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Wedding Planning 101 - How to Create Your Guest List

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Deciding who to invite to your wedding is one of the hardest parts of planning, and it’s definitely something that I hear my clients struggling with a lot. There are so many things to think about when writing your guest list, like your budget, venue capacity and often family politics (the trickiest one right?!).

Luckily I’m here to help you out. In this next part of the Wedding Planning 101 series, I’ll be sharing my top tips for planning and managing your guest list so that you can keep everyone organised right up until the big day.

If you haven’t read the post about setting your wedding priorities yet, I would definitely encourage you to do that first, because that will definitely help you with your guest list writing. Once you’ve done that, watch the video below or read the highlights to start your wedding guest list in the most organised way possible.


Being clear on your own personal wedding priorities will help you answer the question of who to invite to your wedding, but [SPOILER ALERT] I would say the short answer is: whoever you want.

The long answer though, depends on a few factors:

  • What style of wedding are you hoping to have?

  • How many people can your venue hold?

  • What’s your budget? This post will help you get to that figure.

  • Where is your wedding? Is it somewhere that’s easy to get to for most of your potential guests?


One of the most awkward things about planning a wedding is feeling obligated to invite certain people that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to invite. This can be a really frustrating situation to be in, and the way that I always suggest dealing with it is to choose the path of least resistance.

Which scenario is going to cause you the least stress? Are you the type of person that will feel angry on your wedding day if you’ve felt forced to invite a certain person? Will the person in question cause you stress by being there on the day? In this case, don’t invite them.

Or on the flip-side, will you feel guilty on the day if this person isn’t there? Are they important to someone in your family - especially if that family member happens to be contributing to the wedding? Would it just be easier to invite them because it causes less family arguments and awkwardness? Sometimes it’s worth stretching your guest list a little bit to avoid causing you unnecessary agro.

Whichever way you decide to go, remember that everything to do with your wedding is always your decision first and foremost, and you should do what’s right for you.

table plan.jpg

free wedding guest list template

Now’s the time to actually organise your guest list, and I have an amazing freebie to help you do that. My free downloadable wedding guest database is the perfect place to house all of the important information about your guests, including:

  • Their names (obviously)

  • Their addresses - important for sending out your save the dates and invitations, and will save you time hunting these down twice.

  • Whether you’ve sent their invitation out yet

  • If they’ve RSVPd

  • Dietary requirements

  • Gifts received - this is super helpful for when you open all of your wedding presents, you can note down what each person gifted you so you can personalise your thank you notes - GAME CHANGER.

  • Any other notes…. This can be where you note down any specific roles people are playing in the wedding, eg. bridal party, readings, musicians….


The final thing to say about your guest list, is just try not to feel too much pressure around the process. As long as you always communicate with people in the most honest and kind way possible, then you should get through it with minimal drama.

I hope this was helpful, and don’t forget to download your free guest database below to help you with your people planning.

5 Tips For Buying Your Wedding Makeup

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5 TIPS for buying your wedding makeup.jpg

Ready to go makeup shopping for your wedding, but feeling paralysed with too many decisions? How do you know what colours or formulas are right for you and your skin type? Never fear, Beth is back again today to share some of her bridal beauty wisdom with you, which should help you complete your wedding makeup shopping list with ease. 

If you're an avid reader of the blog, you'll have seen my tips for natural bridal makeup on a budget, if not you should definitely check it out. What I didn't mention in that post, because it would have been far too long if I did, was how to pick the best products for you when you go wedding makeup shopping. That's what I'm here to do today, so you're welcome.

1. How to pick your perfect Eyebrow shade

If you're anything like me, your makeup just doesn't feel complete without a gorgeous strong brow. However, there's a difference between a strong brow and one that looks slightly over the top, which I've definitely been guilty of in the past. To avoid this, live by this simple rule: 'eyebrows should be two shades lighter than dark hair and two shades darker than light hair.' But hey, if you like a dramatic look, go for whichever you like the best, after all, makeup is art!

