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Lately on Instagram

Rachel4 Comments

I haven't shared any instagram pictures for ages, mostly because it's got to the inevitable time of year when I forget to take pictures of life as I am living it - one day I will stick with the habit! But here is a little snippet of what I've been up to (from top left)...

>>> I baked cakes.
>>> PPT is number 11 on Bloglovin's up and coming design blogs. 
>>> Lovely morning light. 
>>> Lots of shop making fun. 
>>> I went on a Greenwich adventure with my parents. 
>>> Yummy breakfast. 
>>> I worked on a great little show that toured parks across London. 
>>> One of my favourite albums. 
>>> My poor bath got a battering with lots of dye and ink. 
>>> Watching Andy Murray living the dream. 
>>> Sunny meetings. 
>>> Costume sourcing adventures to far flung places. 

Are you on Instagram? Leave your names below - you can find me at @rachelemmagood

x Rachel