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DIY Letter Organiser

Rachel2 Comments

I'm terrible with leaving important letters "somewhere safe" and then forgetting where I've put them. So I made this little hanging organiser for our post to live in! It has an "IN" and an "OUT" compartment, so that I remember to post those pesky birthday cards too! This is possibly the cheapest DIY project I've ever done as it basically uses things I found in the recycling bin - can't get much greener than that :) 

You will need: cardboard (I used a cereal box), decorative paper, brown packaging paper, scissors, glue, string, tape, stamps/paints/anything to decorate. 

1// Cut out a length of cardboard, slightly wider than a standard sized letter (such as a bill). Then cut out two pieces of sturdy brown packing paper - again slightly bigger than your letter. 

2// Cut out 4 strips of decorative paper (about 5cm wide) to make the sides of each slip folder... Then concertina-fold them.

3// Use clear tape to stick down your folder sides, then glue the brown packing paper on top. 

4// Tape down the bottom side of the packing paper to seal your little expanding pockets. I used some decorative paper to hem the edges. 

5// Label and decorate your pockets! I used my vintage floral stamps and some more brown paper to cover the cereal box surface. 

6// Attach some string to the top, and hang up your masterpiece! And a useful masterpiece at that.

x Rachel