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DIY Display Tree

Rachel7 Comments
A couple of people have asked me how I made my little display tree for my craft fair table, so I thought I'd do a DIY on it. It's so easy and cheap, and the best thing is that it comes apart for easy transport and storage! 

You will need: a cardboard tube, wooden dowel, gold spray paint, a stanley knife and a pen. 

1// Cut the dowel into various sized pieces from 10cm to 30cm. 

2// Mark out where your holes will be on the cardboard tube... There's not really a science to this, just make sure that the entry and exit holes are at the same height so that your dowels will sit straight in the tube. 

3// Cut the holes using a stanley knife and push them through with a pen. Lay out your dowels in size order. 

4// Starting with the smallest, push your dowels through the holes. Make sure that none are too close together and adjust the holes if you need to! 

5// At this point I decided I wanted to spray the tube gold but not the dowels, so I removed all them before spraying. But it could be fun to spray the dowels too, or maybe in a contrasting colour? 

6// Hang up your jewellery/decorations/products. I also weighted it at the bottom with a couple of bean bags. For transport, just take out all the dowels and slot them inside the tube with the lid on! 

So there we go, my very makeshift but effective craft fair display tree. You could even use it in your home as an alternative Christmas tree!

x Rachel