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Studio Dreams...

Rachel3 Comments

Pretty much top of my life wish list right now is a studio... I don't mind if it's a rented space or a spare room, I'd just love somewhere to properly focus and design from. I do have my little table space (pictured above), but more and more I'm starting to make things that are just a bit too big for my little flat (10m span harpy wings for instance!). This dream still seems pretty far off at the moment... paying rent should probably be more of a priority... But it doesn't stop me planning and pinning ready for whenever the day comes.


Some things I would love in a studio:

- Big windows with lots of natural light

- A light box desk

- Organised storage

- A photo shoot area

- Inspiration Wall

- A sewing station

- A screen printer

- White brick and a grey concrete floor

A bit ambitious? Possibly... But fun to think about anyway. 

Happy August,

x Rachel 

ps. If you like the look of the alphabet garland, they will soon be for sale in my shop!