or read below for the highlights.


It sounds simple, but your wedding planning needs to start with proper, honest conversation between the two of you. Notice how I said the TWO of you, not you and everyone else you know. There will be time to include your friends and family later, but this first planning chat needs to be a date night kinda thing you know? Keep everyone else’s opinions out of it for now.


The best place to start with your big wedding chat, is to each list out your individual priorities when it comes to the big day. Be prepared for some of these to be the same, and some of them to be different. For example, my husband is all about the logistics, so to him, the flow of the day was super important. He didn’t want anyone to be bored waiting around for food. But my main priority was the visual aesthetic and atmosphere (obvs), so we had to make some compromises along the way to make sure both of our needs were met.

download your free priorities checklist

To help you structure this conversation and keep you on track, I made you a free wedding priorities checklist that you can download and fill out for yourselves. It includes some prompts to get you started, because I know it can be hard to think of things under pressure.

Some examples of things you might list as priorities might be: live music, food, being able to invite loads of friends, entertainment throughout the day, an absolutely killer wedding dress…. you get the idea.

Ask yourselves the big questions

When do you want to get married? How long do you want your engagement to be? What season are you imagining it to be? What general atmosphere do you want to create? Again, use your free checklist as a guide, but be totally honest here about your dreams for your wedding.


This is the fun bit. Take all your priorities you’ve written down, and each rank them in order of how important they are to you.

Then compare your lists. Where do they match up? Where are the differences? This is the time to chat it out and compromise if you need to, but having everything listed in order of importance to each of you will really help you get on the same page, and create a vision for your day together as a team - which is how every marriage should start don’t you think?


  • Having a frank, structured conversation early on in your wedding planning will really help you set expectations for the months to come.

  • A clear view of what your priorities are will make decision making 10 times easier, because you can always refer back to your list as it relates to each decision. Does it match up with your priorities? Yes? Great. No? Cut it.

  • It helps avoid arguments. I know it’s not nice to think about, but wedding planning can actually put quite a strain on your relationship if you don’t communicate and stay in the zone as a team. This foundation will help you do this, and keep you pals throughout the process.

  • It helps you communicate your ideas to other people in your life who might be helping out with the wedding. Everyone has that family member who tries to help but doesn’t really “get” your vision. The more clear you are on your wish-list, the more effective the help of others will be to you.

  • BUDGETING. Your new priorities checklist will massively help you with the next stage, which is setting your budget. I’ll be walking you through that step in the next part of this series.

Are you ready? Have fun with it, and don’t forget to download your free priorities checklist below to help you along the way.

How to Make a Holographic Photo Booth Backdrop for Your Wedding

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A photo booth’s always a winner at a wedding, right? If you’re looking for a way to spruce up a blank corner in your venue and entertain your guests, then this holographic backdrop idea is for you. Using fancy iridescent cellophane, a simple backdrop stand and some holographic card this budget friendly DIY will definitely be a talking point on your big day. Watch the video tutorial below to see how we did it:


You will need:

  • A backdrop stand - or even a clothes rail would work.

  • Holographic cellophane (at least 15m)

  • Clear tape and double sided tape

  • Holographic card

  • A craft knife, or a Cricut machine

  • Photo booth props

  • A box to keep your props in

Step one: Gather your props

If you are the lucky owner of a Cricut machine, you could design and make your own props - or I can make some for you. Spoiler alert, the props in the video will be available to buy in the shop soon.

Don’t forget to grab a pretty box to display all your props in - lining it with holographic cellophane will help to bring the whole thing together.

Step two: cut some geometric shapes

Cut some large triangles and other geometric shapes from the holographic card using a craft knife and cutting mat, or with a Cricut machine. These work best if they are a range of different sizes and shapes, depending on how big your photo booth backdrop is going to be.


The best thing to do is to find a suitable place in your venue and set the backdrop up in situ rather than setting it up before hand and moving it around. We recommend a nice sheltered area without too much wind (ideally indoors) - otherwise you will have a holographic sail on your hands!

Set up your backdrop stand first and adjust it to fit your space. Then wrap the holographic cellophane around the stand, once around the front and once around the back, in sections until the full stand is covered. Tape into place with the clear tape.


