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DIY Gold Letters

Rachel6 Comments

This little project has been on my to-do list for months and I finally got around to finishing it. I love the trend of metallic letters in home decor, so when I saw these cardboard letters in Hobby Craft I couldn't wait to make my own version to hang up in our new flat! 

You will need: Cardboard craft letters, glue, pretty paper and a craft knife (oh and a ruler if you are feeling precise.... I wasn't).

1. Draw around your letters on the FRONT side of the paper (so when you cut them out they will be the right way round) Make sure you leave a bit of extra space around the letter as you draw to leave a bit of "seam allowance". 

2. Line up your paper letter with your cardboard letter, then stick the paper to the front of the letter leaving your seam allowance hanging over the sides. 

3. Fold the edges over carefully and stick them down to make a nice neat edge. I found that the best way to do the curved bits is to make little cuts all the way along so that it folds flat instead of bunching up. 

4. Cover the sides in the same way, folding all of the edges to the back (that doesn't have to be neat as it will be against the wall). This is the part that it may be easier to measure with a flexi-ruler or a bit of string depending on how complex a letter you are making. 

5. Attach a little hook or a hole in the back and hang pride of place on the wall! They also stand up by themselves and would look great sitting on the shelf if like me you shouldn't really make holes in the wall (#rentingdilemmas). 

There's loads of variations you can do with this project... I was going to cover the ampersand as well but I actually like the way that the raw card looks against the gold. It's nice to finally check these little letters off my to-make list! 

What have you been making lately? 

x Rachel