2. How to find the right Foundation shade

Whenever you go into a shop and look for a foundation, your first instinct is to gravitate towards the testers, which is great. Where most people go wrong is by testing the foundation colour on their hand or wrist. This is pretty much the WORST place to test your foundation, as your hands get completely different exposure to the sun than your face does. Instead, dab a tiny amount of product onto your jawline, that way you can test that the foundation matches both your face and neck. 


3. How to find the best Foundation fORMULA


So you're shopping for foundation and think that you've found the perfect one, great! Before you buy, make sure to take a sample and test it out and make sure it doesn't oxidise before hand, to cut out extra expense, and avoid an orange face on your big day. If you're buying from a fancy shop, they may even give you a tester in a container so you can try the foundation out for a few days (Debenhams is the Queen of samples.)  


4. How to find the best EYESHADOW SHADE for you

makeup for brown eyes

To make your eyes pop on your big day, depending on your eye colour, there are certain eyeshadow colours that are a must to include in your look. 

  • Brown eyes - Any eyeshadow shades that are purple, or have purple/blue undertones are perfect to make your eyes pop. Bronze shades are also an option, but the effect is slightly less noticeable than when using the purple. 
  • Blue eyes - Any yellow based gold or bronze eyeshadow shades are going to make your eyes look vibrant and even more beautiful. 
  • Hazel/green eyes - Anything with a red undertone is the perfect addition to a look for people who hazel or green eyes. To make this wearable for your wedding day, try a warm toned pink or orange shade.
  • Grey eyes - Icy blue shades are perfect to compliment this unique eye colour, as well as hints of silver or white.


If these eyeshadow looks are a bit too dramatic to fit with your desired look for your big day, try adding them into the inner corner of your eye for a tiny pop of colour, or a bright waterline eyeliner.




If you're completely baffled by all of the different makeup you're being faced with, I'd definitely recommend talking to one of the makeup artists in store and telling them about your desired look. They will help you find the products that will suit you the best, and show you how to create the look yourself. This is a great alternative to paying for a makeup artist to do your makeup on the day, but just remember to take a voice recording or video when the artist is explaining how to use the products, for future reference. Boots or Mac are definitely the best places to head if this is something you're looking to do, depending on your budget. 

Thanks Beth for your sharing your beauty knowledge with us again. If you liked this post, we'd love it if you could share it with your friends, that's the best way to let us know what you'd like to see more of on the blog. 

DIY Pre-Wedding Hair Masks

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natural pre-wedding HAIR MASKS.jpg

Whether your hair is already wedding ready, or if you think it needs a little bit of help, these three super affordable hair masks will be a great addition to your wedding prep. They're also super quick and easy to make, trust me, I know how time consuming wedding planning can be, I've got you. 

Coconut oil hair mask

  • Mix together two tablespoons of coconut oil with a tablespoon of honey and mix together. The end result should be a syrup-like texture.
  • Apply generously root to tip on towel dried hair. 
  • Leave on the hair for up to an hour, and wash out with shampoo thoroughly.
  • Condition and style the hair as usual. 
  • This mask is to be used once a week for the best results. 

Lemon juICE hair mask

  • Squeeze a large lemon into a bowl and add a splash of apple cider vinegar (not too much, or this can really dry out the hair).
  • Start by adding one tablespoon of honey and mixing it in.
  • Gradually add up to 4 tablespoons of honey into the mixture, until the texture is syrup like - a hair mask that is too runny won't stay on your hair. 
  • Wait 20 minutes and then wash out your hair with a generous lather of shampoo.
  • Condition and style the hair as usual.
  • This mask can be used once every two weeks for the best results.