Use double sided tape to add your geometric shapes to the top of the backdrop, framing the edges.

STEP FIVE: Strike a pose

Grab a friend and some props, and you’re good to go. Bonus points if you have your own wedding hashtag, so that after the day you can relive those silly shots.

Did you like this video tutorial? If so, we’d love it if you’d share with your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe over on YouTube for more wedding DIYs.

Stylish Autumn Wedding Ideas

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Stylish Autumn Wedding Ideas.jpg

Can I admit something? I like Autumn way better than summer. So Autumn weddings naturally are kinda my favourites. But they can fall victim to clichéd decor ideas sometimes (scattered dried leaves down the aisle anyone?). That's why today as we approach the very best season, I thought I'd share some ideas for a stylish Autumn wedding. 

 Dried flowers and Pampas grass love. Photo by  miesh photography  found via  Green Wedding Shoes

Dried flowers and Pampas grass love. Photo by miesh photography found via Green Wedding Shoes

Try dried flowers and grasses

Pampas grass is a huge trend in wedding floristry right now, and I'm a big fan. It brings the perfect mix of late summer, early Autumn, harvest boho vibes that anyone would want at their wedding right? Dried flowers and grasses have the benefit of a gorgeous muted tone, which suits an Autumn / Fall theme perfectly. Also bonus points - you get to keep all your flowers afterwards because they last. 

copper and greenery buttonholes 7.jpg

Copper paper buttonholes

Accents of copper suit an autumnal wedding down to the ground, and these metallic copper/rose gold paper buttonholes are the perfect unique detail. Simple and stylish looking with an industrial edge, these handmade buttonholes look particularly amazing with a tweed suit. You can get yours in the shop here

 A stylish and classy autumn wedding. Image by  Samuel Docker , found via  Rock My Wedding  

A stylish and classy autumn wedding. Image by Samuel Docker, found via Rock My Wedding 

Seasonal fruit as wedding cake decor

Seasonal fruit like figs and berries give everyone those cosy Autumn feels, so why not adorn the top of your cake with them? Better yet, include them as part of your wedding buffet and pile rustic platters high with seasonal fruit and veg - this almost doubles up as decor too (until your guests demolish it all). 

  Wood slice and moss place cards , personalised with your guests names, available in the shop.

Wood slice and moss place cards, personalised with your guests names, available in the shop.

Woodland Wedding Vibes

Woodland weddings were made for Autumn, and whether or not you've bagged an actual forest for your venue, you can bring a little of the outside in with these wood slice and moss place cards. Personalised with your guests names, they get to keep a little bit of wedding day atmosphere to take home with them - so they'll always remember your big day (awwwww). 

 Hot chocolate bars are always a winner at an Autumn wedding.  Image via.  

Hot chocolate bars are always a winner at an Autumn wedding. Image via. 

A hot chocolate bar

If you saw my post on DIY wedding stations, you'll know that I'm a  big fan of pop-up *anything* bars at weddings. I love how they can get your guests talking to each other, and where better to get to know one another than around some steaming hot chocolates with marshmallows. If you can think of a more cosy wedding idea then I would love to know (also if you are a fan of the hygge trend, you'll love this hygge wedding ideas blog post).

 Painted pumpkins add a touch of sophistication to an Autumn trend.  Image via

Painted pumpkins add a touch of sophistication to an Autumn trend. Image via

painted Pumpkins

So I know I said I was anti-cliché, but there are ways to include pumpkins in your wedding without being cheesy. Spray paint them in mixed metallics and cream colours to bring a classy touch to an Autumn staple. Spray painted pumpkins can be used as table decor, or even just dotted around your venue to bring a little seasonal charm into your big day. 

I hope these ideas help you in your quest for a stylish nod to Autumn in your wedding. Do you have any other Autumnal wedding ideas to share with me? Let me know in the comments. 

What happens when you hire a wedding designer?

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 Photo by  Rebecca Emily

Photo by Rebecca Emily

Do you feel like your bridal brain is bursting at the seams with information about different wedding suppliers? There are wedding planners, stylists, designers and consultants, and that's just the tip of the iceberg - how do you know what they do and which one you need? 

