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How to Create a Wedding Budget - The Full Spending Breakdown

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How to create your wedding budget.jpg


Does the word “budget” bring you out in a cold sweat? Creating a wedding budget doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think, and if you do it in the beginning then it’s actually a huge stress-buster while your planning the big day.

This is part two of my Wedding Planning 101 series - if you haven’t read part one all about setting your wedding priorities then I would pop over here and read that first to get the most out of this advice.

If you’ve already done that - YAY, we’re ready to start the next phase. Watch the video below or read the highlights, and good luck budgeting babes.


A lot of couples skip the actual budget planning step because they think if they just constantly try to save money along the way then they’ll be fine. But I tend to disagree with this common belief, and here are the reasons why I think it’s a great idea to make a budget breakdown first:

  • The most obvious reason is that it helps you save money on your wedding.

  • Planning a budget in advance also helps you pace your spending throughout your engagement, so that you’re not dropping all the cash right at the end (which can be quite a shock to the system let me tell ya).

  • Setting your budget early also helps you set the tone for your wedding. It helps you make decisions about the kind of wedding you and your partner are hoping for.

  • Planning a budget means no nasty surprises later on, so you can go about your wedding plans with much less worry and stress.

So now, on to the steps for planning a wedding budget like a pro:

Look at your money picture

Sit down and have a good look into your financial situation. Look at all your existing savings, calculate potential savings, think about how much you want to put away each month and create a realistic savings plan. Have conversations with any of your family who might want to contribute, and try and settle on concrete numbers with them. This can be a really awkward conversation, but having it now will save way more awkwardness later on, and it helps you know what to plan for and what to expect.

Set your wedding priorities

If you still haven’t watched the first video in the series then now is the time to do that, and fill out your wedding priorities checklist. This step really helps you work out what you want from your wedding together as a couple, so don’t skip it.

start a wedding budget spreadsheet

Spreadsheet nerds, this one’s for you. It goes without saying, but if you’re going to plan a budget you’ll need a place to keep a record of it, somewhere you can update as you go along. I have a free budget planning spreadsheet you can download here, so that’s half the work done for you.


Go back to your wedding priorities checklist, and put those big important things in first. This ensures that you’re creating a budget for the wedding YOU want to have, and not just responding to outside pressure. Then once all those things are plotted in, then work the rest of the stuff around them.

Do Your Research and Get Real Quotes

It’s no good just guessing, because that won’t give you a realistic picture of how much your wedding will cost. Don’t be afraid to chat to the suppliers you’re interested in, do your research, ask for quotes and compare them. This helps you plan out your budget in a realistic way instead of stabbing in the dark.


Put a date in your diary every month to check in with each other over your budget sheet, fill in any spending you’ve done, or any updated quotes you have. These monthly check-ins are really useful for keeping you organised and on track with your to-do list as well, so it’s a win-win.


Finally, make your wedding budget work for you. Don’t give in to family or societal pressure. Don’t compare your wedding to other weddings on the internet, and don’t feel any shame or guilt around your personal money story. Everyone’s financial situation and priorities are different, so celebrate that and do what you want works for you ALWAYS, then as long as you’re happy you can never go wrong.

Wedding Planning 101 - Where to Start?

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Wedding planning 101 where to start?.jpg


Did you just get engaged and you’re already feeling overwhelmed? Well firstly CONGRATULATIONS, and secondly I promise you’re not alone. The number one struggle I hear from couples I work with is they don’t know where to start with their wedding planning. There’s so much to remember and so many decisions to make, how do you go about tackling this massive life project that no one teaches you how to plan?

Well today I’ve got you covered, in this first part of my Wedding Planning 101 series, I’ll teach you my failsafe first step that will help supercharge your wedmin hours. This exercise will get you and your partner on the exact same page, and you’ll have a crystal clear idea of what your priorities are so you can hit the rest of your planning with laser focus. It also makes it even more FUN.

Watch the video for the full lowdown (it’s bite sized five minutes long), or read below for the highlights.


It sounds simple, but your wedding planning needs to start with proper, honest conversation between the two of you. Notice how I said the TWO of you, not you and everyone else you know. There will be time to include your friends and family later, but this first planning chat needs to be a date night kinda thing you know? Keep everyone else’s opinions out of it for now.


The best place to start with your big wedding chat, is to each list out your individual priorities when it comes to the big day. Be prepared for some of these to be the same, and some of them to be different. For example, my husband is all about the logistics, so to him, the flow of the day was super important. He didn’t want anyone to be bored waiting around for food. But my main priority was the visual aesthetic and atmosphere (obvs), so we had to make some compromises along the way to make sure both of our needs were met.

download your free priorities checklist

To help you structure this conversation and keep you on track, I made you a free wedding priorities checklist that you can download and fill out for yourselves. It includes some prompts to get you started, because I know it can be hard to think of things under pressure.

Some examples of things you might list as priorities might be: live music, food, being able to invite loads of friends, entertainment throughout the day, an absolutely killer wedding dress…. you get the idea.

Ask yourselves the big questions

When do you want to get married? How long do you want your engagement to be? What season are you imagining it to be? What general atmosphere do you want to create? Again, use your free checklist as a guide, but be totally honest here about your dreams for your wedding.


This is the fun bit. Take all your priorities you’ve written down, and each rank them in order of how important they are to you.

Then compare your lists. Where do they match up? Where are the differences? This is the time to chat it out and compromise if you need to, but having everything listed in order of importance to each of you will really help you get on the same page, and create a vision for your day together as a team - which is how every marriage should start don’t you think?


  • Having a frank, structured conversation early on in your wedding planning will really help you set expectations for the months to come.

  • A clear view of what your priorities are will make decision making 10 times easier, because you can always refer back to your list as it relates to each decision. Does it match up with your priorities? Yes? Great. No? Cut it.

  • It helps avoid arguments. I know it’s not nice to think about, but wedding planning can actually put quite a strain on your relationship if you don’t communicate and stay in the zone as a team. This foundation will help you do this, and keep you pals throughout the process.

  • It helps you communicate your ideas to other people in your life who might be helping out with the wedding. Everyone has that family member who tries to help but doesn’t really “get” your vision. The more clear you are on your wish-list, the more effective the help of others will be to you.

  • BUDGETING. Your new priorities checklist will massively help you with the next stage, which is setting your budget. I’ll be walking you through that step in the next part of this series.

Are you ready? Have fun with it, and don’t forget to download your free priorities checklist below to help you along the way.

How to Make a Holographic Photo Booth Backdrop for Your Wedding

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A photo booth’s always a winner at a wedding, right? If you’re looking for a way to spruce up a blank corner in your venue and entertain your guests, then this holographic backdrop idea is for you. Using fancy iridescent cellophane, a simple backdrop stand and some holographic card this budget friendly DIY will definitely be a talking point on your big day. Watch the video tutorial below to see how we did it:


You will need:

  • A backdrop stand - or even a clothes rail would work.

  • Holographic cellophane (at least 15m)

  • Clear tape and double sided tape

  • Holographic card

  • A craft knife, or a Cricut machine

  • Photo booth props

  • A box to keep your props in

Step one: Gather your props

If you are the lucky owner of a Cricut machine, you could design and make your own props - or I can make some for you. Spoiler alert, the props in the video will be available to buy in the shop soon.

Don’t forget to grab a pretty box to display all your props in - lining it with holographic cellophane will help to bring the whole thing together.

Step two: cut some geometric shapes

Cut some large triangles and other geometric shapes from the holographic card using a craft knife and cutting mat, or with a Cricut machine. These work best if they are a range of different sizes and shapes, depending on how big your photo booth backdrop is going to be.


The best thing to do is to find a suitable place in your venue and set the backdrop up in situ rather than setting it up before hand and moving it around. We recommend a nice sheltered area without too much wind (ideally indoors) - otherwise you will have a holographic sail on your hands!

Set up your backdrop stand first and adjust it to fit your space. Then wrap the holographic cellophane around the stand, once around the front and once around the back, in sections until the full stand is covered. Tape into place with the clear tape.


Use double sided tape to add your geometric shapes to the top of the backdrop, framing the edges.

