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The Happy List

Rachel2 Comments


Can you tell I'm feeling cosy today? I want to wear all of my jumpers at once and the wooliest socks available. How sweet are those birch cushions? And the the entire range of concrete jewellery at Cocorrina makes my heart ache - so beautiful! 

Also making me happy this week: 

/// This dancing penguin - he's loving it.

/// Animal Odd Couples on BBC. Possibly my favourite programme ever aired. 

/// This incredibly honest and important blog post by Bryony Kimmings calling for more transparency of earnings in the arts. Maybe it doesn't make me happy exactly, but I'm glad someone is voicing these things. 

/// Our new dehumidifier. Sounds incredibly boring but it has changed our world! No more chilly damp flat for us :) 

What's making you happy today? 

x Rachel