As a wedding designer, I know sometimes it's hard to know what to expect from our services, because every wedding is different (as they should be) and often our work is completely bespoke. So today I thought I'd take you through my process as a wedding designer, step by step, so you know exactly what to expect when you hire me. 

 Photo by  Rebecca Emily

Photo by Rebecca Emily


You've decided that you're interested in my work (awww thanks!) so you made it on to my design services page. On that page, you find a snazzy questionnaire, and who doesn't love a survey - it takes you back to your cosmo girl days. 

You fill out the questionnaire with all of your hopes and dreams for your wedding, including any of the details you might like me to design and make for you. There's even some exciting options like an on the day styling service - have someone else set everything up on the big morning while you sip champagne with your bridesmaids? YES PLEASE! 


In the questionnaire of dreams, you have the option to book a free consultation with me to chat all about your wedding in detail. If you are local (Derbyshire, UK) then you can come and visit us in the studio for some bucks fizz, or if you are further afield we can talk on the phone or over Skype. Don't let the geography bother you though, we work on weddings all over the world.

During your consultation we go over any specific ideas you have, and I come up with design ideas to fit your big day. We chat prices up front, because I don't like cost surprises (only nice surprises allowed around here!). 

 Photo by  Rebecca Emily

Photo by Rebecca Emily


You leave your consultation full of wedding glee, and I come up with your bespoke quote based on all of your amazing ideas. I send the quote over to you, and you get to pick and choose the exact things you want to move forward with. It's like choosing options off a super fun wedding menu, and you only pay for the services you actually want, instead of paying a blanket fee. 


Work for me that is, not for you. I squirrel away behind the scenes making, sourcing and sprucing, to get all of your wedding details ready for you. You sit back and enjoy being engaged, knowing that everything is taken care of, and you feel super clever to have saved yourself loads of shopping and DIY nightmares. 

 Photo by Jason Williams

Photo by Jason Williams


Today's the day! If you opted for my on the day styling service, I'm there up a ladder at your venue (my natural habitat) setting everything up. If not, you've already had your exciting wedding parcel arrive in the post in plenty of time - so you (or your army of family helpers) set everything up at your leisure.


Your wedding day is over (cry!) but your guests won't stop talking about it. Everything was so beautiful, and so "YOU" - they couldn't have imagined a day more suited to you both and your cool sense of style. You jet off on your honeymoon with zero wedding regrets, and feel safe in the knowledge that you definitely won at weddings. 

 Photo by  Rebecca Emily

Photo by Rebecca Emily

Pretty great right? If that sounds like fun to you, you can start off your journey and fill in the questionnaire here

10 Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas

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Alternative bridesmaids bouquets.jpg

There are so many different options when it comes down to choosing your Bridesmaids bouquets, it can be really daunting. For those of us who like something a little different though, it can be almost impossible, especially if you have a specific vision in mind, but stereotypical roses and peonies just don’t fit the mould. I’ve narrowed down my favourite Bridesmaid bouquet alternatives for you and I’ve even split them up into handy categories to help you decide. 

holo bouquet.jpg

Holographic Bouquet

Probably the most fun item in our shop, this holographic bouquet option is really unique. Perfect if you’re having a modern wedding with lots of sparkly iridescent goodness, this would be a great way to include a (somewhat) subtle sparkle to your big day if your theme doesn’t really allow for it elsewhere. My favourite thing about this bouquet (and any of our bouquets for that matter) is that they’re forever flowers, so they can be easily reused after your wedding as a home decor piece, to always keep you reminded of your wedding day/ that time you were a bridesmaid.

