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Try It Tuesday: DIY Stamped Journal

Rachel2 Comments

For this week's Try It Tuesday, I combined two great rubber stamping tutorials to make this customised journal. I took inspiration from the lovely Davina from The Making Home for both tutorials - one to make my own patterned tape, and the other using craft foam to make a homemade stamp

Making your own patterned tape using rubber stamps is a great alternative to expensive (but beautiful) washi tape! Davina suggests using this fluorescent cloth tape - which is definitely on my list to buy next - but I used this bright pink masking tape and it worked very well. What I will say is that the rougher the texture of the tape, the better your stamping will turn out. I covered my journal in clear packing tape afterwards to protect my design from the outside world. 

I've wanted to try out making my own stamps for ages, and this tutorial using craft foam is a brilliant way to start. It's so easy, and gets great speedy results! This method is best for making simple geometric shapes to build up patterns - but it has definitely inspired me to have a go with some other materials to make more complicated stamps (lino cutting next? eeep!) 

"What's this Try It Tuesday all about then?" you may ask. Well if you'd like some more information about our weekly crafty get-together then have a read of this post by the gorgeous Trends With Benefits girls, or my post from last week which explain how you can get involved. 

Have you posted your own #TryItTuesday? Send me your link and I will add it to the bottom of the post :) 

x Rachel