Conditioner hair mask

  • The cheapest way to get a moisture boost to your hair is to use a cheap conditioner all over your hair.
  • For best results, leave this overnight (but make sure to use a shower cap or towel so you don't ruin your pillow).
  • Wash out in the morning using shampoo (I'd recommend washing it twice).
  • Condition (again, yes) and style as normal.
  • This mask can be used once a week for the best results.


And that's that - some lovely natural (and cheap!) ways to care for your hair and get it in tip top shape before your wedding day. Enjoy your pampering evenings... 

What to Pack in your Wedding Day Bag

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What to pack in your wedding bag.jpg

Beth's back again this week with some more super organised wedding tips for you. Wondering what you should pack in your wedding bag as your survival kit for the big day? Read on friends, I bet there's some here that you hadn't thought of yet... 

Not sure what to pack in your wedding handbag? If you're anything like me, then you'll want to feel prepared for every eventuality on your big day, so I'm here to help. Here's my tips to create the perfect Wedding survival kit, with everything you could ever need to keep looking your tip top best. I've even ordered them into handy categories, so you can prioritise depending on your wedding venue, season and bag size. I'm great, I know. 

 Our favourite option for wedding clutches are  Suede & Co  - they are so gorgeous and handmade, you can even have them monogrammed. If you like the matching paper flower posies you can find those  here. 

Our favourite option for wedding clutches are Suede & Co - they are so gorgeous and handmade, you can even have them monogrammed. If you like the matching paper flower posies you can find those here. 

Wedding Bag Necessities

  • Plasters. One of the most important pieces of your survival kit, even if you've opted for a flat shoe. New shoes can be a right pain, (and who has time to wear them in amidst planning a wedding?) Plus taking your shoes off can be a nightmare if you have a floor length dress that can easily get dirty. So trust me on this one pals, remember your plasters. 
  • Paracetamol is another absolute must to avoid shoe pain throughout the day, these might also be useful for the day after your wedding, if you partied a little too hard (we've all been there.)
  • Perfume Samples are a great way of smelling great throughout the day without having to carry a huge bottle around, or trying to hide it somewhere in the venue. Most of the time, these can be picked up for free from cosmetic shops, but you can buy larger samples that are really inexpensive online. Just make sure all of your samples are of the same fragrance. 

WEDDING Makeup Necessities

  • Lip colour. Although you'll have already followed my 5 Hacks for Natural Bridal Makeup, there are some extra things you can carry to touch up. The most important of these being Lip Colour. I always recommend to either use your own lip colour when getting your makeup done, or buying the colour off your artist, so you can touch up easily throughout the day. This is especially vital if you are having a large meal, or you're wearing a particularly bold lip colour.
  • Blotting Sheets To keep your skin matte all day, blotting Sheets are very handy. They're compact (around the size of a debit card), can be used on all skin tones and don't leave you looking powdery. All they do is remove the excess oil, and leave you looking amazing. Alternatively, if you have a dry skin, you can get highlight sheets, that will glow up the skin throughout the day. 

WEDDING Hair necessities

  • Hair Pins. If you've prepared your hair for your wedding using my Haircare Dos and Don'ts  you'll be all set for the day, without having to do too much maintenance. However, if you've decided to go for an up-do, then having some spare hair pins in your bag is a great idea. A handy storage tip for these would be to secure them together using a tiny hair elastic, no one wants hair pins all over the bottom of their bag.
  • Hair Spray. For any hair-do that needs to stay in place all day, hair spray is a must. You can buy teeny tiny little bottles that fit in your bag, and are extremely inexpensive, win win. A great tip for hairspray is to spray your hair pins before you use them, wait until they feel tacky and then use them in the hair. It makes them hold the hair in place for way longer. 