STEP FIVE: Strike a pose

Grab a friend and some props, and you’re good to go. Bonus points if you have your own wedding hashtag, so that after the day you can relive those silly shots.

Did you like this video tutorial? If so, we’d love it if you’d share with your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe over on YouTube for more wedding DIYs.

Blank Canvas Weddings - with Courtney, MD of Blank Canvas Venues

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If you know me, you’ll know Blank Canvas Wedding venues are my favourite. Which is why I couldn’t wait to chat with Courtney of Blank Canvas Venues and drill him with all my questions about working with unconventional wedding venues.

Courtney started Blank Canvas with a vision to convert disused industrial space into events venues. With a background in real estate and property development he began approaching landlords with proposals to generate income from their empty spaces.

Blank Canvas quickly built a reputation for itself among landlords and as the portfolio grew so did the variety of events it could cater for.

Fast forward several years and Courtney has built a portfolio of over 15 venues and a team of experts covering everything from event management to plumbing. Blank Canvas’s vast portfolio includes venues of all shapes and sizes, including disused power stations, churches, warehouses and some VIP spaces. The portfolio and his team's experience mean Blank Canvas can deliver any kind of event, from fashion launches to weddings.

blank canvas wedding venues.jpeg

Tell us about your venues. What kind of spaces do you have on offer?

We currently have 13 venues with capacities ranging from 75 - 800 but we're adding to our portfolio all the time. Our venues are all blank canvases, many with an industrial feel, so the bare bones of our buildings need to be something really special. We want people's jaws to drop when they walk into one of our spaces as they realise its potential.

What are the benefits of hiring a Blank Canvas venue over a more traditional venue in your opinion? 

We find with many traditional venues the list of what you can't do is longer than the list of what you can do. We are the Yes people!! Your wedding day is obviously one of the most important days of your life and with our venues your wedding can be whatever you want it to be.

How would a couple go about choosing the best Blank Canvas venue for them? 

Browse the website, then speak to a member of our team. They know our spaces inside out and they’re a terrifically creative bunch of individuals. They will know what questions to ask you to help guide you to your perfectly-matched venue.


Any tips for planning a wedding in an unconventional space? 

Think logistics. When couples walk into a space and fall in love with it, it’s all too easy to forget to ask the questions that really matter. Is there a noise curfew and can it be extended if desired? How well connected is the venue in terms of public transport? Are there any power or water supply limitations? But that said, by far and away the most important thing is to make sure you've got the right catering partner. Thankfully we've built up a network of some of the best in the business, so you can be sure the food and drink will exceed your guests’ expectations.

What's the most exciting wedding you've seen in one of your venues? 

We hosted a summer wedding Canvas One this year. With a reasonably small budget the couple transformed the courtyard using simple furnishings and wild foliage, which worked so well with the industrial backdrop. It was testament to what you can do without huge resources and a little creativity.

What do you love most about working with blank canvas spaces? 

It's when the penny drops for a couple that they can pretty much do anything they want with the space. Second to that is the moment the venue is ready for the big day and they have realised their vision. It's such a humbling experience to know that our venues have been an integral part of that. 

What's one thing that couples always forget to source for their blank canvas venue wedding? 

Fridges and chill bins! Ensure there are enough fridges/chill bins for the drinks as no-one likes a warm white wine!

Final parting words of wisdom? 

It’s the little things that make a wedding memorable. Get on Pinterest and do loads of research for details that fit your theme and will show your friends and family how much you appreciate them celebrating with you. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but will make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your day.

Thanks Courtney for sharing your wedding venue wisdom with us! If you’re on the hunt for your own wedding venue, I have another blog post full of tips for working with a blank canvas venue, and of course don’t forget to check out Blank Canvas - you might find your dream space.

10 Fun Traditions to Start with Your Partner

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10 fun traditions to start in your marriage.jpg

So, you’re married now, that’s a thing, and you’re open to a whole new world of opportunities for you and your partner to explore. Why not start by creating some super fun traditions? The best part of creating traditions with your partner is that they are personal and unique to you, and things you develop over time. But if you are looking for a bit of inspiration to start you off, here’s my top 10 ideas for traditions to start in your new marriage. 


Although this might be super cheesy to some of you, we can all enjoy a little cheese in our life now and again. This super fun, romantic tradition basically involves you and your partner going back to the place of your first date each anniversary. This doesn’t have to mean re-creating the entire first date start to finish, and nor does it have to be the exact same location, have fun with it. Say you’re first date was at an Italian restaurant, each anniversary you could go to a different Italian restaurant. 

Collect Christmas Tree Ornaments

Although not completely relevant in September, I’m already embracing the Autumn lifestyle, meaning Christmas is nearly round the corner. Your first Christmas together is bound to be special, but why not make a fun tradition to add to the excitement? This, again, can be adapted to suit whichever holidays you celebrate and how you decorate for them, but why not make a habit of choosing a decoration together every year? It’s the perfect way to build your collection together, but also in an affordable yet romantic way. It will also be hilarious to look make on some of your questionable decor choices in years to come.

regular Movie date Night

Strapped for cash after your big day? Or just want to stay in and relax after a busy week? Having a movie night once a month (or even once a week) is the perfect tradition to start with your partner, especially since the invention of Netflix. Just grab some popcorn and you’re ready to go. Just make sure you decide on the movie in advance to avoid wasting several hours deciding (we’ve all been there).

movie date night traditions.jpg

Leave Paper Notes for Each Other

There’s nothing nicer than small tokens of appreciation from your significant other. Leaving notes around for each other is the perfect way to do this without breaking the bank. Ideas for where to put these could be in with their lunch they take to work, their car, or even in their pocket. The more unexpected the placement the better.

Share Your Hobbies

Say you and your partner are both obsessed with reading, why not both buy each other a book you think they’d really enjoy. This is a super fun way to try something different as well as see how well you know each other. This is completely universal depending on your hobbies, you could buy each other an obscure snack if you’re both foodies, or a video game if you’re both really into gaming. The possibilities are endless.

Big Treat Money Jar

For the more practical of us (I definitely fall into this category) why not put aside a certain amount of money a month into a jar and then at the end of the year use the money you’ve collected to do something you’ve always wanted to do. This could be a trip to Paris, or to visit a particular landmark, where you choose depends completely on you as a couple, and how much you decide to put away each month.

date night ideas with your partner.jpg

Pamper Evenings

As much as they may (or may not) try to hide it, everyone loves and needs a pamper evening evening now and again. As you’ll have read from my previous blog posts about all things beauty, I love everything about it. Grab a few face masks or hair masks (or make them if you’re feeling ambitious), put on some hilarious spa music and relax. This is not only a great way to spend time together, but it will also be super relaxing and treat your skin at the same time, what’s not to love?

Eat at least one meal a day together

Modern day lives can be really hectic, especially if you’re both working different schedules. The best way to work around this is to make a conscious effort to find time together. A great idea for this is to eat at least one meal a day together, even if you’re eating breakfast while your partner, on the night shift, is eating their dinner. This also means the washing up will only have to be done once, win, win.

Have a Games Night

This one will especially appeal to you if you have a competitive streak, especially against your partner. Why not get your whole family involved, this would be especially adorable if you have kids you can include. This one is super versatile too, you could play board games, video games, apps, or even make it educational if you’re including younger family members, or enjoy quizzes yourself. To add an extra touch, why not offer a prize/ forfeit for the loser?

fun traditions to start with your partner.jpg

Go on Walks together

This is the perfect Sunday morning tradition, whether you live in the middle of the countryside or in the middle of a crowded city, going on a walk together is super romantic. Personally, I find either late night walks, or early morning walks the most calming and overall enjoyable, but pick a time most suited to you as a couple. Why not bring your dog(s) along with you, or grab some food on the way and make it into an afternoon out with a picnic. The possibilities are endless with this one.

Do you have any traditions I didn't mention? Comment them below and keep the discussion going. Or you can follow us on Pinterest for even more inspiration for living your best married life. 

