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The Eighth Handmade of Christmas - Inspirations


This year I'm not having a New Years party, but if I was then here are some gorgeous DIYs and inspirations for the perfect glittery night.

1. Paper Decorations to make a fun feature wall. 

2. Butter-beer Jelly Shots to get in the party mood.

3. Lights in a Jar - I want to fill a room with these.

4. New Years Wish Wreath to display those promises... 

5. Countdown Glasses for the moment we've all been waiting for.

6. Statement Staircase - just because it's beautiful, if a little impractical. 

I have never really thought of New Years focused crafts before, probably because I get so caught up in Christmas making that I forget all about it! But next year I hope I'll plan some fun New Years projects of my own... That's one resolution already! Speaking of which, I have a sweet idea for resolutions which I'll share in 2012! 

Have a good one everyone,

x Rachel