Extra things to keep on hand

  • Spare Shoes. So, if you have a larger Wedding bag, or some of the options above aren't relevant to you, and you have some extra bag space, a great idea is to have some spare shoes. Okay, hear me out, those foldable ballet flats are a literal LIFESAVER when it comes to sore feet, you can get them personalised too, so would be a great addition to your Bridesmaids proposal box.
  • Tissues are an added extra that would come in handy, there's definitely going to be someone tearing up during the day. 
  •  A Compact mirror is also not a bad idea, as you can discreetly check your hair and makeup is holding up, without having to dash off to the bathroom every time. It's also a sneaky way to check there's no food in your teeth.
 More beautiful metallic leather clutches from  Suede & Co  - fun fact, Rachel had a Suede & Co bag for her own wedding. 

More beautiful metallic leather clutches from Suede & Co - fun fact, Rachel had a Suede & Co bag for her own wedding. 

I really hope this helps you pack your wedding survival kit, and that it serves you well during your wedding day. Now it's your turn, what would you pack in your wedding bag? Let us know in the comments. 

DIY Bridesmaids Proposal Box

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Bridesmaid proposal DIY.jpg

"Will you be my bridesmaid?" is a question not to be taken lightly. There's actually quite a lot asked of the bridal party these days, so when you pop the question to your pals why not make them feel super special while you're at it? 

This DIY is perfect if you want to pull out all the stops and turn your bridesmaids proposal into a lovely surprise gift and love note all in one? You'll also win some major brownie points ready for the time you ask them to try on a million dresses, or you need an emergency ribbon shopping buddy (it happens). 


- A small box with a bit of depth to it (around 3" or so)

- Box filling

- Small gifts like nail varnish, face masks etc. 

- Luggage Tags

- A bridesmaid proposal card 

- Nice pens or brush lettering tools

- Scissors

- Ribbon

- Paper flower corsage (optional, but a lovely finishing touch).

Bridesmaids proposal box DIY.JPG

STEP ONE: Write your notes

Using your luggage tags, write out your proposal in sections (Love Actually note card style). You'll be stringing your luggage tags together on to the ribbon, so as you gal pals pull the ribbon the proposal is revealed gradually. 

Watch the video for a quick tutorial on brush lettering these, but if that's not your thing you can just write it out in normal pen, I won't judge. 

Once you've written them, string them all on to your ribbon and tie a knot in the end so they don't fall off. Then don't forget to write your final love note on the main proposal card too. 

STEP TWO: Fill the box

Bulk out the bottom of the box with the filling (I used a holographic foil curtain which I cut up into pieces). Then fill the box with little personal gifts like nail varnishes, face masks, candles, photos, gin etc. Make sure the gifts suit the person you're asking - this DIY could be adapted to asking anyone in the bridal party, and we're also obviously huge proponents of mixed gender bridal gangs too. The sky's the limit with the proposal box friends, the sky is the limit. 


Once you've filled the box and covered the contents over with a bit more box filling to increase the suspense even further, close it all up and finish with a personalised tag and a ribbon. 

For ultimate fancy pants status, why not tie a paper flower corsage around it? Your bridesmaids will be able to wear them on the day, and it will be a nice little reminder of the moment you popped the question. 

What do you think, would your bride squad approve? What would you put in your proposal box? 

10 Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas

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Alternative bridesmaids bouquets.jpg

There are so many different options when it comes down to choosing your Bridesmaids bouquets, it can be really daunting. For those of us who like something a little different though, it can be almost impossible, especially if you have a specific vision in mind, but stereotypical roses and peonies just don’t fit the mould. I’ve narrowed down my favourite Bridesmaid bouquet alternatives for you and I’ve even split them up into handy categories to help you decide. 

holo bouquet.jpg

Holographic Bouquet

Probably the most fun item in our shop, this holographic bouquet option is really unique. Perfect if you’re having a modern wedding with lots of sparkly iridescent goodness, this would be a great way to include a (somewhat) subtle sparkle to your big day if your theme doesn’t really allow for it elsewhere. My favourite thing about this bouquet (and any of our bouquets for that matter) is that they’re forever flowers, so they can be easily reused after your wedding as a home decor piece, to always keep you reminded of your wedding day/ that time you were a bridesmaid.