Stylish Autumn Wedding Ideas

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Stylish Autumn Wedding Ideas.jpg

Can I admit something? I like Autumn way better than summer. So Autumn weddings naturally are kinda my favourites. But they can fall victim to clichéd decor ideas sometimes (scattered dried leaves down the aisle anyone?). That's why today as we approach the very best season, I thought I'd share some ideas for a stylish Autumn wedding. 

 Dried flowers and Pampas grass love. Photo by  miesh photography  found via  Green Wedding Shoes

Dried flowers and Pampas grass love. Photo by miesh photography found via Green Wedding Shoes

Try dried flowers and grasses

Pampas grass is a huge trend in wedding floristry right now, and I'm a big fan. It brings the perfect mix of late summer, early Autumn, harvest boho vibes that anyone would want at their wedding right? Dried flowers and grasses have the benefit of a gorgeous muted tone, which suits an Autumn / Fall theme perfectly. Also bonus points - you get to keep all your flowers afterwards because they last. 

copper and greenery buttonholes 7.jpg

Copper paper buttonholes

Accents of copper suit an autumnal wedding down to the ground, and these metallic copper/rose gold paper buttonholes are the perfect unique detail. Simple and stylish looking with an industrial edge, these handmade buttonholes look particularly amazing with a tweed suit. You can get yours in the shop here

 A stylish and classy autumn wedding. Image by  Samuel Docker , found via  Rock My Wedding  

A stylish and classy autumn wedding. Image by Samuel Docker, found via Rock My Wedding 

Seasonal fruit as wedding cake decor

Seasonal fruit like figs and berries give everyone those cosy Autumn feels, so why not adorn the top of your cake with them? Better yet, include them as part of your wedding buffet and pile rustic platters high with seasonal fruit and veg - this almost doubles up as decor too (until your guests demolish it all). 

  Wood slice and moss place cards , personalised with your guests names, available in the shop.

Wood slice and moss place cards, personalised with your guests names, available in the shop.

Woodland Wedding Vibes

Woodland weddings were made for Autumn, and whether or not you've bagged an actual forest for your venue, you can bring a little of the outside in with these wood slice and moss place cards. Personalised with your guests names, they get to keep a little bit of wedding day atmosphere to take home with them - so they'll always remember your big day (awwwww). 

 Hot chocolate bars are always a winner at an Autumn wedding.  Image via.  

Hot chocolate bars are always a winner at an Autumn wedding. Image via. 

A hot chocolate bar

If you saw my post on DIY wedding stations, you'll know that I'm a  big fan of pop-up *anything* bars at weddings. I love how they can get your guests talking to each other, and where better to get to know one another than around some steaming hot chocolates with marshmallows. If you can think of a more cosy wedding idea then I would love to know (also if you are a fan of the hygge trend, you'll love this hygge wedding ideas blog post).

 Painted pumpkins add a touch of sophistication to an Autumn trend.  Image via

Painted pumpkins add a touch of sophistication to an Autumn trend. Image via

painted Pumpkins

So I know I said I was anti-cliché, but there are ways to include pumpkins in your wedding without being cheesy. Spray paint them in mixed metallics and cream colours to bring a classy touch to an Autumn staple. Spray painted pumpkins can be used as table decor, or even just dotted around your venue to bring a little seasonal charm into your big day. 

I hope these ideas help you in your quest for a stylish nod to Autumn in your wedding. Do you have any other Autumnal wedding ideas to share with me? Let me know in the comments. 

Marble and Rose Wedding Ideas

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Hi wedding pals, you're in for a real treat this week courtesy of our marble and rose gold collection (which has been super popular recently). Marble and rose gold pieces are the perfect addition to a modern wedding theme, especially with our snazzy geometric design detailing. We've even created a fancy video for you to see each piece individually and visualise how they'd look on your big day!

marble place cards 5.jpg
marble menu 2.jpg
marble invitation 5.jpg
table plan



Not quite your style? Check out our guide to The Holographic Trend

How to Marble Paper for Wedding Decor

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Are you a DIY wedding QUEEN? If so, this marbled paper tutorial by the clever clogs at FTD is just for you. Perfect for wedding stationery, gifts, cards and decorations, marbling paper is also really fun to make - win win. You could even use this alongside our bridesmaids proposal box tutorial to jazz up the gift tag, or for bonus wedding memories, set up a marbled paper station at your hen party and teach your bridesmaids how to do it too. You will not only impress everyone with your skills, but also more hands make lighter work for you (and what else is a bride squad for right?!).

how to marble paper materials

How to marble papeR


  • Baking sheet

  • Shaving cream (must be foam not gel)

  • Watercolours and acrylic paint

  • Cardstock

  • Paint brush

  • Dropper

  • Scraper (paint scraper, ruler or any flat edge)

Step 1: Fill the baking sheet with shaving cream.

how to marble paper step 1

Step 2: Smooth out the surface of the shaving cream.

how to marble paper step 2

Step 3: Add in two to three colours with a dropper.

how to marble paper step 3

Step 4: Swirl the colors in a figure 8 pattern.

how to marble paper step 4

Step 5: Lightly press the cardstock into the shaving cream.

how to marble paper step 5

Step 6: Remove and scrape off the extra shaving cream.

how to marble paper step 6

Step 7: Let dry and use for wedding decor

how to marble paper final
how to marble paper inspiration

5 Tips For Buying Your Wedding Makeup

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5 TIPS for buying your wedding makeup.jpg

Ready to go makeup shopping for your wedding, but feeling paralysed with too many decisions? How do you know what colours or formulas are right for you and your skin type? Never fear, Beth is back again today to share some of her bridal beauty wisdom with you, which should help you complete your wedding makeup shopping list with ease. 

If you're an avid reader of the blog, you'll have seen my tips for natural bridal makeup on a budget, if not you should definitely check it out. What I didn't mention in that post, because it would have been far too long if I did, was how to pick the best products for you when you go wedding makeup shopping. That's what I'm here to do today, so you're welcome.

1. How to pick your perfect Eyebrow shade

If you're anything like me, your makeup just doesn't feel complete without a gorgeous strong brow. However, there's a difference between a strong brow and one that looks slightly over the top, which I've definitely been guilty of in the past. To avoid this, live by this simple rule: 'eyebrows should be two shades lighter than dark hair and two shades darker than light hair.' But hey, if you like a dramatic look, go for whichever you like the best, after all, makeup is art!

2. How to find the right Foundation shade

Whenever you go into a shop and look for a foundation, your first instinct is to gravitate towards the testers, which is great. Where most people go wrong is by testing the foundation colour on their hand or wrist. This is pretty much the WORST place to test your foundation, as your hands get completely different exposure to the sun than your face does. Instead, dab a tiny amount of product onto your jawline, that way you can test that the foundation matches both your face and neck. 


3. How to find the best Foundation fORMULA


So you're shopping for foundation and think that you've found the perfect one, great! Before you buy, make sure to take a sample and test it out and make sure it doesn't oxidise before hand, to cut out extra expense, and avoid an orange face on your big day. If you're buying from a fancy shop, they may even give you a tester in a container so you can try the foundation out for a few days (Debenhams is the Queen of samples.)  


4. How to find the best EYESHADOW SHADE for you

makeup for brown eyes

To make your eyes pop on your big day, depending on your eye colour, there are certain eyeshadow colours that are a must to include in your look. 

  • Brown eyes - Any eyeshadow shades that are purple, or have purple/blue undertones are perfect to make your eyes pop. Bronze shades are also an option, but the effect is slightly less noticeable than when using the purple. 
  • Blue eyes - Any yellow based gold or bronze eyeshadow shades are going to make your eyes look vibrant and even more beautiful. 
  • Hazel/green eyes - Anything with a red undertone is the perfect addition to a look for people who hazel or green eyes. To make this wearable for your wedding day, try a warm toned pink or orange shade.
  • Grey eyes - Icy blue shades are perfect to compliment this unique eye colour, as well as hints of silver or white.


If these eyeshadow looks are a bit too dramatic to fit with your desired look for your big day, try adding them into the inner corner of your eye for a tiny pop of colour, or a bright waterline eyeliner.




