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D.I.Y - Rosebud Lights

Rachel11 Comments

Want to know how to spruce up plain fairy lights into something a bit more pretty? Here's how I made these rosebud inspired string lights.

You will need: 

-A set of plain (or coloured) LED fairy lights. Make sure they are definitely the LED kind as the normal bulbs will get too hot and we don't want any fires! 
- Some strips of light transparent fabric. I've used organza here in different shades. Again make sure you get something fairly flame resistant - just incase. 
- A pair of fabric scissors.
- Electrical tape. 

1. Choose the colours for your rosebuds - I've chosen a subtle combination but brighter colours would work just as well. 
2. Carefully bunch the organza (or similar fabric) around the plastic base of the bulb. Experiment with different methods of wrapping and folding until you get a rough flower shape. 
3. Tape the ends of the bud on to the plastic base (not the bulb!) so that your rosebud is secure. I used quite a bit of tape just to make sure. 
4. Repeat until you have covered all of the little bulbs. Not every bud has to be the same, I think it's quite nice to have a variation of shapes.

And then all that's left to do is....

Plug them in and enjoy :) 

x Rachel