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Lately on Instagram....

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1// Sketches from a show I've been working on at the moment... It's going to be beautiful! 

2// Isaac being a diva. 

3// Mulled wine and our first tree... 

4// I made brussel sprout crisps!! I definitely recommend them, so yummy. 

5// Playing with buttons. 

6// Little Mollykins!

7// Some of the Christmas decorations from my shop have made it on to our tree! 

8// A HUGE Lidl shop.... 

9// Derbyshire in the rain, still very pretty! 

Today felt like such a wintery day! Despite a runny nose I am getting very excited for all the festivities.... Only "14 shopping days left" as an announcement kindly advised me in Stratford today! Or is is 13 now...? Eep! 

x Rachel