DIY Pom Pom Notebook

Pom Pom Notebook, washi tape, DIY, Yarn, Poms

Hooray for the internet! Firstly, because it has been gone all week and now I have it back, and secondly because it brought me these glorious pom pom makers! I was umming and ahhing about getting them for ages, then I saw how cheap you can get them on eBay and finally went for it. And let me tell you... I am obsessed. They are so SO much easier than the old cardboard ring method - you can make each one in less than 5 minutes. To test them out today I decorated my shop notebook. 

Pom Pom Loom, wool, yarn crafts, DIY notebook

Pom poms, bobbles, tutorial,

This DIY is so easy it doesn't really need a step by step. I just made three pom poms with the two smallest pom pom "looms" (that's a fun sentence to say). The loom allows you to wrap the wool one side at a time which is what makes it so quick - no more squeezing the ball of wool through the middle of the ring! I then used my glue gun to fix them to the notebook and decorated with washi tape and my trusty stamps. 

DIY Pom Pom Notebook, mini Pom poms, yarn notebook

Has anyone else discovered the wonder of these? I'm probably a bit late to the game... But now I'm predicting a house full of garlands and mobiles :) 

x Rachel