Bridal bouquet
Alternative bridesmaid boquet
Wedding flowers

Paper flowers

These paper bouquets are, once again, from the shop and each can be customised to fit with your theme. They’re a great alternative to fresh flowers as they’re extremely durable, which is great if you have younger bridesmaids, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive pre-wedding, which is always handy. The colourful paper flowers (first picture) are super vibrant, so are perfect for summer weddings. Our copper flowers (second picture) are very popular and bang on trend, and we have matching buttonholes. Finally our blush pink peonies (third picture) are a newer design to the shop, and are perfect for weddings with more of a muted tonal vibe. To find out more about how we can design some custom flowers to fit your theme, check out our design services page.

copper wedding


Again made out of durable crepe paper, our corsages are the a great alternative to bridesmaid bouquets, as they’re hassle free and you’re definitely not going to misplace them. This can be a godsend if you have younger, adventurous, bridesmaids, and also means your gals can lend a hand manoeuvring your dress down the aisle without having a bouquet to worry about. The corsages are super comfortable too, as it’s fastened on to your wrist with a super silky ribbon. We offer a copper corsage (first picture) for a metallic edge to your bridesmaids' attire, or a blush pink corsage (second picture), complete with greenery. Both of which can also be customised.

bridesmaid wand


If you’re having younger bridesmaids or flower girls, another adorable alternative to a bouquet is a wand. We have a particularly jazzy holographic star wand in our shop, but if you’d prefer something a little more subtle, we can make you one in any colour you’d like, just get in touch.

flower girl basket.jpg

Flower Girl Basket

Sticking with a younger bridesmaid, if you’d prefer to be slightly more traditional (you never know) then you’d love these gorgeous flower girl baskets from Bubble and Berry on Etsy, they even come with the flowers! Such a bargain. This would be a lovely idea for a summer wedding.

pearl bouquet.jpg

Peal Bouquet

If you’re having a more classic look for your wedding, this pearl bouquet from Duck Barn Florals on Etsy would be perfect for you. I also love how the pearls look exactly like baby's breath flowers. Again, with all forever flowers, these are also environmentally friendly and generally cost effective, as you can use them as a home decor piece after your wedding, or even repurpose them as someone’s ‘something borrowed’.

wooden bouquet.jpg

Wooden Bouquet

For something completely unique, this wood and faux leather bouquet from Beaubuttons on Etsy is great, they also come in lots of different sizes, so bridesmaids of different ages could have a suitable bouquet, which I love. I can definitely see this bouquet being featured in a rustic wedding, or an outdoor wedding, as the wood is the perfect way to include nature in every aspect of your big day.



A huge upcoming trend is bridesmaid wreaths. These wreaths from Lotus Floral Art on Etsy are definitely a statement piece for your bridesmaids, but also look really elegant, and are easily held while walking behind you down the aisle. These are also made with dried flowers, so can last for a few years if you correctly care for them, which is definitely an added bonus. The best thing about Etsy is how many different designs you can find, so definitely shop around and find what best suits your budget and theme.

pom pom bouquet.jpg

Pom Pom Bouquet

These pom pom bouquets from Sheep Farm Felt are one of my personal favourites because I love how cute and delicate they look. They’re also completely custom, which is amazing, because who doesn’t want to be able to have exactly what they want? Personally, I think these would go great in a really colourful wedding if you chose some bright yellow, blue, green, red and orange stems. Me being the pastel lover I am, would also love some of these in a grey, mint and white combination. Love a versatile product!

clay bouquet.jpg

Clay Bouquet

These gorgeous polymer clay bouquets from Flowerskartasheva are definitely another pretty impressive alternative to fresh flowers. They last a very long time too! I’d definitely only suggest these flowers for an indoor wedding though, unless you’re a risk taker, or certain it won’t rain. Polymer clay doesn’t react well to water, and you definitely don’t want your flowers to melt into a gloopy mess on your wedding day! That aside, the clay creates a beautiful finish to the flowers, and definitely isn’t something you’ll see at many other weddings.

Have some more ideas for alternatives to bridesmaid bouquets? Comment them below, I’d love to hear your ideas.

How to Include the Holographic Trend in your Wedding

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holographic wedding ideas.jpg

It's no secret that holographic weddings are my fave, but it can be a pesky trend to get right. That's why I thought I'd share some ideas today for ways to get some of that HOLO LIFE into your big day. 

holographic wedding decor.jpg


Everyone loves a tassel garland right?! You can pick these up all over Etsy, like this one from Party Pieces Co in a beautiful iridescent rainbow of colours. My favourite places to use a tassel garland are things like drinks carts, cake/dessert areas, or even as part of a wedding arch. 

flower girl holographic.jpg

Wedding Wands

If you have tiny flower girls, these star wands are a way cooler option than flowers (am I riiighhhtt?) - just imagine them waving them around while they walk down the aisle, you'll be the most popular betrothed couple ever. These are available in our shop, and you can choose the option of cake topper or wand. And hey there's no rules, if you want to use these for your grown-up bridesmaids too, I won't judge!


