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5 Paper Craft Inspirations

Rachel3 Comments
This week I have been inspired by some really beautiful paper crafts - admittedly after watching Kirstie Allsop's Handmade Britain, oh how I love that lady! Here are a select few of the pretties that I've come across:

1. Elly Mackay - beautiful dream-like scenes, all of her work is so pretty it was hard to choose a favourite!


2. Anna-Wili Highfield - the most intricate paper sculpture I have ever seen! Her birds and horses have so much life!

3. Thomas Allen - really fun book art. His use of perspective is so impressive!

4. Jennifer Collier - this paper typewriter must have taken so many hours to make! I love the illustrations on the paper roll. 

5. Matthew Sporzynski - a huge collection of paper creations ranging from food to politics! I love the block colours and the fun "everyday" subjects. 

Be sure to check out the online portfolios of these wonderful artists and there are many more beautiful creations to see! 

x Rachel