If you're completely baffled by all of the different makeup you're being faced with, I'd definitely recommend talking to one of the makeup artists in store and telling them about your desired look. They will help you find the products that will suit you the best, and show you how to create the look yourself. This is a great alternative to paying for a makeup artist to do your makeup on the day, but just remember to take a voice recording or video when the artist is explaining how to use the products, for future reference. Boots or Mac are definitely the best places to head if this is something you're looking to do, depending on your budget. 

Thanks Beth for your sharing your beauty knowledge with us again. If you liked this post, we'd love it if you could share it with your friends, that's the best way to let us know what you'd like to see more of on the blog. 

8 Binge Worthy Wedding YouTube Channels

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 Ready for our countdown of the best, must subscribe wedding related YouTube channels?

Ready for our countdown of the best, must subscribe wedding related YouTube channels?

Engaged and looking for as much wedding inspiration (or wedspo) as you can get your hands on? I know how you feel because I was the SAME (still am because we all know I love weddings). That's why I thought I would help you out today and give you my list of the best wedding related YouTube channels - I've done the hunting for you friends, so you can just sit back and binge-watch to your hearts content. So without further ado, here's my list of the best wedding related channels on YouTube. 


If you are a sucker for a proposal video, Brides on YouTube is for you! They have a whole collection of tear jerkers, along with wedding tips, real wedding inspiration, marriage advice from married couples, and beauty tips. This channel is a must have in your sub box for all things Wedding, especially because their bite size videos are easy to watch, even with a busy wedding planning schedule.

 Image via their amazing   'Love Without Boarders'   series 

Image via their amazing 'Love Without Boarders' series 

Bride De Force

Created by sisters Hannah and Fleur, Bride De Force is a treasure trove of wedding inspiration, DIY tutorials, styling tips and real wedding videos. The channel seems to be on a hiatus at the moment, but that doesn't stop you bingeing their back catalogue for all the juicy wedding tips. Their 'best of Pinterest' videos are a goldmine for ideas, and their super chatty and friendly format makes for easy viewing. 

Bespoke bride

These lovely ladies pride themselves on really fun daily videos such as DIY'S, how to's and styling videos. Each one is, again, super short, so easy to watch, yet super super informative (they have great background music too.) This channel in particular is great if you're looking for some general wedding inspo, as the content is so varied, that you'll definitely find some inspiration from Bespoke Bride

 Image via  this blog post

Image via this blog post


Although not strictly a wedding channel, (don't hate me) The Sorry Girls is full of useful DIY content that can be adapted for use in your wedding. They do have content specifically about weddings though, but some of my favourite videos are their dollar store challenges, because who doesn't love a bargain? These girls are super down to earth and funny too, so they're perfect for binge watching. 

 Image via  this video

Image via this video

sophie hannah richardson

This colourful haired beauty has recently got married, and her wedding content is some of THE best. Sophie Hannah's wedding day tips is one of my favourite videos, and I especially enjoy her vlogs on a weekly basis too. She also quoted us as one of her favourite Instagram accounts on her blog recently, making her even more of a babe.

 Image via   this blog post    Images by   Jess Soper

Image via this blog post  Images by Jess Soper


This channel is the literal Queen of beautifully edited masterpieces, and each one is unique to the wedding they're showing. Pen Weddings feature weddings with all different kinds of themes, locations and general atmospheres, so they're great for helping you pick the kind of day you want to create. They're also super heart warming and lovely. Definitely worth a watch.

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Rachel emma studio

Yes, that's right, us! We have a Youtube channel (Rachel Emma Studio) with weekly content just for you lovely lot. Not only do we have wedding content such as how to make a bridesmaid's proposal box, but we have beauty tips too. We've also recently branched out into weekly vlogging (slightly daunting, but we're loving it) so you can check out the weekly running in the studio, you might even see your order being made. 

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I hope that gives you plenty of inspiration for your days of being engaged, if you have any more suggestions for us then leave a comment below, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly vlogs and plenty of wedding inspo. 

DIY Pre-Wedding Hair Masks

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natural pre-wedding HAIR MASKS.jpg

Whether your hair is already wedding ready, or if you think it needs a little bit of help, these three super affordable hair masks will be a great addition to your wedding prep. They're also super quick and easy to make, trust me, I know how time consuming wedding planning can be, I've got you. 

Coconut oil hair mask

  • Mix together two tablespoons of coconut oil with a tablespoon of honey and mix together. The end result should be a syrup-like texture.
  • Apply generously root to tip on towel dried hair. 
  • Leave on the hair for up to an hour, and wash out with shampoo thoroughly.
  • Condition and style the hair as usual. 
  • This mask is to be used once a week for the best results. 

Lemon juICE hair mask

  • Squeeze a large lemon into a bowl and add a splash of apple cider vinegar (not too much, or this can really dry out the hair).
  • Start by adding one tablespoon of honey and mixing it in.
  • Gradually add up to 4 tablespoons of honey into the mixture, until the texture is syrup like - a hair mask that is too runny won't stay on your hair. 
  • Wait 20 minutes and then wash out your hair with a generous lather of shampoo.
  • Condition and style the hair as usual.
  • This mask can be used once every two weeks for the best results.

Conditioner hair mask

  • The cheapest way to get a moisture boost to your hair is to use a cheap conditioner all over your hair.
  • For best results, leave this overnight (but make sure to use a shower cap or towel so you don't ruin your pillow).
  • Wash out in the morning using shampoo (I'd recommend washing it twice).
  • Condition (again, yes) and style as normal.
  • This mask can be used once a week for the best results.


And that's that - some lovely natural (and cheap!) ways to care for your hair and get it in tip top shape before your wedding day. Enjoy your pampering evenings... 

What to Pack in your Wedding Day Bag

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What to pack in your wedding bag.jpg

Beth's back again this week with some more super organised wedding tips for you. Wondering what you should pack in your wedding bag as your survival kit for the big day? Read on friends, I bet there's some here that you hadn't thought of yet... 

Not sure what to pack in your wedding handbag? If you're anything like me, then you'll want to feel prepared for every eventuality on your big day, so I'm here to help. Here's my tips to create the perfect Wedding survival kit, with everything you could ever need to keep looking your tip top best. I've even ordered them into handy categories, so you can prioritise depending on your wedding venue, season and bag size. I'm great, I know. 

 Our favourite option for wedding clutches are  Suede & Co  - they are so gorgeous and handmade, you can even have them monogrammed. If you like the matching paper flower posies you can find those  here. 

Our favourite option for wedding clutches are Suede & Co - they are so gorgeous and handmade, you can even have them monogrammed. If you like the matching paper flower posies you can find those here. 

Wedding Bag Necessities

  • Plasters. One of the most important pieces of your survival kit, even if you've opted for a flat shoe. New shoes can be a right pain, (and who has time to wear them in amidst planning a wedding?) Plus taking your shoes off can be a nightmare if you have a floor length dress that can easily get dirty. So trust me on this one pals, remember your plasters. 
  • Paracetamol is another absolute must to avoid shoe pain throughout the day, these might also be useful for the day after your wedding, if you partied a little too hard (we've all been there.)
  • Perfume Samples are a great way of smelling great throughout the day without having to carry a huge bottle around, or trying to hide it somewhere in the venue. Most of the time, these can be picked up for free from cosmetic shops, but you can buy larger samples that are really inexpensive online. Just make sure all of your samples are of the same fragrance. 

WEDDING Makeup Necessities

  • Lip colour. Although you'll have already followed my 5 Hacks for Natural Bridal Makeup, there are some extra things you can carry to touch up. The most important of these being Lip Colour. I always recommend to either use your own lip colour when getting your makeup done, or buying the colour off your artist, so you can touch up easily throughout the day. This is especially vital if you are having a large meal, or you're wearing a particularly bold lip colour.
  • Blotting Sheets To keep your skin matte all day, blotting Sheets are very handy. They're compact (around the size of a debit card), can be used on all skin tones and don't leave you looking powdery. All they do is remove the excess oil, and leave you looking amazing. Alternatively, if you have a dry skin, you can get highlight sheets, that will glow up the skin throughout the day. 