Glitter station wedding.jpg


We talked about our love of glitter stations in our last post, and they are yet again relevant here (when are they not?). The best way to get holographic vibes all over your wedding is to get your guests covered in it. Bespoke Bride has a great DIY to make your own glitter station here.


holographic shoes wedding.jpg


I mean..... these shoes!! If you prefer to be a bit more subtle with your trends, then a pop of holo shoe under your dress is perfect. 




Our holographic leaves cake topper is a solid favourite, but how about the iridescent arrow? This newbie was first seen in The Un-Wedding's UV Wedding Shoot (which I highly recommend you peruse, the photos by Jason Williams are so dreamy.) The arrow is not available on the website yet, but it's coming soooooon. 


holographic save the date 6.jpg


My secret fave, the holographic Save the Dates are the best surprise in an envelope for your guests. They are simple and to the point, perfect for the minimalist with a bit of sass. How much more detail do you need anyway when they are so shiny? Get your own set personalised here


So what do you think? Would you try out some holo love in your big day? I hope so! 

DIY Ideas for Pop-up Stations at Your Wedding

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DIY wedding bars.jpg

Wedding decorations can be tricky, especially if you have a very particular theme to stick to (we’ve all been there!) One of my favourite decorative, yet practical and very fun, ideas is to make a pop-up station for your wedding. These are so versatile and lovely, so you’ll definitely be able to find something to suit your theme and budget. Here are a few of my favourites to give you some inspiration for your very own DIY pop-up station.


Pop-up wedding confetti bar station

Confetti Bar

Arguably the most practical in this list, these are a lovely idea to add some colour to your wedding, as well as being extremely handy if your guests have forgotten to bring their own. This is also particularly useful if you only want a certain colour or texture of confetti in your wedding, or your venue only allows biodegradable confetti. Personally, I also really enjoy the social element of this station, as guests who may not know each other can bond while filling their own confetti cone. We have a blog post on how to create a confetti bar, as well as a video, so definitely check those out too.


 Image via  Rock My Wedding

Image via Rock My Wedding

Pimp Your Prosecco Bar

 A wedding wouldn’t be complete without the embarrassing speeches and toasts, why not make your alcohol of choice customisable too? This obviously isn’t limited to prosecco (although it is definitely a fab option). One of the most fun parts about having a DIY prosecco bar, is you can stay on theme by picking glasses, paper straws or cocktail stirrers in your preferred colours or patterns. Different cordials are great to add to your prosecco (we’ve also heard a dash of gin is great).  


glitter mermaid pop-up wedding bar station

Glitter Bar

If you love glitter, which I’m pretty certain you do if you’re reading this, then you’ll love the DIY glitter bar. This is the perfect opportunity to socialise with your guests and have a lot of fun while doing so. Who doesn’t want to see their Granddad sporting full Coachella-eqsue glitter design? This idea is fully customisable with types and colours of glitter to fit with your theme, so it’s a really way to decorate, and all while being budget friendly. What’s not to love?


 Image via food heaven mag

Image via food heaven mag

Doughnut Bar

A huge wedding trend recently is to have these majestic looking doughnut bars in their wedding. This is perfect decoration for a wedding, as your guests can nibble on the doughnuts as and when they get peckish! The doughnuts themselves can also be easily DIY’ed by buying plain ones, and decorating them using colourful icing to match your wedding theme. If you’re feeling particularly brave, and don’t mind a bit of mess, why not let your guests decorate their own using tubes of icing? Either way, this is a yummy way to decorate your wedding.


Pop-up popcorn wedding bar station

Popcorn Bar

Everyone loves a sweet treat, this DIY station takes full advantage of that, with a twist on the classic pick and mix bar (which could also be a great option for your wedding). This is a fully customisable option for a station at your wedding, as you can have lots of different toppings for your guests to choose from, and have custom boxes created to match your theme. A great way to create these custom popcorn boxes is to use these templates from Etsy. 

