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My Handmade To-Do List

Rachel5 Comments
There are so many fun DIYs out there that have inspired me recently! Here are some that I plan to actually finish in the near future: 

1. Pencil Sleeves from The C Side - these would be useful for a special friend!

2. Bird Nest Necklace by Sincerely Kinsey - I have wanted to do this DIY since it was first posted.

3. Make a Dreamcatcher by Lune Vintage - long on my to-do list.

4. Fabric Curlers by Life With Monkey - I actually need these!

5. The CUTEST crochet ever by All About Ami - need I say more?? 

So many crafty things, so little time... Where to start? And it doesn't help that so many people post even more beautiful DIYs every day... Ohh what a world... ;) 

x Rachel