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D.I.Y - Paper Birds

Rachel21 Comments
I love making things to decorate my room with, and this is one of my favourites. These little paper birds are so easy to make and look lovely hanging as a mobile! I like to hang them around my lampshade like this:

They're a great way to add a bit of colour to any room. Especially if you're renting and you're not allowed to paint the walls! Here's how to make them...

1. Draw a simple bird body shape on to a piece of card and cut around it with a craft knife. 
2. Decide on your decoration. I use pretty patterned paper, magazine cuttings and sometimes watercolours or acrylics to make my own pattern. Cover your bird with whatever decoration you like, (PVA glue is best for sticking) then cut a small hole for the wings to slot through roughly in the middle of the body. 
3. For the wings, again choose any paper you want. I've used handmade parchment, but sometimes pages from an old book or magazine clippings can be nice. Fold a small rectangle up in a "concertina" fashion.
4. Push the folded paper through the hole you made earlier so that the middle is pinched to create the effect of two wings. Add a piece of string or thread, and your little paper bird is ready to fly! 

Hope you enjoyed my first D.I.Y post :) 

x Rachel