WEDDING Hair necessities

  • Hair Pins. If you've prepared your hair for your wedding using my Haircare Dos and Don'ts  you'll be all set for the day, without having to do too much maintenance. However, if you've decided to go for an up-do, then having some spare hair pins in your bag is a great idea. A handy storage tip for these would be to secure them together using a tiny hair elastic, no one wants hair pins all over the bottom of their bag.
  • Hair Spray. For any hair-do that needs to stay in place all day, hair spray is a must. You can buy teeny tiny little bottles that fit in your bag, and are extremely inexpensive, win win. A great tip for hairspray is to spray your hair pins before you use them, wait until they feel tacky and then use them in the hair. It makes them hold the hair in place for way longer. 

Extra things to keep on hand

  • Spare Shoes. So, if you have a larger Wedding bag, or some of the options above aren't relevant to you, and you have some extra bag space, a great idea is to have some spare shoes. Okay, hear me out, those foldable ballet flats are a literal LIFESAVER when it comes to sore feet, you can get them personalised too, so would be a great addition to your Bridesmaids proposal box.
  • Tissues are an added extra that would come in handy, there's definitely going to be someone tearing up during the day. 
  •  A Compact mirror is also not a bad idea, as you can discreetly check your hair and makeup is holding up, without having to dash off to the bathroom every time. It's also a sneaky way to check there's no food in your teeth.
 More beautiful metallic leather clutches from  Suede & Co  - fun fact, Rachel had a Suede & Co bag for her own wedding. 

More beautiful metallic leather clutches from Suede & Co - fun fact, Rachel had a Suede & Co bag for her own wedding. 

I really hope this helps you pack your wedding survival kit, and that it serves you well during your wedding day. Now it's your turn, what would you pack in your wedding bag? Let us know in the comments. 

Small Workspace Inspiration - How I Keep My Studio Organised

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Workspace inspiration.jpg

I have had my fair share of different workspaces. Kitchen tables, co-working desks, top of the stairs hideaways, full spare room studios, and of course my old favourite - the living room floor. Through all of these different working environments I've definitely learned a few things about keeping my supplies organised (even if I'm not naturally one of the neatest of people). Today I thought I'd share a bit of that process with you, so you can see where I work and get a bit of workspace inspo for yourself. 

The mad rush before a styled shoot can definitely take it's toll on my usually nicely organised studio and packing room, as you can see from this video. I definitely find it so much nicer to work in a neat space, and during a busy wedding season, we need to know where everything is quickly so we can keep up the pace of orders that you lovely lot have been ordering recently. The trouble is that I'm also a very messy worker, so it is quite the conundrum. Luckily I have lots of organised storage space, so that helps keep things a bit more manageable. 


- Keep the things that you use regularly within easy reach, and then use storage boxes to organise anything else. 

- Make sure everything has a place where it usually lives. An obvious one, but one that often gets forgotten. When things have a home, they're less likely to end up all over the place.

- Organise things in categories. Keep similar things together and you'll always remember where things are. 

- Clear storage bins are a life saver. You can see everything you need at a glance without having to go through everything and make even more of a mess. 

- Create a habit of tidying at the same time every day so that you can keep on top of everything. This is definitely some advice that I need to follow more! 

- Make your workspace inspiring. Put pictures up, choose fancy storage boxes, get a fun chair - if your environment is inspiring to you then it will motivate you to keep it looking its best. 


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my workspace, if you'd like to see more of these behind the scenes type posts then let me know in the comments :) 

8 Tips for Surviving your Wedding Day as an Introvert

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How to survive your wedding as an introvert.jpg

If you're an introvert like me, you might be thinking about being centre of attention for a whole day at your wedding and feeling a twinge of dread. It's so exciting to have everyone you love all in one room, but they're all going to be looking at YOU - arghhhhh! 

Never fear my fellow inward pals, I've got your back with this fool proof guide to surviving your wedding day as an introvert. 

1. Consider having a smaller wedding. 

If the idea of a room full of hundreds of people just really isn't your bag, then don't feel pressured to have a big wedding. Smaller, more intimate weddings have some huge plus points - you can spend more money per head for one, meaning you could really pull the stops out on an amazing experience for each guest.

2. Choose guests that lift you up.

For our wedding, we knew that we wanted to invite lots of friends - so that meant there was less room for the distant relatives that we had some outside pressure to invite. Make a rule - if you haven't seen or spoken to them in over a year, they don't get an invite. Seems harsh, but if you are prone to social anxiety it's made a whole lot easier if you limit the guest list to people you REALLY want to be there. 

Shy persons guide to weddings.jpeg

3. Wear something that makes you feel like you. 

If that's a big white wedding dress, great. If it's a sparkly trouser suit, amazing! If it's jeans and converse, go for it. Standing up in front of everyone feels a lot easier if you're wearing something you feel brilliantly "you" in. 

4. Build in some introvert time throughout the day.

If you are an introvert, you get your energy from being on your own or in very small groups, so build in opportunities to recharge your batteries throughout the day. Make sure you schedule in 15 minutes here or there, to share a glass of bubbly with your partner and soak it all in - you'll be able to keep going for longer that way. 

5. Have a practice/engagement shoot with your photographer.

I know I know, having your photo taken isn't exactly a shy persons dream, but trust me, a practice session with your photographer before your wedding will make you feel so much more at ease. You'll be able to get to know them so you're more comfortable around the camera, and they'll be able to give you tips to make you feel and look more relaxed. 

weddings and social anxiety.jpeg

6. Do the legal ceremony on your own. 

If the ceremony is the bit that's making you feel stressed beyond belief, then why not skip it, or at least modify it. You can get married just the two of you and two witnesses, and then on the day either write your own more chilled ceremony, or skip it completely and go straight to celebrating - it's your marriage and you get to decide how to start it. 

7. Consider a First Look

If it's that moment of walking down the aisle that fills you with a sense of impending doom, then why not have a first look? You can share that intimate moment with your partner instead of in front of loads of people, and then everything feels less pressured.

8. Make your wedding suit your personality 

Such a biggie, and probably my most important tip. If the whole day feels like you, then you won't feel so self conscious. Also, if you create a day that really reflects you both and your love story, you'll be so excited on the day and feel so at home that your nerves should fall away. Try to be present, remember that everyone on the day loves you, and remember what it's all about - you marrying your best friend.

If you'd like some help to make your wedding suit you, I have the best free resource for you! My 5 Step Guide to an Extraordinary Wedding is totally free, and takes you through the first steps you should take to make your wedding ooze personality. Get the guide here. 

DIY Bridesmaids Proposal Box

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Bridesmaid proposal DIY.jpg

"Will you be my bridesmaid?" is a question not to be taken lightly. There's actually quite a lot asked of the bridal party these days, so when you pop the question to your pals why not make them feel super special while you're at it? 

This DIY is perfect if you want to pull out all the stops and turn your bridesmaids proposal into a lovely surprise gift and love note all in one? You'll also win some major brownie points ready for the time you ask them to try on a million dresses, or you need an emergency ribbon shopping buddy (it happens). 


- A small box with a bit of depth to it (around 3" or so)

- Box filling

- Small gifts like nail varnish, face masks etc. 

- Luggage Tags

- A bridesmaid proposal card 

- Nice pens or brush lettering tools

- Scissors

- Ribbon

- Paper flower corsage (optional, but a lovely finishing touch).

Bridesmaids proposal box DIY.JPG

STEP ONE: Write your notes

Using your luggage tags, write out your proposal in sections (Love Actually note card style). You'll be stringing your luggage tags together on to the ribbon, so as you gal pals pull the ribbon the proposal is revealed gradually. 

Watch the video for a quick tutorial on brush lettering these, but if that's not your thing you can just write it out in normal pen, I won't judge. 

Once you've written them, string them all on to your ribbon and tie a knot in the end so they don't fall off. Then don't forget to write your final love note on the main proposal card too. 

