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Card Making Essentials

Rachel7 Comments

I spend a lot of my time making cards for people... I love giving people something that I've spent a bit of time over and that is completely personalised to them. Also it's really fun! Here's a few of my essential "ingredients" in my card making supplies: 

//Stamps - probably my most used design tools. I use these alphabet stamps and also these flowery initial stamps to create messages. I also have a growing collection of vintage style stamps (some of which I have used in my blog design - see the little bird?). 

//Ink Pads - I'm gradually building up a variety of colours, although I am yet to find a really good white ink... Maybe it's just not meant to be... Does anyone have any suggestions?

//Stickers - I have always loved stickers and you can get so many pretty ones now! Paperchase is my go-to sticker hoarding paradise. The google-y eyed ones are always a winner. 

//Pretty Papers - I have a kind of get out of jail free card when it comes to disciplining myself with paper purchases... If I see it, I usually buy it, my excuse being that I will always use it. It's kind of true, I do go through a lot of patterned paper! 

//Watercolours - sometimes, when I am feeling a bit more adventurous, I will illustrate and paint a card for somebody... This takes a lot more time but is very rewarding. 

That's all of my most used materials! Although I have been known to use all sorts of silly bits and bobs... Sweet wrappers, scrabble tiles - whatever is lying around really... 

What are your card making essentials?

x Rachel