Weekly Art: Julia Solis


Photographs by Julia Solis via The Jealous Creator

Julia Solis explores and photographs abandoned and derelict buildings and urban spaces to create fascinating glimpses into the beauty of decay. This series entitled Stages of Decay features over a hundred neglected stages across the US and Europe and has really captured my reluctant thespian heart. 

"The camera's perspective is that of a last audience member, viewing the unfolding spectacle of decrepitude. Stages of Decay is a glimpse at what happens after the final curtain has dropped." Solis. 

The collection reminds me of my favourite theatre in the world, The Bouffes Du Nord in Paris. It is the most beautiful building and definitely has a similar decaying elegance about it. Look how pretty it is: 


Be sure to check out Julia Solis' other collections of work and her blog The Dark Passage as there are plenty more amazing images where these came from! 

Is anyone else as fascinated by abandoned buildings as I am? 

x Rachel