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The Second Handmade of Christmas

Rachel4 Comments
Hello Chums, here is the next Christmas project! This is a reaaallly easy one, perfect for a stocking filler or just to add a bit of cute festivity to your outfit!

1. You will need: two white buttons, one slightly bigger than the other, two colours of wool, glue and a blank badge back (you can buy these in bulk from... you guessed it.... Ebay!)

2. Glue the buttons into place on to the flat edge of the badge back. I use UHU glue, just because it's always my favourite glue of choice. 

3. Tie a tiny strand of wool around the gap between the badge back and the two buttons for a scarf, and glue another little ball of wool on top for a hat. 

4. Feel pleased with yourself for making such a cute little brooch in less than 10 minutes! 


Rachel x