STEP TWO: Fill the box

Bulk out the bottom of the box with the filling (I used a holographic foil curtain which I cut up into pieces). Then fill the box with little personal gifts like nail varnishes, face masks, candles, photos, gin etc. Make sure the gifts suit the person you're asking - this DIY could be adapted to asking anyone in the bridal party, and we're also obviously huge proponents of mixed gender bridal gangs too. The sky's the limit with the proposal box friends, the sky is the limit. 


Once you've filled the box and covered the contents over with a bit more box filling to increase the suspense even further, close it all up and finish with a personalised tag and a ribbon. 

For ultimate fancy pants status, why not tie a paper flower corsage around it? Your bridesmaids will be able to wear them on the day, and it will be a nice little reminder of the moment you popped the question. 

What do you think, would your bride squad approve? What would you put in your proposal box? 

What happens when you hire a wedding designer?

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 Photo by  Rebecca Emily

Photo by Rebecca Emily

Do you feel like your bridal brain is bursting at the seams with information about different wedding suppliers? There are wedding planners, stylists, designers and consultants, and that's just the tip of the iceberg - how do you know what they do and which one you need? 

As a wedding designer, I know sometimes it's hard to know what to expect from our services, because every wedding is different (as they should be) and often our work is completely bespoke. So today I thought I'd take you through my process as a wedding designer, step by step, so you know exactly what to expect when you hire me. 

 Photo by  Rebecca Emily

Photo by Rebecca Emily


You've decided that you're interested in my work (awww thanks!) so you made it on to my design services page. On that page, you find a snazzy questionnaire, and who doesn't love a survey - it takes you back to your cosmo girl days. 

You fill out the questionnaire with all of your hopes and dreams for your wedding, including any of the details you might like me to design and make for you. There's even some exciting options like an on the day styling service - have someone else set everything up on the big morning while you sip champagne with your bridesmaids? YES PLEASE! 


In the questionnaire of dreams, you have the option to book a free consultation with me to chat all about your wedding in detail. If you are local (Derbyshire, UK) then you can come and visit us in the studio for some bucks fizz, or if you are further afield we can talk on the phone or over Skype. Don't let the geography bother you though, we work on weddings all over the world.

During your consultation we go over any specific ideas you have, and I come up with design ideas to fit your big day. We chat prices up front, because I don't like cost surprises (only nice surprises allowed around here!). 

 Photo by  Rebecca Emily

Photo by Rebecca Emily


You leave your consultation full of wedding glee, and I come up with your bespoke quote based on all of your amazing ideas. I send the quote over to you, and you get to pick and choose the exact things you want to move forward with. It's like choosing options off a super fun wedding menu, and you only pay for the services you actually want, instead of paying a blanket fee. 


Work for me that is, not for you. I squirrel away behind the scenes making, sourcing and sprucing, to get all of your wedding details ready for you. You sit back and enjoy being engaged, knowing that everything is taken care of, and you feel super clever to have saved yourself loads of shopping and DIY nightmares. 

 Photo by Jason Williams

Photo by Jason Williams


Today's the day! If you opted for my on the day styling service, I'm there up a ladder at your venue (my natural habitat) setting everything up. If not, you've already had your exciting wedding parcel arrive in the post in plenty of time - so you (or your army of family helpers) set everything up at your leisure.


Your wedding day is over (cry!) but your guests won't stop talking about it. Everything was so beautiful, and so "YOU" - they couldn't have imagined a day more suited to you both and your cool sense of style. You jet off on your honeymoon with zero wedding regrets, and feel safe in the knowledge that you definitely won at weddings. 

 Photo by  Rebecca Emily

Photo by Rebecca Emily

Pretty great right? If that sounds like fun to you, you can start off your journey and fill in the questionnaire here

Haircare Dos and Don'ts Before Your Wedding

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wedding hair care.jpg

Beth's back today with another dose of wedding beauty wisdom - this time she's teaching us all about some dos and don'ts for wedding hair care. If your hair is looking a bit tired and in need of some TLC in the lead up to your wedding, this post is for you! I've definitely learned some tips I'll be adding into my own routine. 

Haircare products can be difficult to navigate when there's hundreds promising to work wonders, at the best of times. But during your wedding, it's just a pain! Whether your hair is on tip top form ready for your wedding, or you'd like a boost, I've picked the most helpful do's and don'ts for you to take a look at. 

Do cut your hair every 6 weeks.

In the run up to your wedding, cutting your hair every 6 weeks is the best way to keep split ends at bay, as well as keeping it at your preferred length of course. I'd recommend doing this in 6 months leading up to your wedding, but this can be altered depending on your budget and preference. 

Don't wash your hair every day.

Okay, I get it, there's nothing better than freshly washed hair, but washing it too often can strip the hair of natural oils that it needs to grow and be really strong. Plus, if your hair's natural oils are washed away each day, this will cause your hair to produce more, so on the odd days you don't wash it every day, you'll notice a lot of oil that isn't normally there! This is especially important if you have dyed hair or naturally dry hair.

Do only use heat tools on your hair a maximum of 3 times a week.

This is super important if you want silky looking hair, and you should adopt this into your daily life, not just in the run up to your wedding. This has been proven to lessen split ends, as well as helping your hair to grow faster. I know this can be tricky, but taking healthier steps really does make a difference. If your wedding is just around the corner, or 2 years away, I challenge you to start letting your hair dry naturally from now until your big day, and I promise you will see a huge difference. Use a hair oil to tame any frizz after your hair is dry.

Don't use clarifying shampoo as your main shampoo.

Don't get me wrong, these shampoos are amazing once a week to deep cleanse your hair and get rid of all the products you've used. However, this product is again guilty of stripping the natural oils from your hair, even if you use it once every three days. I've been guilty of using these a little too often in the past, and as a result my hair felt like straw! Please, just don't do it. 

Do use only helpful products.

That might sound a little confusing, but take a look at all your haircare products, how many of them actually do what they say they do? Do you even know what they're all for? Me neither! Using too many products on your hair can clog up the follicle, especially nearer to the root, and cause greasy hair. Instead, stick to a maximum of 5 products (excluding your conditioner and shampoo).

The staple products to invest in are:

Other than these products, anything else you need for your hair, you can make yourself for a much more affordable price, and with less of the chemicals, than those already on the high street. We have a video coming up soon to help you with this, so keep your eyes on our YouTube Channel

Don't use dry shampoo.

A huge no-no building up to any special occasion is using anything that's going to dull the natural shine of your hair. Aerosol dry shampoo's are the main culprit of this, as well as being bad for the environment. My alternative is to use a tiny amount of baby powder, and massage it into your scalp. Lush also do an amazing dry shampoo that comes loose rather than in an aerosol.  These are also way less drying, and more natural ways to get that quick fix.

hair care blog pic.jpeg

Do wash your hair with cold water.

There's nothing worse than dying your hair a fab bright colour and then it fading after a few washes. The best way to keep the colour vibrant is to wash it in cold water. However, this isn't great as a long term hack, as you need warm water to ensure your hair is washed properly. But this would be great if you had your hair dyed a few days before your wedding, and you wanted to keep the freshly dyed awesomeness. This is especially useful for all my pastel queens out there! 

Don't wash your hair the day of your wedding.

As nice as freshly washed hair is, it's a nightmare to work with. This is because your hair is free of oils, which would naturally weigh your hair down and make it hold styles more easily, but without, it's more fluffy and unpredictable. Don't worry, your hair won't be oily, it will just have a little more natural texture to work with, without having to use lots and lots of products to achieve it. 

Do try a silk pillowcase if you're prone to split ends.

This will create less friction as you turn in your sleep, which will then stop the damage to your hair. These pillowcases are also much better for your skin too, so if you're looking to splurge a little, then this is a great way to look after your hair even when you're asleep.


Thanks Beth! Great tips for general life, not just for weddings, don't you think? I wish all of you your very best hair days this week. 


