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Art Journal Challenge #1 - The Result

Rachel2 Comments

Here is my attempt at the Brushes are Banned art journal challenge! I have to admit, even though I set this challenge with the purpose of preventing "preciousness" over art journaling, I still felt a bit nervous about sharing my page on the blog! It's quite hard to get out of the "is it good enough?" mindset... But then I realised that I was being a massive wimp and a hypocrite and should just get over it! So here it is :) 

Materials used: Indian ink, poly-filler, acrylic paint, brown paper, paper doilies. 

Tools used: A twig, my hands, gravity... result = a lot of mess! 

Has anyone else had a go at the challenge? Go on.... It's share time! Either drop me a link to a post showing your page or send some pictures to rachel.emma.good@googlemail.com so I can make a collective post of the results. 

If you missed this challenge, don't worry, there are no due dates here! Catch up on the first challenge here, or just join in with the next one which will be revealed later on today... 

Happy mess making :) 

x Rachel