If you would like custom signs for your DIY pop-up wedding stations, head to our shop and we can make one especially for you.


Amethyst Wedding Inspiration

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from top left: 1// 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

I'm not gonna lie, I have always been a fan of crystals. I love them around the house, in jewellery, and I think I especially love them as part of a lovely wedding theme! Amethyst and other crystals are a big trend in 2018, and are a big YES in my book. 

There are so many ways to bring a bit of amethyst goodness into your wedding design, whether it's using dusty lilac hues for your bridesmaids dresses, or using the actual crystals as part of your table decor. If you are an amethyst fan like I am, I've put together some ideas for how you can incorporate this trend into your own wedding. 



Bridesmaids dresses can be a great way to incorporate your wedding colours into the day, especially if you go for a few different shades so it's not too overwhelming. I love the gorgeous amethyst inspired tones in these bridesmaids dresses, paired with the floaty fabric - total winners. 

Cocktail amethyst.jpg

Themed cocktails

Cocktails are always fun (obvs) but they are extra fun if you tie them into your wedding theme. Why not give your cocktails appropriate names? Bonus points that it makes them sound extra fancy. Your guests remember little details like that, and it really helps to bring the whole wedding together cohesively. If you'd like details like this geode shaped cocktail menu made for your wedding, you might want to have a look at my styling services - I can design something similar for you!



I am OBSESSED with geode cakes! Clever cake makers are turning crystallised sugar into these works of art, and not only are they beautiful and modern looking, they would be perfect for an amethyst themed wedding. I especially love this design with the edible gold detailing, too perfect to eat right??



Your tablescape is the best place to bring your theme to life at a wedding in some ways, because it's often where your guests will be spending a good portion of the day sitting on one place where they can really soak up the atmosphere you've made for them. Bring in those dusty purple hues again, and you can even add real crystal details like geode place cards to finish it all off. 


What are your thoughts on an amethyst wedding theme? Are you convinced? 

Styled Shoot - A Celestial Wedding Theme

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It's no secret that celestial weddings are my jam at the moment. That's why I'm so excited to share this video with you full of sparkly cosmic wedding ideas. 

table plan.jpg


Table Runners 

- The cosmic pattern navy runners are available to hire and make the perfect base to build up a celestial table display.

- I used a mix of foliage for the greenery runner: eucalyptus, ferns, monstera leaves and some others. Greenery is a great way to complement a celestial theme because it doesn't distract too much from the sparkly details - plus it can work out a lot cheaper than flowers! 

Table Decor

- Mixed glass bottles and candlesticks are always great for adding some interest and texture to a table. I have lots of these glass bottles and candlesticks in a mix of colours available to hire, feel free to drop me a message about availability

- Are you a fan of that crescent moon table name display? Me too! I have some similar available here if your tables are numbered, but I can also make some custom ones with your own table names too. 

- The constellation pattern place cards are a staple for a celestial wedding - you can find them here. 

Other Details

- The table plan is again dressed with some simple greenery and displayed on a grey backing board which you can pick up at your local art supply shop. Silver table plan cards are a custom design to match the place cards, and you can contact me if you'd like some of your own. 

- The starburst cake topper is a brand new design which will be available to buy soon! If you'd like to be one of the first to get your hands on one then pop me an email. 

- Copper and greenery buttonholes can be found here. 

I hope this sparks lots of celestial wedding ideas for you! Want more personalised advice for your own wedding theme? If you'd like to chat to me about styling your wedding, then hop over to my services page to find out more. 

table decor.jpg

Footage by Homer Todiwala of https://www.mrtodiwala.com/

How to Make a Mood Board for Your Wedding

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HOW to make a wedding mood board.jpg

MOOD BOARDS! My fave! Today I'm teaching you how to make your very own for your wedding. Watch the video for the full tutorial, or read the highlights below. 