10 Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas

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Alternative bridesmaids bouquets.jpg

There are so many different options when it comes down to choosing your Bridesmaids bouquets, it can be really daunting. For those of us who like something a little different though, it can be almost impossible, especially if you have a specific vision in mind, but stereotypical roses and peonies just don’t fit the mould. I’ve narrowed down my favourite Bridesmaid bouquet alternatives for you and I’ve even split them up into handy categories to help you decide. 

holo bouquet.jpg

Holographic Bouquet

Probably the most fun item in our shop, this holographic bouquet option is really unique. Perfect if you’re having a modern wedding with lots of sparkly iridescent goodness, this would be a great way to include a (somewhat) subtle sparkle to your big day if your theme doesn’t really allow for it elsewhere. My favourite thing about this bouquet (and any of our bouquets for that matter) is that they’re forever flowers, so they can be easily reused after your wedding as a home decor piece, to always keep you reminded of your wedding day/ that time you were a bridesmaid.

Bridal bouquet
Alternative bridesmaid boquet
Wedding flowers

Paper flowers

These paper bouquets are, once again, from the shop and each can be customised to fit with your theme. They’re a great alternative to fresh flowers as they’re extremely durable, which is great if you have younger bridesmaids, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive pre-wedding, which is always handy. The colourful paper flowers (first picture) are super vibrant, so are perfect for summer weddings. Our copper flowers (second picture) are very popular and bang on trend, and we have matching buttonholes. Finally our blush pink peonies (third picture) are a newer design to the shop, and are perfect for weddings with more of a muted tonal vibe. To find out more about how we can design some custom flowers to fit your theme, check out our design services page.

copper wedding


Again made out of durable crepe paper, our corsages are the a great alternative to bridesmaid bouquets, as they’re hassle free and you’re definitely not going to misplace them. This can be a godsend if you have younger, adventurous, bridesmaids, and also means your gals can lend a hand manoeuvring your dress down the aisle without having a bouquet to worry about. The corsages are super comfortable too, as it’s fastened on to your wrist with a super silky ribbon. We offer a copper corsage (first picture) for a metallic edge to your bridesmaids' attire, or a blush pink corsage (second picture), complete with greenery. Both of which can also be customised.

bridesmaid wand


If you’re having younger bridesmaids or flower girls, another adorable alternative to a bouquet is a wand. We have a particularly jazzy holographic star wand in our shop, but if you’d prefer something a little more subtle, we can make you one in any colour you’d like, just get in touch.

flower girl basket.jpg

Flower Girl Basket

Sticking with a younger bridesmaid, if you’d prefer to be slightly more traditional (you never know) then you’d love these gorgeous flower girl baskets from Bubble and Berry on Etsy, they even come with the flowers! Such a bargain. This would be a lovely idea for a summer wedding.

pearl bouquet.jpg

Peal Bouquet

If you’re having a more classic look for your wedding, this pearl bouquet from Duck Barn Florals on Etsy would be perfect for you. I also love how the pearls look exactly like baby's breath flowers. Again, with all forever flowers, these are also environmentally friendly and generally cost effective, as you can use them as a home decor piece after your wedding, or even repurpose them as someone’s ‘something borrowed’.

wooden bouquet.jpg

Wooden Bouquet

For something completely unique, this wood and faux leather bouquet from Beaubuttons on Etsy is great, they also come in lots of different sizes, so bridesmaids of different ages could have a suitable bouquet, which I love. I can definitely see this bouquet being featured in a rustic wedding, or an outdoor wedding, as the wood is the perfect way to include nature in every aspect of your big day.



A huge upcoming trend is bridesmaid wreaths. These wreaths from Lotus Floral Art on Etsy are definitely a statement piece for your bridesmaids, but also look really elegant, and are easily held while walking behind you down the aisle. These are also made with dried flowers, so can last for a few years if you correctly care for them, which is definitely an added bonus. The best thing about Etsy is how many different designs you can find, so definitely shop around and find what best suits your budget and theme.

pom pom bouquet.jpg

Pom Pom Bouquet

These pom pom bouquets from Sheep Farm Felt are one of my personal favourites because I love how cute and delicate they look. They’re also completely custom, which is amazing, because who doesn’t want to be able to have exactly what they want? Personally, I think these would go great in a really colourful wedding if you chose some bright yellow, blue, green, red and orange stems. Me being the pastel lover I am, would also love some of these in a grey, mint and white combination. Love a versatile product!

clay bouquet.jpg

Clay Bouquet

These gorgeous polymer clay bouquets from Flowerskartasheva are definitely another pretty impressive alternative to fresh flowers. They last a very long time too! I’d definitely only suggest these flowers for an indoor wedding though, unless you’re a risk taker, or certain it won’t rain. Polymer clay doesn’t react well to water, and you definitely don’t want your flowers to melt into a gloopy mess on your wedding day! That aside, the clay creates a beautiful finish to the flowers, and definitely isn’t something you’ll see at many other weddings.

Have some more ideas for alternatives to bridesmaid bouquets? Comment them below, I’d love to hear your ideas.

DIY Wedding Manicure Hacks on a Budget

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DIY wedding manicure on a budget.jpg

As well as being a social media QUEEN, Beth (my new team member) is also a total beauty pro. SRSLY, I've learned so much from her already. And she always has the best nails - so today I asked her to share her top tips with you for getting a perfect DIY wedding manicure on a budget. There are some total bargains in here, and some great advice on nail care, so enjoy!

Have you decided on your wedding nails yet? Manicures can get expensive, especially if you want all the trimmings (which of course we do). I have tried and tested lost of different nail products just for you, to help you get the perfect DIY manicure for your wedding. Here are my favourites and how to use them...

Nail Care

Wedding Manicure
wedding manicure
nail polish 4 copy.jpg

1. Makeup Gallery Cuticle Oil

2. Makeup Gallery Nail Hardener

3. Cuticle Pusher (I, again, got mine from Pound Land, but it's not available on the website, but this amazon alternative is pretty much identical.

4. Nail File (sadly not the same that's on mine, but the product functions the same - try your local Pound Land store to see what they have in stock)

The first step to beautiful nails is to take care of them! Although this is slightly time consuming, the outcome is definitely worth it. So here's what to do: apply a generous amount of cuticle oil around the cuticle of your nail and on the nail surface each day (I do this before bed for optimum results). Believe it or not, I've found the best cuticle oil is the one from Poundland (see picture 1), but an even cheaper alternative is to use coconut oil, which is also amazing. 

The second step, which is especially important if you have brittle nails, is to use a nail hardener. This will make it super easy for you to grow your nails long and strong, without worrying about them snapping. I'd advise to only use this once a month, just to make sure your nails don't get too hard, otherwise that will also make them snap easily. It's a happy medium you're after. My favourite product for this is again from Poundland - what a bargain! 

The third step is cuticle care, which can be painful if done wrong, so please be careful, and avoid cuticle nippers - they're the reason cuticle care gets a bad rap. Instead, I prefer to use a cuticle pusher to gently remove any excess cuticle, which will make your manicure last way longer, as well as making them generally look neater. I'd also suggest a good slather of cuticle oil before doing any cuticle work, just to make it easier to remove/tidy.

The fourth and last step of nail care is to file your nails. Before we even start this segment, I need to stress the importance of only using a nail file on the edges of your nails - never buff your nails with a file. If you do this, your nails will become really brittle and un-do all the work we've just done! Instead, file the tip of the nail gently and only one way, so not to disrupt the grain of the nail, which will then lead to breakage. 

Top and Base Coats

Nail polish 11jpg

5. Revlon Ultimate Shine Top Coat

6. Maybelline Gel Effect Top Coat

7. Collection Matte Top Coat

8. Boots Base Coat  (Available in Boots Stores only)

Just like I stressed the importance of priming your face before makeup in my natural beauty blog post, priming your nails is super important. This will stop your nails turning yellow, as well as making your manicure last twice as long! My favourite is Boots' own brand base coat, because it's super thin and dries really quickly. This can be hard to find though, so a dupe for this would be Barry M's base coat.

Top coats are also super important, not only do they leave your nails glossy and smooth, but they add an extra layer of protection and make your manicure last longer. One of my favourite tricks for a long lasting manicure is to add a new layer of top coat every few days, I've managed to make my nail polish last up to two weeks by doing this, so definitely worth a try. My favourite picks are featured in the 5th picture. 

