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12 Handmades of Christmas: Crochet Heart Tree Topper

Rachel3 Comments

I'm so proud of my 5th Handmade of Christmas - a crochet heart tree topper! This is my first attempt at both crocheting around wire and bobble stitching, so I feel that warm fuzzy achievement feeling every time I look at it. I used a variety of youtube videos and picture tutorials to help me do this, so I'll post those at the end. 

You will need: Red and white DK yarn, thin flexible wire, pliers, crochet hook (I used a 3mm, but half way round wished I was using a 4mm!). 

1// Using the pliers, make a heart shape out of the wire. It can be reshaped as you go so don't worry about making it perfect. Be sure to wind the loose end back around the shape of the heart, and leave some excess at the bottom - that's what you use to fix it on top of the tree. 

2// With the red yarn, go over the whole heart with chain stitch. This is just the same as a normal chain stitch, but keep wrapping the yarn over and under the wire as you work. 

3// Now that you have a base to work from, you can add a bobble edge with the white yarn. I used this great free pattern to help me do this, and put each bobble in every third stitch rather than every second. 

4// Finish off and weave in any loose ends. Then use the excess wire at the bottom to wind around the top of the tree. Feel that achievement feeling! 

Here's some tutorials and videos that might help along the way:

How to: Chain Stitch

Crocheting around a coat hanger (not exactly what we're doing but the same basic principal). 

- Bobble edge pattern by Heidi Bears. 

I'm determined to really hone my knitting and crochet skills in 2014... I'd like to be able to say that I am a pro in both rather than dabbling. I am such a dabbler. 

x Rachel