Whenever I start designing a wedding, I always make a mood board first and they are really useful for wedding planning in lots of ways. They help you decide on what you like and what your tastes are - which will help you on your wedding shopping trips. They help to bring everything together in a cohesive theme, as well as being perfect for communicating with your suppliers. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain something in words, but a mood board will show other people the vibe you want instantly.


Collect everything that you are visually drawn to in one place. Don’t think about budgets or practicalities at this stage, just look around for things that inspire you. You don’t have to just stick to weddings, anything goes as long as something about the colours, tones or textures spark your imagination. You can always edit later. This helps tame any perfectionist tendencies and helps you discover things about your own taste.

Some great places to collect visual inspiration are:

  • Pinterest is the most obvious choice. What I would do is make a “secret” board and go on a 10 minute pinning spree. You can always edit the board and make it public later.

  • Books and Magazines - looking in real life printed media can be a nice break from your computer screen.

  • Look in your own house and wardrobe, are there any colours and textures that you go back to again and again? This can be a really great hack to getting to know your tastes as a couple.

  • Go window shopping - what colours are you drawn to time and time again? You can even visit DIY stores, fabric shops and places like IKEA (my personal happy place) for inspiration.

  • Look in unexpected places. Paint chips, wallpaper samples, fabric scraps, anything that inspires you, pop it in your pile. Different textures really help a mood board communicate atmosphere.



Now’s the time to go back over your mountain of inspiration materials and be selective. Take it off Pinterest and onto real paper - I recommend A3 size or bigger to give you enough space. Weed out your very favourite pieces. What do they have in common?

Notice if any themes are popping up again and again. This is a great way to choose a theme for your wedding!


  • Start with your main images and lay them out on the paper - don’t stick anything down yet!

  • Then pick out your colour pieces like paint chips and swatches and arrange them on the board.

  • Add some texture with fabrics, ribbons and even dried flowers or foliage if they complement your theme.

  • Once everything is arranged you can go back and stick everything down. You can use glue, washi tape - or I like to use double sided tape runners because I am lazy and don’t like waiting.

Now that your mood board is finished you can put it up somewhere. That’s why I like to make a real one instead of just Pinterest, because being able to look at your inspiration images often will help you stay on track and keep everything cohesive in your wedding planning.

If you still feel like you are nowhere near being able to decide on your wedding theme, then don’t worry - I can help! I wrote this blog post on how to decide on your wedding theme, and there's a free step by step workbook to help you get ideas. 

How to Make a Confetti Bar for your Wedding

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Pop-up confetti bar.jpg

Pop-up bars are always a huge hit with wedding guests, and I can see why. What's not to like? They're pretty, they add an interactive element into your day for your guests, and they are a great talking point. You can make a pop-up bar for all sorts of things: popcorn, sweets, cocktails, or my personal favourite: CONFETTI. 

Want to learn how to make your own confetti bar? Watch the video for the full styling tutorial, or read below for the highlights.

You will need

- Some jars, bowls and containers - I’m using these fun clear plastic sweet jars that you can pick up on eBay. 
- Scoops (think pick and mix style) 
- Squares of coloured paper roughly 5"x5"
- Decorations to fit your wedding theme
- Lots of confetti! (obvs)

1. Choose your confettI

I used a mixture of bought confetti and some I made myself. One important thing to check is whether your venue has any restrictions on confetti (like does it need to be biodegradable?)

There’s lots of ways to make your own confetti: 

- Hand cut some tissue paper with fringing scissors, or use an electric shredder.
- Use punches to make bigger shapes.
- Or you can also add in things like sequins and foil.

One of my favourite places to buy confetti is The Sugar Stop Co. on Etsy

2. Make some confetti cones

Paper confetti cones are really easy to make, you just cut some 5"x5" squares of coloured paper, add a bit of double sided tape, then roll them into cones along the diagonal. 

3. Assemble and decorate your confetti bar

The best part about this is that you can match your confetti bar to your wedding theme. Some good things to include are: 

- A backdrop
- A sparkly tablecloth
- A sign
- Paper Honeycomb balls

If you'd like some more personalised styling advice for your wedding, check out my design services! We can chat all about your wedding ideas and I can help you bring them together in a cohesive theme that will make the rest of your planning a total breeze.

DIY confetti bar.jpg