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My 2013 Craft To-Do List

Rachel9 Comments

Like many creative souls, I have an ever expanding list of craft projects that I'd like to try but somehow never get around to. A pile of unfinished scarves, paintings and sewing scraps sit untouched in my cupboard, and our little flat is absolutely bursting at the seams with spontaneous craft supply purchases... 

So this year I have taken an oath with myself: To cut down my craft to-do list and actually finish everything before adding new things!

Five things that have been on my Craft To-Do list for a long time are: 

1// A Granny Square Blanket. I love this unusual example from Muita Ihania

2// A Drawing a Week. Following these prompts might help with motivation.

3// Resin Casting. Making my Heart in a Jar has got me curious about all types of casting. This tutorial from Great Oak Circle looks like a good place to start. 

4// Embroidery Art. I'd love to make something for our wall like the one Meredith completed from a pattern by Alicia Paulson. Maybe Jake will help as he has been getting into a bit of embroidery too! (Shhh don't tell him I told you...)

5// Make a Dress. I have a collection of vintage dress patterns that it's high time I had a go at! 

Looks like I'm going to be a busy girl this year! What's on your Craft To-Do List?

x Rachel