Bridal bouquet
Alternative bridesmaid boquet
Wedding flowers

Paper flowers

These paper bouquets are, once again, from the shop and each can be customised to fit with your theme. They’re a great alternative to fresh flowers as they’re extremely durable, which is great if you have younger bridesmaids, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive pre-wedding, which is always handy. The colourful paper flowers (first picture) are super vibrant, so are perfect for summer weddings. Our copper flowers (second picture) are very popular and bang on trend, and we have matching buttonholes. Finally our blush pink peonies (third picture) are a newer design to the shop, and are perfect for weddings with more of a muted tonal vibe. To find out more about how we can design some custom flowers to fit your theme, check out our design services page.

copper wedding


Again made out of durable crepe paper, our corsages are the a great alternative to bridesmaid bouquets, as they’re hassle free and you’re definitely not going to misplace them. This can be a godsend if you have younger, adventurous, bridesmaids, and also means your gals can lend a hand manoeuvring your dress down the aisle without having a bouquet to worry about. The corsages are super comfortable too, as it’s fastened on to your wrist with a super silky ribbon. We offer a copper corsage (first picture) for a metallic edge to your bridesmaids' attire, or a blush pink corsage (second picture), complete with greenery. Both of which can also be customised.

bridesmaid wand


If you’re having younger bridesmaids or flower girls, another adorable alternative to a bouquet is a wand. We have a particularly jazzy holographic star wand in our shop, but if you’d prefer something a little more subtle, we can make you one in any colour you’d like, just get in touch.

flower girl basket.jpg

Flower Girl Basket

Sticking with a younger bridesmaid, if you’d prefer to be slightly more traditional (you never know) then you’d love these gorgeous flower girl baskets from Bubble and Berry on Etsy, they even come with the flowers! Such a bargain. This would be a lovely idea for a summer wedding.

pearl bouquet.jpg

Peal Bouquet

If you’re having a more classic look for your wedding, this pearl bouquet from Duck Barn Florals on Etsy would be perfect for you. I also love how the pearls look exactly like baby's breath flowers. Again, with all forever flowers, these are also environmentally friendly and generally cost effective, as you can use them as a home decor piece after your wedding, or even repurpose them as someone’s ‘something borrowed’.

wooden bouquet.jpg

Wooden Bouquet

For something completely unique, this wood and faux leather bouquet from Beaubuttons on Etsy is great, they also come in lots of different sizes, so bridesmaids of different ages could have a suitable bouquet, which I love. I can definitely see this bouquet being featured in a rustic wedding, or an outdoor wedding, as the wood is the perfect way to include nature in every aspect of your big day.



A huge upcoming trend is bridesmaid wreaths. These wreaths from Lotus Floral Art on Etsy are definitely a statement piece for your bridesmaids, but also look really elegant, and are easily held while walking behind you down the aisle. These are also made with dried flowers, so can last for a few years if you correctly care for them, which is definitely an added bonus. The best thing about Etsy is how many different designs you can find, so definitely shop around and find what best suits your budget and theme.

pom pom bouquet.jpg

Pom Pom Bouquet

These pom pom bouquets from Sheep Farm Felt are one of my personal favourites because I love how cute and delicate they look. They’re also completely custom, which is amazing, because who doesn’t want to be able to have exactly what they want? Personally, I think these would go great in a really colourful wedding if you chose some bright yellow, blue, green, red and orange stems. Me being the pastel lover I am, would also love some of these in a grey, mint and white combination. Love a versatile product!

clay bouquet.jpg

Clay Bouquet

These gorgeous polymer clay bouquets from Flowerskartasheva are definitely another pretty impressive alternative to fresh flowers. They last a very long time too! I’d definitely only suggest these flowers for an indoor wedding though, unless you’re a risk taker, or certain it won’t rain. Polymer clay doesn’t react well to water, and you definitely don’t want your flowers to melt into a gloopy mess on your wedding day! That aside, the clay creates a beautiful finish to the flowers, and definitely isn’t something you’ll see at many other weddings.

