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Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Rachel4 Comments
I'm having so much fun making this paper rose bouquet at the moment, it got me thinking about other fun alternatives to fresh flowers. Of course the benefits of choosing an alternative bouquet is that often you have a bit more time if you are going DIY, and you can keep it forever as a memento of your day. Here's a little selection of my favourite alternative wedding bouquet ideas:

>>> Felt: I love the intense block colour you can achieve with felt - plus its super durable for those younger bridesmaids and flower-girls! They make great general decor too. There are lots of gorgeous ones to choose from on Etsy, or you could make your own! Images from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4

>>>Beads: I love this simple elegant look. You could match them to bead work on your dress or incorporate them into the centrepieces. I love the slightly wild-flower effect of the second one! Images: 1, 2.

>>>Brooches: These are just beautiful. I love how you could incorporate family heirlooms into this style of bouquet. Again there are many artists how can make a custom one for you on Etsy. Images: 1, 2

>>>Crops: I'm using wheat as part of one of my bride's bouquets, I love its simple french-chic charm. And I will always be in love with cotton plants - it would be just like having a bouquet of clouds! Too sweet? Images: 1, 2

What do you think? Would you consider an alternative wedding bouquet?

Today I hopefully have fifty bunches of lavender, wheat and lagarus plants arriving at my little flat. I'm going to be surrounded on all sides, thank goodness they will smell lovely! I'll post a picture on here, just for sharing the fun that comes with not having a studio...

x Rachel