Another really fun top coat option would be a matte top coat, which is bang on trend, and generally just a really cool effect. I especially like making glitter polishes matte, as it gives such a unique look. Be careful with matt polishes though, they do tend to take a little while to dry in comparison with 'normal' top coats, so make sure to leave them for a full 20 minutes.

Most of all, avoid two in one top and base coats AT ALL COSTS, these are such a waste of money (in my opinion, if they work for you then that's great). 

Colour Polishes

bridal beauty
bridesmaids nails
Nail polish 9 copy.jpg
Nail polish 14 copy.jpg

9. Shade Pink Sherbet - Pound Land

10. Seventeen - Shade White Lady

11. Shade Bambino Blue - Pound Land (in store only)

12. Shade Lavender Cream - Pound Land 

13. Shade Mint Milkshake - Pound Land (in stores only)

14. Shade Pink Soda 8 - Pound Land (in stores only)

15.  Rimmel - Shade Green Dragon

16. Maybelline - I Love This Sweater

17. Shade Latte - Pound Land

18. W7 - Shade Matte Sludge

19.  Shade Lunar Haze - Collection (in stores only)

On to nail polish colours (yay). There are so many different types and textures of coloured nail polish, so I've included a huge selection for you. So first, a classic french manicure is perfect for a more traditional wedding, my favourite products for creating this look are listed above. However, for you brides to be that prefer something a little more daring, here are some other fun options for you...

Pastel colours are perfect for weddings, you can even match them to your bouquet or buttonholes. My favourite pastel colours are once again from Poundland, and yes, they are super cheap, but they're also really pigmented and apply really smoothly, they're definitely one of my holy grail products, I own every single colour they have to offer. Rimmel also have a gorgeous mint green which is linked above.

Nude colours are great if you're having a super minimalistic or rustic wedding, as they create the 'barely there' effect. Of course you could also create this with a simple clear coat, but nude colours create an overall more polished (no pun intended) look. There are so many different nude shades on the market, so definitely to in store to see which best matches your skin tone. My favourites that match me are featured in the links above.

Matte polishes are, again, great to create a unique look on your wedding day. If you'd prefer just one bottle rather than having to buy a matte top coat too, then w7's matte collection is fabulous, Barry M also have a great selection of Matte colours.

Iridescent barely there colours such as Collection's Lunar haze are great for creating a more natural look. These can be worn on the nail with just a base coat to create a sheer effect, or over the top of a similar shade to create an iridescent sheen (I do this a lot, and it looks amazing).

Glitter Polishes

nail polish 8 copy.jpg

20. W7 - Shade Multi Dazzle

21. Essence - Shade Crashed The Party?!

22. Shade Silver Treasure 34 - Pound Land (in stores only)

23. W7 - Shade Cosmic Mauve

24. Rimmel - Shade Disco Diva

25. Rimmel - Shade Disco Ball

Everyone loves glitter, and this is the perfect, way to include glitter in your big day without being over the top. These glitter polishes vary in price, but are all really affordable. Each one can either be worn over a coloured polish as a finishing touch or by itself for a subtle sparkle. If you want to wear just the glitter polish, but don't want a sheer coverage, try using a latex free makeup sponge and applying the polish to the sponge and then dab it onto your nail. The sponge will absorb the liquid part of the polish, leaving you with just the glitter, that you can build up to create your desired look. Make sure to use a thick topcoat if you're using this technique, otherwise the glitter will flake off your nail really easily. 




26. Liquid Latex

27. Elegant Touch Nail Polish Drying Spray

If you find painting your nails tricky, I have the perfect solution for you - liquid latex. Paint a small barrier around your nail with the liquid latex and let it dry completely. Then, paint your nails as normal (I recommend no more than 3 strokes of the brush, otherwise the polish will go thinner in some places and thicker in others). As soon as you've painted your nails, peel the liquid latex barrier off, while the nails are still wet, and you will reveal perfectly neat nail polish. It can take a few attempts at getting the liquid latex right up to the edge of the nail, so keep practising, and check out some youtube tutorials on the best methods. 

So, now your nails are wet, but you're a busy person and have stuff to do. I have a solution. Nail drying sprays are great as a quick fix if you've done your nails in a rush, or always smudge them, no matter how hard you try not to. However, these sprays only dry the very top layer of your polish, so make sure you're still careful not to smudge them. This definitely isn't a trick to do just before you put your dress on!

Follow these tips and create gorgeous wedding nails that last all day and make everyone wonder which salon you went to. If you have any questions, be sure to comment below and I'll do my best to answer them for you. 

6 Unique and Fun Wedding Food Ideas

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Fun and quirky wedding food ideas.jpg

Let's be honest, we all have a love/hate relationship with wedding food. Sometimes it can be really really good, and sometimes people just get it wrong. Hours and hours waiting around at your table just to be served the tiniest portion of dry chicken? No THANKS. While there are obviously lots of ways to get a traditional sit down wedding breakfast right, today I'm sharing some fun alternatives for you for a more chilled wedding vibe. 

 Pizza oven weddings are the best!  Image via.

Pizza oven weddings are the best! Image via.


Who doesn't love pizza? A pizza oven is a great novelty talking point at a wedding, and it's a very low maintenance option too - no cutlery needed am-I-RIIIGHT?! Unless you're one of those weird people that eats pizza with cutlery, and if so I don't know what to say to you. 

 Homemade barbecue sauce is a must for a garden wedding right? Image via.

Homemade barbecue sauce is a must for a garden wedding right? Image via.

A wedding Barbecue 

A BBQ can be a great, low cost option for a wedding, and brings a fun summer vibe along with it. Some points to consider: don't forget your veggie friends; be sure to get plenty of sides and salads to make it interesting; and get plenty of biodegradable plates and cutlery to avoid plastic waste. My advice would be not to DIY this, as tempting as it might be. Bring in a professional BBQ caterer to take care of it all for you - it might cost a bit more money, but you'll be glad of it when they take away all the mess with them at the end. 

 Food trucks will make you super popular with your wedding guests -  image via

Food trucks will make you super popular with your wedding guests - image via

Food Trucks 

Nothing brings a festival vibe to your wedding quite like a food truck. You could have proper pies, fish and chips, ice cream, pulled pork (if you want to be super hipster), or my how about my personal favourite, halloumi fries?! There are so many great street food options to choose from, and the best thing is that your guests can go up and grab their food whenever they want, which gets rid of that hungry waiting time all together. 


 Who doesn't love a potluck?  image via.

Who doesn't love a potluck? image via.

A potluck wedding

For those not familiar with the mighty potluck, it basically means that everyone brings a dish and adds it to the wedding buffet. This can be a controversial option, because some people don't like the idea of asking their guests to bring their own food to a wedding, but if you are on a tight budget it can be an amazing money saver. I also think it's really fun, because people can get quite competitive with their culinary skills and you get to compare amateur chefs. One thing to watch out for though is that you don't get loads of the same thing, you'll need to get a spreadsheet going and get people to give you an idea of what they're bringing in advance. 

 Picnics are a great idea for relaxed outdoor weddings -  image via. 

Picnics are a great idea for relaxed outdoor weddings - image via. 


A picnic can be a lovely option, especially if you want to bring a bit more of a relaxed vibe to your big day. Picnics are also super pretty to look at, which is a bonus for your wedding decor! Some top picnic tips: warn your guests before hand in your invitations so that they can plan their outfits accordingly, and be sure to include plenty of chairs for people who don't want to/can't sit on the floor (i.e Granny). 

 A homemade burger bar?! Yes please! -  image via.  

A homemade burger bar?! Yes please! - image via. 


Food stations are a huge trend in weddings this year, and I can see why, there are so many fun possibilities! Build a burger, pimp your prosecco, taco stands, cocktail mixing.... there are plenty of ways to get this trend into your wedding - the most successful ideas include some sort of DIY element to get your guests involved and break the ice. We recently published a blog post with some inspiration on DIY stations for your wedding, so if you're looking for more inspo then look no further! 


What do you think, have I convinced you on any of these? Did I miss any out? For more fun ideas, tips and inspiration, why not join my mailing list - that's where I keep all my best pals up to date with my latest wedding goss.