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Never, Ever Give Up - D.I.Y

Rachel5 Comments

It's a rather strange time for me at the moment as a graduate trying to get started in the creative industries. I have to admit, I had been feeling a bit downhearted about it all (ahem, a bit), but recently I have met so many people like me, and I realise that we are all in the same boat. So this is a little DIY to remind us all: chin-up chaps, and never EVER give up! 

You will need: a paper bag, acrylic paint, scissors or a craft knife, and some form of stencils - I got these sponge letters from a local "everything" shop.

1. Cut off one side of the paper bag, leaving the handle on, so you are left with a sheet of brown paper with a ready made handle.
2. Choose your paint and print your chosen words on to the paper using the stencils/stamps. I chose a simple two colour design for extra emphasis :)
3. Let the paint dry and hang your art work up with the handle that's already attached. Easiest project ever!

You could also iron out the paper so it looks a bit neater, but I quite like the crinkled effect. My plan is to keep this and frame it when I don't need it as a reminder anymore.

Lots of love and happy crafting,

x Rachel