Have some more ideas for alternatives to bridesmaid bouquets? Comment them below, I’d love to hear your ideas.

Nailing Hen Do Planning – Top Tips from Away With The Girls

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How to plan a hen do.jpg

Planning a hen can be a little daunting, as well as ridiculously exciting! Are you in the midst of hen planning overwhelm? I’ve spoken with Away With The Girls founder Paige, who has kindly shared her top tips to make sure the hen party is perfect for your best bride-to-be pal. I'm planning a hen myself this year, so I'm definitely pocketing some of these tips! 

Away With The Girls know how to plan hen parties. We know what women want and throw
them a hen party to remember! It certainly seems that the expectation of a hen party has
evolved over the last few years – we expect and want MORE! It’s about saying goodbye to L
plates and matching school girl outfits… and HELLO to sophistication and being different!
Here are our top tips to planning that awesome hen party! Planning is key, so follow these
tips and tricks and thank us later.

away with the girls_friends.jpg

Think about the bride

At the end of the day, this hen party is for her! Everything should be planned with the bride-
to-be in mind. What type of character is she? Ensure activities/locations compliment her
personality. What are her favourite sweets/drinks – these small touches are lovely personal
gestures to highlight through the hen party. Tailor the location, activities, and accessories to
her personal taste. Ask her if she has a loose idea on when she’d like to have her hen party,
and what she previously has liked/disliked about other hen parties she’s been on. This will
be really useful insight that will help you get on the right track from the beginning.

Save The Date – Easy Scheduling

So you’ve made your Bride Squad guest list, and are thinking ‘wow… that’s a lot of
people…this is going to be tricky’. Fear not! There are so many tools to help you pin
everyone down to communicate on one of the most important things: the date! We’d
recommend Doodle for finding out everyone’s availability. Simply create suggested date
options, and Doodle will send this polling calendar that can be sent to the group for
feedback. It’s visually easy to see which dates received the most votes, and therefore how
many people can/can’t attend. 

Once that’s done, head over to Facebook to create a hen group, or even a WhatsApp group
so you can easily send messages/give updates to the group as and when you need to! Trust
us – it’s so much easier than sending individual messages to everyone.

away with the girls_dates.jpg

Budget Brigade

Deciding on a budget at the earliest opportunity is always a wise idea. Be realistic! The
reality is if you want to go abroad for a hen weekend, it’s always going to be more expensive
than having a day hen party in the city for example. Consider what is more important for the
bride... Having a hen party abroad, or making sure as many people as possible can attend?
Once that’s decided, you want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for people to pay you
their instalments. Aside from online banking being super easy these days, there’s also some
great apps out there that make it even easier – hooray! PayM is a great app that allows you
to pay someone by providing the contact’s name and mobile phone number. The app has
partnered with 15 UK banks so the chances are everyone can use it.
If you’re hen party is abroad and you are dealing with foreign suppliers for activities, always
ask from the get go what their payment method is. If it’s bank transfer for example, take
into account there will be overseas transfer fees, so make sure you include that in your per
person charge so you’re not left with the bill!

away with the girls_diary.jpg

It’s in the detail

Microsoft Excel will probably become your new best friend. Use spreadsheets to keep track
of locations you have in mind and even important pieces of information such as guests’
dietary requirements. Tab the hell out that excel spreadsheet girl! If you’re relying on taxis,
save the local taxi numbers to your phone so you don’t have to worry about that on the day.
You can even take a guestbook to the hen party and ask everyone to write a special
message so the bride-to- be can enjoy reading through everyone’s messages after the event.

