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12 Handmades of Christmas: Clear Baubles, 3 Ways

Rachel8 Comments

It's the first handmade of Christmas! I've been wanting to try adapting some clear baubles for ages, so when I found a set in the 99p Store (score) I knew it was time. There are so many things you can do with these beauties, and loads of tutorials on Pinterest, but here's some ideas that I was playing with today:

For my first bauble I chose some neon pink spray paint to coat the inside. I wrapped the outside of the bauble in a plastic bag, took off the silver cap and directed the nozzle straight into the top. The hole is quite small so it was quite hard to direct the paint in any specific way, but I really like the messy, splatter effect it has. I'd love to make a set in a whole range of neons! 

This one is pretty self explanatory. I just cut thin strips of decoupage paper and fed them through the top until the bauble looked full. I love how it turned out! I think it would look great with some really bright shreds of paper, maybe gold and silver?  

Well, I had to get some moss in there somewhere didn't I? When will my obsession end.... This particular moss is dried norwegian reindeer moss, which you can buy from craft shops. It is preserved so it doesn't rot or lose it's colour - it is so fun to play with! I think this one is my secret favourite, but I think it would be better hanging on the mantlepiece, as it would just blend in with the green of a Christmas tree. 

What would you use to customise some of these? I'd like to try something with paper cutting next... 

x Rachel