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Record Player Love

Rachel9 Comments

Today I would like to share with you a new love of ours... It's our beautiful Steepletone Record Player

We had been thinking about buying a record player for a while, and were unsure whether to go for a new vintage style model, or a used vintage model. My parents kindly treated us to this new model for our joint birthdays, and we are so chuffed with it! 

As well as being brand new (no traumatic past causing hidden damage), our Steepletone has a radio and USB plug in, and its wood veneer cabinet still holds a bit of vintage charm. The best of both worlds! 

Dire Straits Brothers in Arms

We are steadily growing our record collection from family members and charity shops - so much fun. The reason we wanted to start a record collection in the first place was to regain that feeling of listening to a whole album in the order it was meant to be played in. I am all for flicking around on iTunes, but sometimes it's nice to make listening to music into a bit of an event. The whole ritual of it...is anyone with me on this? I love it! 

Hanging above our new baby is this print by Jimbob Art, quite appropriate don't you think? 

x Rachel