Final Countdown

Two weeks before the big event, spread the word to the group reminding them of times,
locations, etc. If there’s anything they need to bring, this is a good time to remind them. For
example, it may be that you’re doing an active activity so need to bring trainers, or you may
be going to a pool party and want everyone to wear black. Now is the time to spread the
word on those details!

away with the girls_planning.jpg

Break the Ice

It’s often the case that the entire hen party group won’t know everyone already, so it’s a
fantastic idea to kickstart the hen party with an ice breaker activity! You can do this in many
ways…. Ask everyone at the start to write down their best memory of themselves and the
bride-to- be (you can get cute cards on websites like Etsy) and this allows everyone to share their story and introduce themselves. Stories will often be hilarious, and probably happened
when they had one or two G&Ts, so it will no doubt get people giggling and be a great

Enjoy, Don’t Stress

Lastly, and most importantly… enjoy! It’s so important you also enjoy the hen party that
you’ve planned for the bride-to- be. Let your hair down, and don’t worry – all your planning
will have paid off. You may have found yourself becoming Monica Geller throughout the
planning process – which is totally acceptable – but by the time the hen party arrives, make
sure you relax and celebrate the results of your hard work! Create memories and capture
the moment with pictures/videos so you can reminisce with everyone after the event. It’s a
lovely way to round off the event and thank people for coming!


To find out more about Away With The Girls, visit our website or follow us on Instagram and Facebook @awaywiththegirls

The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

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Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas.jpg

How would you pop the question to your girl squad? "Proposing" to your bridesmaids can be one of the most special (and emosh!) moments in your wedding planning rollercoaster. 

Having all of your best pals around you on your wedding day is such a lovely feeling, but it's also a big ask. You'll be expecting them to chat weddings with you a LOT, go shopping with you, listen to you complain about family politics, hold your dress while you pee, the list is a mile long. So it's only right that you pop this question in a way that makes them feel as special as they are to you. Here are some ideas to help. 


This is a super easy thing to achieve and such a cute idea! You can buy printable personalised labels on Etsy, and then stick them on to the fizz or other beverage of your choice. Include a pretty paper straw and ribbon as an extra bonus, and of course don't forget to toast your new bride squad. 

Donut bridesmaid proposal.jpg


There's a donut pun for every occasion right?! A little personalised box with a sweet treat of your choice in it makes a great bridesmaid proposal gift. These donut boxes are available on Etsy by My Soapgrams. Bonus points if you add edible confetti!


jewellery bridesmaid proposals.jpg


Including a little keepsake with your proposal is a lovely idea, especially if it's something they can all wear to the wedding! These clever little cards with matching bracelets are by Petal and Paperie and are available on Etsy - I love the little illustrated diamond that turns the circle into an engagement ring - so cute. 




As a big fan of candles myself, this one gets my vote. I love practical gifts that can be used, and a personalised candle is another really easy but effective idea to make your bridesmaid proposal extra special. Again you can purchase a printable personalised label, and just stick it on to the candle of your choice - winner! 


bridesmaid proposal 4.jpg


Sometimes you just can't go wrong with a simple card. These blush and gold foil cards are available in my shop, you can just send me the names of your pals and I will personalise them for you. These could also be the perfect add on to any of these other ideas if you'd like to write them a little love note to go with their gift. 


Bridesmaids boxes.jpg


A personalised bridesmaids box is probably one of the more time consuming ideas on this list, but they really are lovely. You can buy small hampers of goodies pre-made, or you could DIY it. Include little treats like bath bombs, nail varnish for the big day, face masks, chocolates, gin (gin is always a good idea) and be sure to add some personal elements too like some small printed photographs of you together and a handwritten note. 


silly bridesmaid.jpg


If you're not the heartfelt type and big serious questions make you cringe, then you can always be lighthearted with your proposal. Etsy is a treasure trove for the silly / punny card, and this one is particularly excellent from Patterson Paper. 


I hope this helps you on your bridesmaid quest! Want to know how I asked my gals? Spoiler alert, I went for the box.... But I'll be making a video soon to show you how to make your own.